Picture 21 10.30pm Seats and Candidates: Charlotte Vere selected for Brighton Pavilion

9.30pm Jonathan Isaby on CentreRight: Has Gordon Brown done another sneaky deal with the DUP and Sinn Fein?

8.30pm Mark Wallace on CentreRight: The vapid futility of putting targets into law

8.15pm ToryDiary: Tories ramp up questioning of why the Kelly Report was not included in the Queen's Speech Updated at 9.30pm with full list of required legislative measures

6.45pm WATCH: Sky News's Adam Boulton describes the Queen's Speech as a "draft manifesto"

5pm Parliament update: Just 127 out of 350 Labour MPs turned up for the Queen's Speech debate

4.30pm Seats and Candidates: Nick Clegg's Tory opponent in Sheffield Hallam, Daniel Gage, resigns after ten days

3.30pm ToryDiary: Highlights of David Cameron's response to the Queen's Speech

2.45pm Parliament: A sign of how (dis)(un)interested Labour MPs are in the Queen's Speech

2.30pm Daniel Hamilton on CentreRight: Transnistria – a den of crime, hotbed of human rights abuses and a risk to international security

1.30pm WATCH: The Queen's Speech in full (all 6 minutes and 44 seconds of it)

1pm Seats and Candidates: Robin Millar selected for Arfon

12.15pm Seats and Candidates: Exclusion of local candidates upsets Beckenham grassroots

Picture 9Noon Parliament: Was that it? A quick summary of the Queen's Speech

10.30am Latest on CentreRight:

ToryDiary: Questions for the next ConHome readers' survey

MIGRATION WATCH UK Sir Andrew Green on Platform: The Government's Points Based immigration system is a potential disaster

Seats and candidates: SW Norfolk was threatened with All Women Shortlist if it didn't readopt Liz Truss, says Daily Mail

Local Government:

Parliament: ITN's three minute guide to the traditions behind the State Opening of Parliament

Tim Montgomerie on CentreRight: Thought for the Day should either be scrapped or deregulated

AmericaInTheWorld: Barack Obama avoids human rights talk during China visit

Tories vow to block Brown's Queen's Speech

Picture 20 "Tory peers are ready to block most of the government bills to be announced in the Queen's speech tomorrow, threatening to mire the final days of Gordon Brown's government in frustration and delay." – Guardian

> Yesterday evening's ToryDiary on the Tories' roadblock plan

George Osborne plans slimmer and more focused TreasuryIndependent

Why is David Cameron spending an hour answering questions on a website for mothers?

Because their votes could decide whether he ends up at No 10, says Andy McSmith of The Independent

The Daily Mail urges David Cameron to trust the grassroots

DAILY-MAIL "Rural Tory associations can be infuriatingly old-fashioned and less forgiving of ladies who indulge in such eccentricities as breaking up marriages than the metropolitan Cameroons. But localism means devolving power from the centre – even if that gives local people the freedom to make mistakes." – Daily Mail comment

Kevin Maguire: The Tories are all millionaires

"Cameron, Osborne, Hague, Letwin, Hammond, Mitchell, Strathclyde… the Shadow Cabinet’s Millionaires’ Club. To raise their affluence is to expose how little the Cons have in common with ordinary people who endure spending cuts." – Mirror

Improving the care available for the elderly will be Labour's domestic policy "priority" says BrownBBC

Ed Balls’ bid to evade the axe must failFT leader

"Alistair Darling and Ed Balls and were last night embroiled in a bitter feud over public spending. The Chancellor slapped down Mr Balls after he launched an audacious bid for a budget increase of £2.6billion over the next three years." – Daily Mail

David Miliband hints more troops will go to Afghanistan but insists it's not a 'fight to the death'Daily Mail

Allister Heath issues a warning about further Quantitative Easing

"With the economy now growing again, however feebly, it is important that monetary policy be tightened sooner rather than later. Quantitative easing was a good idea in 2009; it could prove to be an inflationary disaster in 2010." – City AM

The Daily Mail warns of trouble ahead on Europe

"No matter who emerges triumphant from the cosy horse-trading, the new president will be on a collision course with the British people. In the bitter clash that’s sure to come, our political class, Tory and Labour alike, will rue the day they cheated us out of our referendum." – Daily Mail

Britain risks currency crisis if it does not take knife to deficit The Telegraph reports on a Policy Exchange analysis written by Andrew Lilico

Daniel Finkelstein: Voters REALLY don't notice much of what politicians say

FINKELSTEIN DANNY 2 "In his invaluable book on the last election campaign, Smell the Coffee, Michael Ashcroft provides the result of polling he commissioned to track the impact of Conservative campaign activity. For two months in the run-up to polling day, voters were asked: “Has there been anything in the news about what the Conservative Party has been saying or doing that has caught your eye this week, whether on TV or radio or in the papers?” Most of the time the proportion who could think of nothing hovered around 90 per cent. And, Lord Ashcroft adds: “Even some events that were covered prominently in the news were recalled by almost nobody.” Recall for most Tory promises peaked at 2 per cent. “The central campaign messages of cleaner hospitals and school discipline peaked at 1 per cent.” – Daniel Finkelstein in The Times

Twitterers are generally more left-wing and more libertarian

"Britain's 5.5 million Twitter users are younger than average members of the public, slightly more likely to vote Labour, and distinctly more liberal, according to a survey published today." – Guardian


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