9pm WATCH: David Cameron urges YOU to sign up to

5.45pm WATCH: Andrew Neil talks to the new leader of Labour in Wales, Carwyn Jones

4.30pm ToryDiary: Patrick Mercer MP questions Obama's "deeply undesirable" timetable for withdrawal from Afghanistan

4pm LeftWatchBrown urged to apologise for saying Spain is member of G20

3.30pm Parliament: A hung Parliament is certain after the next General Election…

C-HOME-MASTHEAD-LeftWatch 2.45pm Matt Sinclair on LeftWatch: Twenty-five taxpayer-funded groups that should lose their welfare cheques

ToryDiary: Brown wins today's PMQs

002211.30am Seats and candidates: Robert Key MP to retire

11.15am Mark Wallace on CentreRight: "Alistair Darling is reduced to begging the new Single Market Commissioner Michel Barnier in the pages of The Times not to wreck the City with overly aggressive regulation."

10.45am Alex Deane on CentreRight: "President Obama gave a commitment yesterday to begin pulling troops out of Afghanistan by July 2011. As I've pointed out on this site before, once you set a timetable for withdrawal, you have doomed yourself to defeat.  The enemy knows that he must merely wait you out – and, perhaps, force you to bring forward your timetable by escalating his efforts."

10.15am WATCH: Sayeeda Warsi confronts extremist Muslims who pelt her with eggs

9.45am WATCH: Peter Lilley accuses climate change scientists of "unconscious conspiracy"

Picture 14 ToryDiary: David Davis joins "Tory backlash on the environment"

Tony Devenish on Platform: The party is modernising, but some continuity – and respect for a plurality of views – is as important as change

Seats and Candidates:

Parliament: Conservatives challenge Alan Johnson over the extradition of Gary McKinnon

Local Government:

ThinkTankCentral: A Profile of the Adam Smith Institute

WATCH: New UKIP leader Lord Pearson is challenged by Andrew Neil about the deal he proposed to the Conservatives, his housing arrangements and UKIP's prospects for the general election

Chris Grayling brands leaked policing white paper "a damp squib"

Chris Grayling head shoulders tie "An apparent admission in the leaked papers that there was not much new in the proposals – the phrase 'bold new programme' was amended to delete the word 'bold' – was seized on by opposition politicians. Shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling said: 'This is quite clearly a real damp squib of a White Paper. There is a lack of any new real ideas and we get a clear sense that what we have now is a Labour Government which has run out of steam and has no idea how to reform policing'." – Daily Mail

Brown's painting the Tories as friends of the rich is an admission of defeat

"Mr Brown knows that this time he cannot run a Tory tax cuts versus Labour spending campaign; instead it looks as though he has decided to return to class war. “The rich always betray the poor,” will be his theme… His tactics are deeply opportunistic and people may not want politicians playing games when their jobs are on the line. The Prime Minister is in danger of using the Pre-Budget Report as a political tool when it should be used as an economic lever to help to pull Britain out of recession. It is also an acknowledgement of defeat." – Alice Thomson in The Times

The Telegraph welcomes David Cameron's assault on the "health and safety culture"

"David Cameron yesterday became the first politician sensibly to address this issue – a subject that exercises many people, yet is studiously ignored by those who purport to govern us… It is to be hoped that Mr Cameron's speech was more than mere populism, and that sanity, initiative and responsibility can be restored where madness too often reigns." – Daily Telegraph editorial

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: David Cameron declares war on the "nonsense" of the "over-the-top health and safety culture"

George Osborne promises more freedom for big galleries and museums

George Osborne on Marr 2 "Britain's biggest museums and galleries would be set free from direct government control by the Tories, giving them a greater chance to build up US-style endowments, George Osborne announced today. In a speech at Tate Modern in London, the shadow chancellor said that free entry to museums and galleries during "straitened times" would be maintained by a series of reforms if the Conservatives won the election." – The Guardian

New figures show little improvement resulting from a doubling in spending on education

"A doubling of spending on schools under Labour has led to negligible improvements as billions have been swallowed up in bureaucracy… Nick Gibb, Tory schools spokesman, said: 'These figures confirm that the Government has failed to deliver value for money. Productivity has fallen since 2000 because higher spending hasn't been matched by necessary reform'." – Daily Mail

Jeremy Hunt: Music and sport videos should have ratings for sex and violence

HUNT JEREMY NW "A loophole in the law currently means that music and sport videos or DVDs are not classified despite many containing content which is unsuitable for children. Jeremy Hunt, the shadow culture secretary, has now pledged to seek to amend laws to classify video games to broaden the scope of the rules for DVDs and videos." – Daily Telegraph

Boris discussed arts job with Veronica Wadley two weeks before it was advertised

"Boris Johnson discussed with Veronica Wadley whether she could apply for a senior arts job at a lunch held two weeks before it was advertised, according to correspondence released under freedom of information today." – The Guardian

Boris calls for mobile giants to form Olympic teamThe Times

Steve Richards compares David Cameron to William Hague (not Tony Blair)

"Tonally Cameron has a wider range, whereas at this stage of the parliament Hague was desperately seeking to retain the support of his core vote, worrying that the Conservatives could perform even worse than they had in 1997. Even so the similarities are much closer than those between Cameron and Blair en route to his 1997 landslide." – Steve Richards in The Independent

Simon Heffer: David Cameron must learn the dangers of tinkering with the constitution

SImon Heffer "What is happening in Scotland exemplifies the disastrousness of Labour's attempts at constitutional reform… Look, too, at the casual way in which Mr Brown chucked the bone to the Liberal Democrats, in his conference speech two months ago, about a measure of proportional representation… This disgusting, self-serving behaviour is something the Conservative Party should not try to emulate." – Simon Heffer in the Daily Telegraph

Veteran MP Sir Patrick Cormack to retire

"Veteran Tory MP Sir Patrick Cormack has announced he is standing down at the next general election. The 70-year-old said the "unhappy events" of recent months had made working hours at Westminster much more of a burden than before." – Daily Mail

> Yesterday in Seats and Candidates: Sir Patrick Cormack to stand down at the general election

British yachtsmen reportedly freed by IranBBC

We are in charge now, Sarkozy tells the CityThe Times

Barack Obama orders 30,000 more troops to AfghanistanBBC

> Yesterday on AmericaInTheWorld: No other free nation can match American military capacity


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