5.15pm ToryDiary: David Cameron's new year message emphasises clean, positive politics

2.45pm LeftWatch: The British Left is developing better and better online products

1pm Local government: Analysis of latest local government results suggests hung parliament is possible

Screen shot 2009-12-27 at 10.55.0910.45am Paul Goodman MP on CentreRight: The middle class converts who want to bomb us

ToryDiary: Can you produce a better anti-Labour poster?

LeftWatch: The Labour leadership race has begun

Henrietta Spink on Platform: Huge numbers of disabled people and their carers would benefit from some sensible changes to care packages

AmericaInTheWorld: Barack Obama marks passage of his $871bn* healthcare bill

WATCH: Celebrities join Hillary Benn in new Labour campaign to defend the hunting ban

Newslinks from today and from Boxing Day

Tories will give police chiefs the freedom to scrap 'plastic policemen' (otherwise known as Police Community Support Officers)

"[Shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling] will leave it up to individual chief constables to decide whether their particular police force needs PCSOs. And Home Office funding will not be ring-fenced, allowing each force to decide where it spends its money." – Telegraph

Michael Portillo: Cameron must govern as Thatcher did

PORTILLOMICHAEL-(ST) "As our government seeks to borrow in this year alone at least 12% of GDP, and as Barack Obama’s America looks for a similar proportion (a cool $2 trillion or so), there must be doubt as to whether enough lenders will be willing to come forward. Britain is vulnerable to a downward revision of its national credit rating, to a run on the currency and to events in other economies that at any moment could shatter confidence… [The] model must be Margaret Thatcher’s first term, when Britain faced similar (but maybe lesser) problems. She tackled them head-on, plunging her government into unpopularity. That is when many people began to hate her, but it was also the prelude to successive election wins because she won grudging credit for doing what Britain needed to be done. I hope Cameron finds that example inviting." – Michael Portillo in The Sunday Times

Patrick O'Flynn: Fasten your seatbelts, the Tories are about to touch down

"Cameron will launch a Tory policy blitz in the New Year, with a significant announcement expected every day from January 4 onwards. We will hear more about Michael Gove’s plans to set schools free from bureaucratic control, tougher policies on immigration, more detailed plans to cut public sector waste and even some NHS reform plans. Or as David Cameron might be tempted to put it: “This is your captain speaking, sorry about that little delay. I am pleased to say we now have clearance for landing. The weather on the ground is cold, but bright and we will be touching down in a little over four months.”" – Patrick O'Flynn in The Express

George Bridges recruited to give Tories more clarity of positive messageMail on Sunday

> ToryDiary: CCHQ strengthens team in run up to General Election with return of George Bridges

If Cameron wins he's likely to have fewer Scottish MPs than Thatcher or Major – Duncan Hamilton in Scotland on Sunday

Labour performs U-turn on love and marriage ahead of electionThe Sunday Times

> ConservativeHome comment from Tim Montgomerie: "This story needs to be treated with a pinch of salt. Although Labour may be talking about stable relationships between parents there is no mention of marriage. I suspect Labour is positioning itself to be more pro-parent but not pro-marriage."

Celebs back animal rights campaign to stop "barbaric" Tories overturning Hunting ActMirror | See video

"Tories would love to exterminate the Beeb" – Matt Withers in Wales on Sunday

In pursuing class war, Brown and Balls are leading Britain and Labour to ruin – James Forsyth in The Sunday Telegraph

Neil Kinnock on what he think are the REAL reasons why The Sun backed the ConservativesObserver

William Rees-Mogg: Clegg benefits most from election debates

Screen shot 2009-12-27 at 08.16.45 "Clegg is the nearest to being a pure beneficiary of these discussions. His party will gain the substantial benefit of being given equal ranking in the television debates. Psychologically, the Lib Dems will gain credibility because these threeway debates make voters think the 2010 General Election is a three-horse race, and not just a two-party contest for power." – William Rees-Mogg in the Mail on Sunday

Despite the prospect of debates Andrew Rawnsley, in The Observer, predicts record low turnouts.

Nine peers and MPs are being investigated by Scotland Yard The Sunday Times


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