10.30pm ToryDiary: Tories 10% ahead in Populus poll

5pm Lee Rotherham on CentreRight: Life after the European Union – what it would mean for the British workforce

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3pm Jonathan Isaby on CentreRight: Poppy wreaths from the National Front spotted on the Cenotaph

2pm Seats and Candidates: Katie Mackie selected for Falkirk

1.30pm ToryDiary: David Cameron and Margaret Thatcher reflect on the 20th anniversary of the collapse of the Berlin Wall

12.15pm WATCH: Sky News's Kitty Logan talks to Berliners about life before the fall of the Wall

11am Seats and Candidates: Candidates selected for Redcar and Middlesbrough

9.45am Tim Montgomerie on CentreRight: The EUSSR and other inappropriate comparisons

ToryDiary: Greg Clark supports new nuclear power stations to combat the "national emergency" on energy

Also on ToryDiary: Labour's private polling says it could lose 220 of its MPs

Greg Hands MP on Platform: In celebrating the collapse of the Berlin Wall, we must never forget how millions of people suffered for decades under Communist regimes in Eastern Europe

Seats and Candidates Diary of a PPC: Amber Rudd writes about her impending battle to regain Hastings and Rye

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WATCH: William Hague says MPs should adhere to the Kelly Report on their expenses and not quibble about it

William Hague signals that the Tories would not take on Europe for some years…

Picture 13 "William Hague, the shadow foreign secretary, has said that a Conservative government would not go to battle with Europe over returning sovereignty to Britain for a number of years… Speaking on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show¸ the shadow foreign secretary made clear the leadership’s lack of appetite for a confrontation with Europe within the first years of a Tory government. He said: “There will be no instant bust up with Europe with a six month deadline or anything like that to achieve these objectives because you have to find your moment to achieve these objectives whenever it may be. So we will possibly have to take our time in order to achieve those things. We recognise it’s difficult and that’s why we say these are things to look for over the life time of a parliament." – Daily Telegraph

> Melanchthon on CentreRight yesterday considered William Hague's message on renegotiation

…and sounds a warning on Afghanistan

"Shadow foreign secretary William Hague admitted the Conservatives were "very worried" about the prospect of having to take over such a difficult situation in Afghanistan if they came to power in an election next year… While the Conservatives continued to back the campaign, Mr Hague warned that it would be impossible to sustain public support unless there were clear signs of progress on the battlefield. "It is a very difficult situation. I would be kidding if I said to you that we weren't very worried about it in the Conservative Party," he said. "We have to do much better – and much better in terms of actual military success and showing that progress is being made." – Press Association

> WATCH: William Hague tells Andrew Marr that people once thought that Iraq was lost and Afghanistan can also be turned round

Liam Fox answers Independent readers' questions on Afghanistan and Europe

"We are in Afghanistan as part of a UN-approved international mission. We cannot afford further destabilisation of Pakistan and the region, or the re-emergence of terror groups using a failed state as their base. We need to understand that if we fail in Afghanistan, it will give moral support to jihadists across the world who will conclude that we do not have the moral resolve to see through conflicts, even when we believe that they are in the interests of our national security." – Liam Fox defends Britain's presence in Afghanistan in The Independent

Boris Johnson: To abandon Afghanistan now would be a betrayal of the fallen

Johnson Boris Pointing "I'll tell you why we are in Afghanistan. I could show you the crater in downtown Manhattan, the place they call Ground Zero. They still haven't built over it, eight years on, and it remains like a great open wound on the American psyche, a reminder of the hideous terrorist attack that was launched from the Afghan lair of Osama bin Laden. We have 9,000 troops in Afghanistan because the Americans have 70,000 troops there, and because America is our closest ally. We enlisted with America in the cause of driving out the Taliban extremists who were harbouring bin Laden. And whatever the Independent on Sunday may demand, we will remain in Afghanistan, shoulder to shoulder with America, for as long as the mission endures. For us to pull out now – immediately, unilaterally – would not only be to let down Britain's most vital geo-strategic alliance, it would be this country's biggest military humiliation since Suez." – Boris Johnson writing in the Daily Telegraph

The Daily Telegraph today helps launch a campaign for a National War Cemetery

Bruce Anderson: The EU battle isn't over for Cameron

"If Mr Cameron had tried to re-open Lisbon, he would have been pushing against a firmly-locked door. If he had persevered, there would have been a crisis in our relations with the EU, whose outcome no-one could foresee. These are not the ideal economic circumstances for such a crisis… The forces of euro-scepticism have suffered a temporary reverse, but not a terminal defeat. Although a short-term crisis has been averted because of Mr Cameron's caution, a longer-term crisis is inevitable, and it will not only be a matter of Britain versus the rest. The EU itself is unstable." – Bruce Anderson writing in The Independent

