* Assuming 6th May

5.15pm Mark Wallace on CentreRight: Britain is becoming broadly libertarian

4.30pm Tim Montgomerie on CentreRight: I don't care about international law

4pm ToryDiary: Watch Clarke beat Mandelson in first TV clash of the big beasts

Northernireland12.30pm ToryDiary: Benedict Brogan on Northern Ireland

Noon Local government: Mayor of Camden investigated for benefits fraud

10am ToryDiary: The British economy is out of recession… and big drum roll… is growing by 0.1%

ToryDiary: Britain moves to the Right (and NOT away from the poor)

Rob Wilson MP on Platform: Is Brown the hero of this recession as he claims to be?

FreedomQuote Parliament: Tories defeat Government attempts to force religious bodies to employ gay people

Local government: Tory councillors pull out of the EPP and Demand for more grammar schools has not gone away

Melanchthon on CentreRight discusses social attitudes to homosexuality and cohabitation

WATCH: Highlights of State of the Union speeches from America's Presidents

Tory lead up to 11%Guardian | Yesterday's evening's ToryDiary

Recession expected to be declared over todayBBC

"The Tory leader hopes to convince voters that Mr Brown is behaving recklessly with the nation’s finances, comparing the British deficit with the one in Greece, which has sharply pushed up the country’s borrowing costs. He said the UK could be hit by higher long-term interest rates that would be passed on to the nation’s borrowers and mortgage-holders." – FT

"By the time of the election, will the prospect of Osborne's emergency budget seem to voters like a threat or a promise? The answer will determine the outcome." – Steve Richards in The Independent

"The survey of 185 business leaders by ComRes found that the proportion who detected signs of economic optimism in their sector rose from 36% last month to 48% this month." – Independent

Channel 4/ ICM survey suggests Labour WILL NOT benefit from end of recession

Cameron offers support for faith schools

"'I support faith schools, I think they have a lot to bring to education. I'm in favour of choice and discretion. I think that actually drives up quality and standards in our education system. Faith schools often bring a culture and an ethos to a school that can help them improve. I'm a supporter politically and personally." – David Cameron quoted by the Daily Mail

A unique chance to choke demand for ivory once and for all – Nick Herbert in The Independent

Alan Duncan: Prison works policy “repulsively simplistic”Express

Gordon Brown believes Conservatives endangering Northern Ireland peace

"One senior government source said: "We are simply astonished at what the Tories are doing. The Northern Ireland peace process has been strengthened by the bipartisan approach between all the major parties at Westminster. Holding talks at a country estate – and excluding the nationalists – is absolutely not within that spirit."" – Guardian

The modern Tory party ignores the advice of rightwing writers – Aditya Chakrabortty in The Guardian

Labour leads on Twitter

"Judged by volume alone, Labour MPs and activists dominate the political sphere on Twitter, a year-long study of the short-form communication site has found." – FT

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: David Cameron should join Twitter

UKIP UKIP threatens Tory candidate's chances of ousting Scottish SecretaryHerald

Tony Blair, the former prime minister, is to be paid thousands of pounds by a hedge fund whose founder is a major donor to the ConservativesTelegraph

Reviewing Newsnight's review of its thirty years of broadcasting, Charles Moore highlights the underlying biasesTelegraph


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