10pm ToryDiary: CCHQ launch Jedward poster

8pm WATCH: Cameron and Brown apologise after suggestions they competed for photo opportunities at Remembrance Day service

1pm ToryDiary: Only growth and reform can save Britain (and the Conservatives)

11am WATCH: David Cameron explains why he wants Britain's biggest cities to have directly-elected mayors

Local Government:

ToryDiary: Should Julie Kirkbride stand for Parliament again? Are you worried that George Osborne will rely too much on tax rises to cut the deficit? Are you a hawkish, Eurosceptic AND fiscal Conservative?

Tim Clark on Platform: A headmaster's top ten proposals to help rebuild Britain's failing education system

AmericaInTheWorld: A $30m investment could provide citizens of repressive regimes free access to the internet

Tory lead cut to 6% in Ipsos-MORI pollObserver | Yesterday evening's ToryDiary

David Cameron is "persistently underwhelming" – Observer leader

Female voters like the Tory leader less than men doIndependent on Sunday

Are you married?

Chris Grayling wants official government forms to record marital status againSunday Times

Lord (Steve) Norris?

NORRIS-Steve "Steven Norris, the former Tory transport minister and London mayoral candidate, who is currently chairman of Jarvis, a rail engineering firm, is likely to be made a lord by Cameron and will be part of a number of familiar Tory faces, including Stephen Dorrell and Tim Yeo, who will guide the early part of a new administration. It is thought they will focus on sweeping reform of government and will simplify ministerial departments." – Observer

"If the next government is Conservative, it will be the first time in history that the Tories have been in power without controlling a majority in the House of Lords. They plan to inject a large number of new Tory peers, but that will still leave them outnumbered by the opposition. Tom Strathclyde is relying on Labour and Lib Dem peers to respect the "Salisbury Convention", under which the opposition in the Lords do not wreck legislation that the government has put in its manifesto. This consideration is already having an effect on the internal debate within the Tory high command about how up front they should be about what they have planned for the country. The shrewd Strathclyde is counselling David Cameron that his best protection against being sabotaged in the upper house is to be as specific as possible in the manifesto." – Andrew Rawnsley in The Observer

Cameron faces a fresh uprising from grassroots Conservatives furious at his attempts to promote womenSunday Telegraph

The 'chum-rade'

Picture 4 Eric Pickles was a communist at age fourteen… "Pickles has revealed for the first time his passion for Leon Trotsky and Karl Marx as a teenager growing up in Yorkshire in the 1960s. He admits that he switched to the Tories only in protest at the Soviet Union’s invasion of Czechoslovakia." – Sunday Times

Brown and Cameron apologise after claims they used Armistice Day as a photo opportunityBBC

The Tory plan for national voluntary service for young people is taking shape concludes John RentoulIndependent on Sunday

Mandelson wants Cabinet reshuffle so he can be Foreign SecretarySunday Times

EU's new 'Foreign Minister' Cathy Ashton was Treasurer of CND – Mail on Sunday

New EU President wants climate change taxes collected by Brussels – News of the World

Lord Ashcroft pays record price for 'ultimate' Victoria Cross – Sunday Telegraph – Sunday Telegraph

And finally… Is Brown REALLY jogging?

"Ever since Gordon Brown was photographed jogging in a London park earlier this month – his track suit bottoms tucked neatly into his socks, naturally – the paparazzi have been lying in wait, hoping, no doubt, for the first picture of the Prime Minister running out of puff. So far, alas, their quarry has eluded them. Just as he had never been seen jogging before the photograph had been taken, he has not been seen since. Some members of the paparazzi are now muttering that the original picture must have been a stunt." – Sunday Telegraph


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