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3pm ToryDiary: Lord Lawson outlines 'Plan B' on climate change after Copenhagen's failure

12.15pm WATCH: Hazel Bears' cheque… Jackie Smith's porn film… Damian McBride… Bercow's election… The Sun backs Cameron… Sky's two minute review of 2009's political events

Noon ToryDiary: Will Boris duck re-election? And will Peter Mandelson be his opponent?

Grayling470ToryDiary: Chris Grayling will strengthen legal rights of householders to defend their property and families from intruders

Jack Perschke on Platform: Blue Greens can triumph after Red Greens were defeated in Copenhagen

Mark Wallace on Local government: Why do councils let their staff get away with fraud?

Seats and candidates: Norsheen Bhatti, Andrew Large and James Rushton selected for Stoke seats

Conservatives 17% ahead in Ipsos MORI pollObserver | Yesterday evening's ToryDiary

Conservatives 12% ahead in YouGov pollPeople | Yesterday morning's ToryDiary

Alan Johnson relaunches class war attack on Tories

Johnson Alan 2 "The home secretary, Alan Johnson, issued Labour’s most personal attack on the privileged lives of leading Tories this weekend, claiming that too many were “public schoolboy millionaires”. In remarks sure to prompt new claims of Labour “class war”, Johnson, a former postman, said: “The Conservatives are the party of inherited wealth, private education and conspicuous affluence.” The home secretary claimed the fact that David Cameron, George Osborne, the shadow chancellor, and the London mayor Boris Johnson were all members of Oxford’s hell-raising Bullingdon Club proved that the party had failed to modernise." – The Sunday Times

Tories will launch £500,000 poster campaign on 4th JanuaryObserver

> Yesterday's Times broke the news that the Tories will launch a draft manifesto on 4th January

Cameron opposes GB football team for Olympics

"The prospect of a British football team appearing at the London Olympics in 2012 appears to have receded after David Cameron said a government led by him would not support the idea. The Conservative leader said he would not back the creation of a UK squad, which has been strongly opposed by the Scottish, Northern Irish and Welsh football associations." – Sunday Times

Greg Dyke wants BBC licence fee axed and replaced with general taxationSunday Times | StarChamber

Richard Dannatt: 'If the Tories win, I will not be a defence minister' Observer

Moat MP Douglas Hogg won't repay thousands – because of the Norman law of 'bung'Mail on Sunday

Tory plans to take power away from Westminster invite voters to elect a government that will do less and less for them – John Rentoul in the Independent on Sunday

Matthew d'Ancona: Gap between the people and the politicians was as great at Copenhagen as it was over expenses scandalThe Sunday Telegraph

"Gordon Brown, who seems to be embarking on a scorched earth economic policy in his final months in power, evidently regards this as worth it — he wants to go down in history as the man who saved the climate. Yet this government — or the next one — has been given a golden opportunity by the farce in Copenhagen: to abandon the carbon witch hunt altogether. If India, China, America, Brazil (and Uncle Tom Cobley and all) carry on with “business as usual”, then anything Europe does to cut its emissions is irrelevant, at best: it will cause pain and hardship for its own citizens to no purpose whatever." – Dominic Lawson in The Sunday Times

Greens condemn Copenhagen outcome

Green20party "Green Party leader Caroline Lucas said the outcome after years of waiting was "a complete disaster". She said: "What have we got? An empty accord with no legally binding framework, no targets, and no money guaranteed to be over and above existing aid budgets. It's deeply, deeply disappointing." Friends of the Earth campaigner Tom Picken said the UK government had said it would fight for a "strong and fair agreement" but the accord was neither." – BBC

Cabinet revolt may scupper Brown's plan for referendum on voting reformThe Sunday Times

Culture Secretary under fire for choice of holiday destination

"Ben Bradshaw, the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, has raised eyebrows by taking a Christmas holiday in Sri Lanka days after the British government condemned the Colombo administration for its poor human rights record." – Independent on Sunday

It’s only you Brits who don’t appreciate me, insists Tony BlairThe Sunday Times


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