11.15pm Tim Montgomerie on CentreRight: Newsnight brings balance to its Politics Pen

10.45pm ToryDiary: Triple whammy hits Cameron on Europe

9.15pm WATCH: Behind-the-scenes with David Cameron and William Hague, before and after today's announcement of new Tory Europe policy

NotEnoughTeeth 6pm ToryDiary: There are very good reasons to vote Conservative (but Europe isn't such a good one anymore)

5.45pm Seats and candidates:
Final six for Gosport

5.15pm WATCH: David Cameron says Tories will change law so
that the British people have to give their consent in a referendum to
any future transfer of power

NEVERAGAIN ToryDiary: David Cameron sets out Conservatives' new Europe policy

3pm Mark Field MP on CentreRight: Kelly’s proposals should now be accepted without delay or reservation

12.30pm ToryDiary: Cameron says Kelly reforms must be accepted in full at a PMQs noticeable for John Bercow's insistence that Brown stops the party political answers

11.15am ToryDiary: Tory MPs' wives consult lawyers after Kelly recommends ending their Commons employment

10.45am WATCH: David Cameron launches Tickets for Troops initiative with Gary Lineker and Liam Fox

10.15am David T Breaker on CentreRight says Eurosceptics should give Cameron a blank cheque for the right policy on Europe


Local government: Should Councils employ private security firms to patrol the streets?

Alison Wolf on Platform: How £2 billion of the Further Education budget is wasted on useless activities – and how we should reform the system

ObamaMagic International: One year on, Obama has lost his magic as Republicans celebrate significant wins

WATCH: Hague tells Sky News that there'll be no post-ratification referendum on Lisbon

Jim McConalogue on CentreRight summarises ConHome commenters' views in favour of a post-ratification referendum

The Sun accepts that Cameron has NOT broken his referendum promise to their readers

SUN-SAYS The Sun Says: "Importantly, it was to Sun readers that David Cameron promised a referendum if that Constitution – and its shabby replacement, the Lisbon Treaty – remained unratified. So we have more right than most to cast a cool eye over his decision to end that campaign. But Mr Cameron is right. Today, the treaty is a fact of life. Europe can boast it has its own "legal personality". So who do we blame for this? Not Mr Cameron, who stuck by his original pledge. We blame deceitful Labour for welching on their written vow to give us a say."

The Sun is trying to become a political party, says Gordon Brown – Guardian

ConservativeHome poll featured in the Daily Mail

"An exclusive poll of grassroots Tories released to the Mail shows that 66 per cent want their leader to offer a nationwide vote on the EU if he wins the election." – Daily Mail | Read all the poll findings

“The mood of the grassroots is they’re willing to accept that there isn’t any point in having a referendum on Lisbon but they still want some kind of referendum,” Tim Montgomerie, editor of the ConservativeHome website for Tory activists, told the Financial Times. “However, they equally don’t want a big fight . . . there’s a demand for Cameron to get it right but not to have a war over it." – FT

Peter Riddell: Rest of Europe unlikely to allow significant renegotiation

"The rest of the EU is not about to roll over and agree to a repatriation of powers from Brussels to London since this would reopen, and unravel, all the institutional compromises which they hoped to have closed yesterday. The most that other EU countries may concede is symbolic reassurances of the kind that satisfied Ireland and the Czech Republic. That will not be nearly enough for Tory sceptics, and some in the Shadow Cabinet." – Peter Riddell in The Times

Cameron IS a real Eurosceptic – Daniel Finkelstein makes the case in The Times

Tories likely to create additional financial incentives to encourage investment in low-carbon electricityFT

Could Brown go for an early election?

"There is speculation in Westminster that Mr Brown could be tempted to set the date for 25 March. Some civil servants have noted that Government planning for the period after the end of January is noticeably light, adding to suggestions that Number 10 could be planning to call a surprise poll." – Telegraph

Conservative candidate Elizabeth Truss given two weeks to save political skinTelegraph

Lord Ashcroft must come clean on tax status – Kevin Maguire in The Mirror

Tory peer Lord Steinberg has diedBelfast Telegraph

John Bercow will insist that MPs accept Kelly reforms on expenses BBC

Former minister Kim Howells urges Afghan withdrawal BBC

Hero Boris Johnson rescues Livingstone-supporting climate change protestor from hoodie-wearing "oiks"

JOHNSON-BORIS-BEDRAGGLED "Franny Armstrong, a documentary film-maker and climate change activist, was walking home in Camden, North London on Monday night when she was surrounded by a group of hoodie-wearing young girls. Miss Armstrong was pushed against a car by the girls, one of whom had an iron bar. The victim called out for help to a passing cyclist, who turned out to be the Mayor.  He stopped and chased the girls down the street, calling them ''oiks'', according to Miss Armstrong, who praised the Mayor's intervention." – Telegraph

And finally…

Gary Lineker breaks Boris Johnson photograph during visit to David Cameron's office – Telegraph


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