6.30pm Seats and candidates: Sheffield Conservatives choose five candidates

BNPsite 5.15pm Tim Montgomerie on CentreRight: The BNP have stolen

3.15pm On CentreRight, Ben Rogers is impressed with David Cameron's quiet, honest Anglican faith

2.45pm Local government: A three minute guide to the 'easyCouncil' model

12.30pm Seats and candidates: We should look beyond gender and ethnicity in candidate diversity

9.45am CentreRight: Greg Hands MP spends a day with the Tory candidate attempting to oust Ed Balls MP

25March ToryDiary: CCHQ gets ready for March 25th General Election as Brown continues scorched earth policy

Teck Khong on Platform: Reduced administration, the inculcation of individual responsibility and the support of personal choice are fundamental to reviving our health system

Seats and candidates: Final four for Gosport

NotProduceNewspapers Local government: Democracy depends on independent journalism

Parliament: Lord Guthrie slams Government's "dithering" on Afghanistan

Julie Kirkbride's resignation u-turnGuardian

"Grassroots supporters took to the internet to complain that the “selfish” move would put her safe seat of Bromsgrove at risk and overshadow the party’s attempts to put the expenses scandal behind them. Miss Kirkbride told a special meeting of her constituency association that she wanted to rescind her resignation and seek readoption as a Conservative candidate in an open postal ballot." – Telegraph

> ConHome broke the story of Julie Kirkbride's change of mind yesterday

Tory candidates tell Hague that voters are "spitting blood" over new Europe policyDaily Mail

Hague On Sky In The Independent, Andrew Grice notes that Eurosceptic Tory MPs now fear the new policy is a damp squib after greeting it enthusiastically three days ago. He continues: "Some colleagues suspect Dominic Grieve, the shadow
Justice Secretary, has led Mr Cameron up the garden path by advising
that his proposed Sovereignty Act would ensure the sovereignty of the
UK Parliament. Similarly, they fear the Tories' proposed British Bill
of Rights will not stop terrorists being freed under the European
Convention of Human Rights.There is a pattern
here. Some shadow ministers are worried that Mr Cameron is raising
dangerously high expectations he will be unable to fulfil."

Fear of failure motivates me more than 'wonder' of success, admits CameronTimes

David Cameron has tipped "swashbuckling, charismatic, irresistible" Boris Johnson as a future PM – Guardian

More than half a million serial criminals have escaped with repeated cautions in 'soft justice' Britain

RUFFLEY DAVID "Figures obtained by the party's police spokesman David Ruffley show that, between 2000 and 2008, an astonishing 2.2million have received police cautions. Of these, 550,000 have received repeat cautions, including 51,874 people who have received four or more slaps on the wrist." – Daily Mail

God save us from yet more sex lessons – Amanda Platell in the Daily Mail

Science Minister Lord Drayson to produce guidelines to ensure the independence of its scientific advisersBBC

Welsh Secretary Peter Hain admitted that Britain was becoming “pretty congested”Express

No we shouldn't pull out… the strategy is absolutely the right one – John Hutton MP defends the war in Afghanistan in an article for The Independent

MPs should be paid £100,000

"Sir John Baker, the former head of the Senior Salaries Review Body, suggested MPs’ salary should rise from £65,000 to almost £100,000 after new expenses rules are put in place." – The Telegraph

"Sir Thomas Legg, who has conducted an audit of the past four years’ of expenses claims, is understood to have complained that dozens of MPs were deliberately obstructing his inquiry. A hard core of Members appear determined to avoid repaying expenses, previously approved by the Commons fees office, but retrospectively deemed out of order by Sir Thomas." – Times


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