Leading Jews call on those attacking Tory European allies to withdraw their allegations

"It has become increasingly obvious that these accusations are unfair, baseless and politically motivated. The Chief Rabbi of Poland has now spoken up on behalf of Michal Kaminski and has made it clear that far from being an anti-Semite, Mr Kaminski is an outspoken opponent of anti-Semitism and a friend of Israel… Anti-Semitism is far too grave a charge to be used as a political football. We call upon those responsible for making unsubstantiated allegations to withdraw them." – Daily Telegraph letter from Lord Young of Graffham and others

National "house swap" scheme to be launched by Conservatives

SHAPPS GRANT "Council house tenants would be able to take part in a national ‘house swap’ scheme to enable them to find work in other parts of the country under a Conservative government. Statistics show that social tenants are four times less likely to move home than those who rent privately. And in a speech to the National Housing Federation, Grant Shapps, the shadow housing minister, will say that the inability to move house to chase work is making it harder for council and housing association tenants to go up in the world." – Daily Telegraph

Tories plan a voice for business in Europe

"George Osborne is planning to assign one of his own Treasury team a specific role in Brussels if the Conservatives win the general election next year. The Shadow Chancellor’s keenness to ensure the formal role provides the latest hint at how the Treasury would be restructured under a Tory government. While Tory aides insist that they were not even thinking about appointments with an election still to fight, The Times understands that Mark Hoban, the Shadow Treasury Minister, would be a strong contender for the role." – The Times

> As this ToryDiary post shows, this was in fact announced in July

The Times leader writers praise the education policy set out last week by their former colleague, Michael Gove

"If there were any blanks in Conservative education policy when he stood up to speak, Mr Gove had certainly filled them by the time he sat down. This was a comprehensive speech in which he set himself the task of closing the huge gap in achievement between the rich and the poor… Mr Gove was ambitious. A pledge to concentrate on literacy and numeracy was especially welcome. About 40 per cent of primary school children every year do not reach the Government’s basic level in reading, writing and maths. Illiteracy is eliminable. Full literacy has been achieved in Sweden and the Netherlands and it can be achieved in Britain, too. Mr Gove’s proposal for a literacy test after two years of primary school is precisely what is needed." – Times editorial

Labour accused of relying on the "welfare vote"

"Labour has been accused of relying on the “welfare vote” after it was disclosed that hundreds of its MPs represent areas with the highest proportion of benefits claimants. The Tories have published a league table ranking Commons seats according to the number of people receiving benefits. Of the top 200 constituencies, 189 are represented by Labour MPs, while only four are held by Conservatives. The Conservatives said last night it demonstrated how Labour has failed to tackle the increasing annual welfare bill, which is expected to hit £165 billion this year." – Daily Telegraph

Nadine Dorries names Labour MP she accused of sexual harrassment

DORRIES-Nadine "Jim Devine has denied making inappropriate remarks to a female Tory MP in the House of Commons. Nadine Dorries, has now confirmed that Mr Devine, the Labour MP for Livingston, is the Member who she had initially accused anonymously of harassing her. Ms Dorries, a prolific blogger, used Twitter to claim that she had been subjected to harassment. She wrote: “A Scottish Labour MP walked up to me in the cloakroom and said, ‘You were in my dreams all night. Would you like to know what you were doing?’ I refused. He walked out of the room with me and insisted from two paces behind in telling me, disgusting me.” – The Times

John Rentoul: Cameron is the new Blair

"Of course David Cameron's party is riven with fundamental contradictions, and of course neither he nor any of his Shadow Cabinet is ready for government – not even the few that have government experience. No one ever is… I remember a Cameron "town hall" meeting in Cornwall last year, when he was asked: "How can you make us believe in you?" His reply was telling: "I learnt a lot from watching Blair. He was a brilliant leader of the opposition but hadn't really thought through what he'd do in power. What I learnt is: don't over-promise." In other words, he is going to be exactly like Tony Blair." – John Rentoul writing in The Independent

Gordon Brown under fire for error-ridden condolence letter

"Blundering Gordon Brown left a dead war hero's grieving mother in tears by sending her an error-filled letter of condolence in which he even mis-spelled their name. The hand-written note to heartbroken Jacqui JANES about her son Jamie, 20, began: Dear Mrs JAMES." – The Sun

Lord Ashcroft "is paying tax in Britain"The Independent

Threat of Tory win fails to give SNP a boostThe Herald

Alan Johnson: We need a debate on migrationThe Independent

Home Office covered up immigration riskTimes Online

Obituary of Lord SteinbergDaily Telegraph


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