9.15pm WATCH: Old adversaries Nancy Pelosi (Democrat) and Newt Gingrich (Republican) join forces in climate change campaign

4.45pm ToryDiary: Three lessons for Cameron from Obama's first year

FPAITW 3.45pm AmericaInTheWorld: The world's policeman is disarming

3pm Seats and candidates: Liz Truss wins over local newspaper in first big interview

Picture 71.45pm WATCH: Liam Fox criticises Labour's "mixed messages" on Afghanistan and says Obama should back troops surge

11.45am Local Government: Cllr Merrick Cockell announces that Kensington and Chelsea freeze Council Tax

10.15am Seats and candidates update: The reality is that CCHQ is enabling Julie Kirkbride's bid to remain Bromsgrove's MP

ToryDiary: Cameron leadership "delighted" at smooth reception for Europe policy

Mats Persson on Platform: The Conservatives are right to focus on EU social policy – but only a comprehensive opt-out from all relevant Treaty articles will do

Kirkbride Seats and candidates: Julie Kirkbride tells Bromsgrove Conservatives she wishes to be their candidate at the general election

Local government: Recession boosts Blackpool and One local by-election result.

WATCH: Gordon Brown: I will not, must not and cannot withdraw from Afghanistan

David Cameron does support a referendum…

…on giving the Welsh Assembly more powers – Western Mail

The Financial Times and Economist note muted reaction to the new Conservative policy on Europe

"Most Tory MPs – and Eurosceptic Tory-supporting papers such as The Sun – held their tongue, in a sign that the party grudgingly accepts Mr Cameron’s argument that a Conservative government would have more important economic issues to deal with." – FT

"The good news for Mr Cameron is that, compared with the mid-1990s, when the Tory party combusted over Europe, it is now united and determined to win the election. Most of his MPs understand that while much of the public may dislike the EU, they also distrust politicians who seem obsessed with it. So the party seems set, for now, to swallow his new line on Lisbon." – The Economist's Bagehot

The Daily Express reports on the resignations of Dan Hannan and Roger Helmer.

Sarkozy welcomes Tory abandonment of referendum

SARKOZY "The French leader congratulated the Conservative Party for abandoning its promise of a referendum on the Lisbon treaty, adding that Britain had already won opt-outs in a hint that no new ones could be expected." – Times

Exit Tony Blair, enter Herman Van Rompuy – frontrunner for top EU jobGuardian

Miliband may get Brussels job 'in days' as Blair's hopes fade – Daily Mail

Michael Gove sets out Tory educational policy in comprehensive speechBBC

Philip Hammond made a formal complaint to a statistics chief that Gordon Brown had exaggerated the number of jobs the Government had protected through the recessionTelegraph

Johann Hari: Tories plan to make it hard for Labour to ever win again

"Cameron's policy documents show he will try to change Britain's political landscape to make it harder for the Tories to be defeated. He will abolish 10 per cent of parliamentary seats, almost all in Labour areas. He will scrap the rules requiring commercial broadcasters to be politically impartial, unleashing the rabid Fox News model against the British left. And he will threaten to outlaw trade union funding for Labour." – Johann Hari in The Independent

Geoffrey Wheatcroft: Rory Stewart will turn Tories away from neoconservatism

Picture 2 "Now comes the most exhilarating news in years for the Tories, or all of us: the selection of Rory Stewart for a safe Tory seat. Not only highly intelligent and eloquent, he is a throwback to another age, in the best way. Apart from having gone to vaguely the same school and university as Cameron, and served in the Black Watch and the Foreign Office, Stewart walked across Afghanistan before the war, and has been a proconsul in Iraq. He thus knows more about those countries than any British politician or commentator – and as a result is highly sceptical about western policy, recognising that we are not wanted there, and will not make ourselves any less unwanted by killing more people. It will be truly fascinating to see how he is greeted by the armchair warriors on his frontbench. Could there be hope for the Tories yet?" – Geoffrey Wheatcroft in The Guardian

According to the Cumberland News there is some local unhappiness at Rory Stewart's selection.

Jan Moir sympathises with the 'turnip Taliban' critics of Liz TrussDaily Mail

Skint? Britain's financial crisis is much, much worse than that – Adrian Montague of Reform in The Telegraph

Ed Miliband says it is highly unlikely that a new legally binding climate treaty can be agreed on timeBBC

Barack Obama's 'dithering' hurts Afghan mission, British sources sayTelegraph

And finally… Nicholas Winterton slaps Labour MP's bottom

"A Tory grandee was at the centre of rumours last night that he GOOSED dishy MP Natascha Engel. Sir Nicholas Winterton, 71, is said to have made his move for the Labour seat in a Commons tea room. He was queuing behind Ms Engel, 42, when she felt a "firm" whack…" – The Sun


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