Stephen PHILLIPS 7.45pm Seats and Candidates: Stephen Phillips QC selected for Sleaford and North Hykeham

5pm Melancthon on CentreRight says MPs should stop appeasing: "Party leaders believe that they can appease the Mob.  They can't – the more you appease them, the more they will believe that you were in the wrong."

3pm WATCH: Nick Griffin MEP of the BNP talks to Sky's Adam Boulton

10.45am ToryDiary: Liam Fox appears to put General Dannatt in his place

10am ToryDiary: Labour and the Liberal Democrats are concocting cunning plans

ToryDiary: Election debates may not happen because of party disagreements on number and format of debates

HERBERT NICK MP Nick Herbert MP on Platform: The international conservation challenges which a modern Conservative Govenrment must pursue

On Local government: Mark Wallace argues that town twinning may once have been a justified cause for municipal spending – but no longer and Mayor of London's Question Time

On CentreRight:

Tory lead narrowest since April in YouGov surveyThe Sunday Times | Yesterday evening's ToryDiary

Yesterday's seat selections: Dr Philip Lee for Bracknell and David Rutley for Macclesfield

Nick Herbert commits Tories to repealing Hunting Act

"For all these reasons, there is a compelling case to sweep this law off the Statute Book. That is why David Cameron has said that, if we are elected, we will give Parliament the opportunity to repeal the Hunting Act on a free vote, with a government bill in government time. There will be no watering down or retreat from this pledge, which will be repeated in our election manifesto.” – Nick Herbert quoted in The Sunday Telegraph

Read Nick Herbert's full article.

The Mail on Sunday suggests that Lord Heseltine may join the first year of a Cameron government

Clarke&Heseltine "Michael Heseltine could make an astonishing comeback if David Cameron wins the General Election, sources have told The Mail on Sunday. Lord Heseltine, 76 – nicknamed ‘Tarzan’ after swinging the Commons mace at Labour MPs in the Seventies – would serve for the first year of a Tory administration as an unpaid Minister without Portfolio in the Lords. The aim would be to deploy the former Deputy Premier’s ‘attack dog’ skills, which remain largely undimmed, to lend experience to Mr Cameron’s untested team… A Conservative party spokesman said: ‘David Cameron is concentrating on the General Election campaign, not the shape of any future administration.’" – Mail on Sunday

David Cameron is considering introducing temporary peers

"The Tory leader is keen to draft in outsiders, including the fashion accessories designer Anya Hindmarch and Feargal Sharkey, the singer, for advisory roles by making them members of the Lords. However, he does not want people brought in for a stint in government to keep their Lords’ seat for life, and is examining whether they could serve for limited periods."The Sunday Times

The number of women and gay Tory MPs is set to increase threefold at the general electionThe Sunday Times

Andrew Lansley and Andy Burnham answer questions on health policy from News of the World readersNews of the World

The ferocious public mood and difficult economic times may make Cameron a one-term wonder – Andrew Rawnsley in The Observer

Alex Salmond hasn't convinced the Scots they want independence

"Support for independence remains stubbornly low — 30% at the highest, on a good day, and with the question loaded in the nationalists’ favour. Salmond knows this and it must frustrate him deeply. The first stage of his grand strategy — to seize power — went according to plan, and phase two — convincing the electorate that he can govern — isn’t going too badly (he is far more popular than the other party leaders in Scotland). But the denouement, a resounding endorsement by Scots for a separate Scotland, has not materialised." – Jenny Hjul in The Sunday Times

Holocaust survivors will confront BNP on Question TimeThe Sunday Telegraph

Nick Griffin has put his twenty stone bodyguard on his MEP expenses – The Sunday Times

The BNP won’t go away if we ignore it – Martin Ivens in The Sunday Times


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