9.15pm Melanchthon on CentreRight: Nutt, Advising, Deciding & Transparent decision-making

7.45pm Seats and candidates: The six finalists for Beckenham

7.30pm CentreRight updates:

3.45pm WATCH: Britain needs an annual cap on immigration from outside the EU, says Chris Grayling

3.30pm CentreRight updates:

Noon Parliament: Andrew Rosindell MP urges a public holiday for Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee

11.45am Seats and candidates: David Cameron fails to persuade leading critic of Liz Truss to call off deselection attempt

11.15am AmericaInTheWorld: 'No big mistakes but no real progress' says Time magazine's review of Obama's foreign policies


MountainToClimb Quentin Langley on Platform: Do the Tories have a mountain to climb at the next election?

John Moss on Local government: Should lottery winners continue to have subsidised rent?

Parliament: Lord Waddington wins vote protecting 'free speech' criticism of homosexuality

No-rino_96dpi_2x2 International: Ron Paul's son, Rand, challenges establishment Republican candidate in Kentucky

WATCH: Families of soldiers serving in Afghanistan are furious at £47m bonuses awarded to MoD civil servants

Fraser Nelson: Cameron owes his political success to his Euroscepticism

"Mr Cameron needs no reminder of the power of Euroscepticism within
the party, as he owes his parliamentary career and his leadership of
the party to it. During the leadership, his pledge to leave the EPP
gained him crucial support. He was selected for Witney over Andrew
Mitchell, who was still resented by party activists for his role as a
whip in John Major’s government over the Maastricht votes." – Fraser
Nelson in The Spectator, within an article analysing the Tory plan to repatriate powers

Is Cameron correct about government, society and poverty?

The Guardian asks key commentators.

MAUDE looking right Francis Maude draws up list of advisers most likely to enter governmentPR Week

Friendship networks have consolidated The Sun's bond with Cameron's ConservativesGuardian

Would Brown's staff dare to correct one of his letters or would they fear flying Nokias? – Matthew Parris in The Times

Gordon Brown to admit mistakes on immigration during keynote speech on issueTimes

"In an interview with the Daily Mail, Mr Brown signalled a major shift in his Government's immigration policy as he admitted it had put key public services in some parts of the country under severe strain.  In what will be seized on by opponents as an admission that existing restrictions are too lax, he pledged to tighten the new points-based entry system before the next election."

Labour expected to hold Glasgow NE in today's by-electionGuardian

Mandelson might hold weekly televised news conferences to explain government businessGuardian

Former UKIP MEP Tom Wise jailed for £39,000 expenses fraudTimes

200 MPs will be forced to repay £1m of public moneyDaily Mail

And finally… There is a faraway country called 'Brownland' where the Prime Minister's policies are working

"Mr Brown certainly gives the impression of living in a world of his own, in which he is more and more cut off from reality. Each week at Prime Minister’s questions he insists on giving us a guided tour of Brownland, a strange country in which he is still doing wonderfully well… Any suggestion that Brownland is a complete fantasy makes Mr Brown very angry indeed. He hated it when Mr Cameron said that various schemes to help people through the recession have hardly been taken up, and retorted that this is because things are so very much better, thanks to Government action, than had been expected, that these safety nets are not required." – Andrew Gimson in The Telegraph

> ConservativeHome's PMQs review


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