10.15pm Jonathan Isaby on CentreRight reveals which of his policy ideas got the loudest applause from activists at a fringe meeting tonight

9.30pm Sally McNamara on CentreRight: A Referendum on Lisbon – It’s about Our Broader Relationship with the EU

7.15pm Melanchthon on CentreRight: The unsustainability of secular liberalism

4.45pm ToryDiary: The best and worst of Ken Clarke

3.45pm ToryDiary: The Party Shop in Manchester showcases items that will soon be available in a new online shop

3.15pm ToryDiary: Dannatt and Dyson sign up to David Cameron's government-in-waiting of all the talents

3pm Iain Murray on CentreRight is impressed with Ken Clarke's message on regulation

Picture 1112.30pm Jonathan Isaby on CentreRight: If we are to be called "Modern Conservatives", David Davis gets ten out of ten for prescience

11.30am ToryDiary: Are we now called "Modern Conservatives"?

11.15am ToryDiary: Conservatives will use tax and fines to address alcohol-fuelled violence

10.45am WATCH: BBC pressurises George Osborne to say more on public spending cuts

ToryDiary: BBC fails to screen Jeremy Paxman getting challenged by Boris Johnson on his own BBC salary

Owen Paterson MP on Platform: The preparations are well under way for an historic Conservative election campaign in Northern Ireland

ChildrenOfThatcher Fifty things about David Cameron's Conservatives: The next generation of Conservative MPs cut their political teeth during the Thatcher revolution

Local government: Hammersmith and Fulham Council are protecting the vulnerable

Cllr Les Lawrence on Local government: We are sorting out Children's Social Care in Birmingham and I will not resign

WATCH: Tory video highlights "the jobs crisis"

George Osborne announced the biggest cuts in public
spending for 30 years

Unions threaten industrial action if Tories slash Whitehall and freeze public sector payDaily Mail

Allister Heath: Relatively modest, long-term ideas were given exaggerated significance by many commentators

6a00d83451b31c69e20120a61a1836970c "Yesterday’s proposals to trim spending are to be welcomed but amount to at best £7bn a year; yet the budget deficit this year could hit £200bn. Freezing public sector wages for those earning over £18,000 is a brave decision given the election is less than a year away; but it will save just £3.2bn in 2011. It goes no more than 1-2 per cent of the way towards eliminating the structural part of the deficit." – City AM

"The effects of these measures – grim though they are – are dwarfed by the scale of the budget deficit. Mr Osborne has announced plans to save £7bn per year by the end of the next parliament, with changes to the pension age – beginning in 2016 – eventually contributing up to £13bn. The budget deficit this year? £175bn." – FT leader

Well, we can't say the Tories didn't warn usDaily Mail leader

The Independent: Osborne's tough message for Tory members

"There was an injunction for Conservatives to ditch "lazy rhetoric that
belittles those who are employed by the Government". He also
disappointed insistent Tory tax cutters by pledging to retain the
Government's planned new 50p rate of tax. These are welcome signs that
Mr Osborne recognises that what the wider country wants from a future
government in these difficult times is pragmatism and moderation, not
ideology. Mr Osborne's stark warning to bankers not to return to wildly
excessive remuneration also sent an important message that a future
Tory government would not make the mistake of assuming that what is in
the interests of the City is necessarily in the interests of Britain." – The Independent leader

"The one genuinely eye-catching new piece of news was that Mr Osborne plans to
reverse Mr Brown's controversial and unpopular raid on pensions over time —
although, again, no explanation of how this will be done was offered. Nor,
incidentally, was it mentioned that Mr Brown, in abolishing the tax credit
for pension funds, was beginning a process actually started by a Tory
chancellor — Norman Lamont" – Ian King in The Times

> Yesterday's ConservativeHome verdict on the speech: Fourteen out of twenty

Ken Clarke proposes one in, one out system for cutting regulation

ClarkeKenAMLong "Kenneth Clarke would chair a “star chamber” cabinet committee to cut red tape as part of a Conservative plan to reduce the regulatory burden on business, the shadow business secretary announced on Tuesday. The star chamber would enforce a “one in – one out” requirement whereby any new law must include cuts in old laws which, together, produced a net 5 per cent reduction in the regulatory burden. Mr Clarke said a Tory government would apply a “sunset clause” to all regulators. All regulators and regulatory quangos would be reassessed and their duties reviewed during the first term." – FT

Greg Clark promises to keep the lights on

"Nuclear power, carbon capture and storage and offshore wind farms would be among the main beneficiaries of a Conservative government, the Tory party conference heard on Tuesday. Communities agreeing to host wind farms would be compensated by retaining the business rates they generated, and householders would be rewarded for taking energy efficiency measures." – FT

Stonewall chief pulls out of gay Conservative event in protest at David Cameron's 'homophobic' partnersPinkNews

"Skin-tight T-shirts, posters of semi-naked men and buckets of condoms on the
tables. This was not a typical fringe event at the Conservative party
conference. Last night, though, the Tories glammed up for “Conference Pride”, the party’s
first official gay club night." – Times

David Davis is ready to return to frontbench

Davis David blueb "David Davis, who stunned the Conservative leadership last year by quitting as
shadow Home Secretary, today signalled he wanted to return to the political
frontline. He told a fringe meeting organised by The Independent that he would be
prepared to accept a Cabinet post under David Cameron as long as it was “a
proper job”"

The Tory Right has run out of puff – Julian Glover in The Guardian

David Cameron preparing to appoint record number of peers if Tories winTimes

Six Conservative MPs and MEPs take the More4 News Twit-box quickfire challenge at Conservative conference – up against the clock to answer questions sent in via Twitter Channel 4

The Mirror attacks Cameron's 'champagne moment'

"David Cameron quaffs £140-a-bottle bubbly with his rich chums just hours before the Tories announced a pay freeze for millions of ordinary workers" – Mirror

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: Cameron "caught" with champagne

The Tory leader's ambiguities reflect a deep crisis for British conservatism – Melanie Phillips in the Wall Street Journal

Why have MPs’ expenses disappeared from conference agendas? – Daniel Finkelstein in The Times


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