10.30pm International: Grassroots Conservative candidate forces official Republican candidate to withdraw from New York Congressional race

8.30pm ToryDiary: Heseltine warns of "mountain to climb" as new poll points to landslide Tory victory

7.45pm Graeme Archer on CentreRight disapproves of the decision to sack David Nutt, the Government's drugs adviser

SteveBaker-199x3006.45pm Seats and candidates: Steve Baker chosen for Wycombe

5pm Tim Montgomerie on CentreRight: The BBC will dramatise the MP expenses campaign of transparency revolutionary, Heather Brooke

2.30pm ToryDiary: Tories will replace Air Passenger Duty with tax that also targets freight and Roman Abramovich

12.30pm WATCH: Adam Holloway MP discusses "devastating" letter from killed Colonel about lack of helicopters for Afghan campaign

Glen John August200910.15am John Glen on CentreRight sees Labour's plan to put foxhunting at heart of election as an "attempt to draw attention away from their substantive failures"

ToryDiary: Aware that "expert class" is ready to bite Conservatives, Chris Grayling backs dismissal of Government drugs adviser

Tony Baldry MP on Platform: Iraqis of whatever background are keen to make a success of the new Iraq – which offers many opportunities for British business

Local government:

Today's must-read: Two Britains persist under Labour

John Redwood 2 "The three highest constituency figures for unemployment in September were Brimingham Ladywood (21.2%), Birmingham Sparkbrook (18%) and Birmingham Hodge Hill (16.9%). The top 25 highest unemployment constituencies include parts of Liverpool, Wolverhampton, Glasgow, Middlesborough, the Welsh valleys and East London. In contrast the four lowest in England are Westmoreland (2%), West Dorset (2.1%), Witney (2.1%) and Henley (2.1%)." – John Redwood MP

Labour aim to use fox hunting as key weapon against ToriesTimes | Yesterday evening's ToryDiary

Iain Duncan Smith backs restorative justice and opposes short prison sentencesDaily Mail

Andrew Pierce profiles Iain Duncan Smith in The Telegraph: "The quiet Tory who is making his voice heard."

Guardian and David Miliband decline to admit error on Kaminski

The Guardian's headline on its Kaminski story today is "Chief rabbi of Poland refines 'antisemitic' verdict on Tory ally". He did more than "refine"! Read yesterday's ToryDiary.

Charles Moore: The Eurosceptic movement is not in good health

MOORE "The brilliant work of 1990s pressure groups like Business for Sterling, which took the Eurosceptic argument out of a nationalist ghetto and succeeded in keeping us out of the euro, has not moved into a new generation. Where are the modern Tory ideas about how to break down the concentrations of European power and return it to people? Every poll shows that a majority of the British population is Eurosceptic, but that majority is never given coherent leadership. On the one hand is the impossibilism of the get-outers; on the other, the bad faith which the Tories have tried to deploy at election after election. They "won't let the matter rest" if the Lisbon Treaty is ratified, they say. But anyone can see that letting the matter rest is exactly what, psychologically, they want." – Charles Moore in The Telegraph

"Cameron will be relieved once Lisbon is over. He can then stick to the British tradition of quiet foot-dragging over Europe." – Matthew Parris in The Times

EU leaders said to be unhappy at Cameron's attempts to encourage Klaus to block LisbonGuardian

Geoffrey Lean encourages the Conservative Party to embrace green taxation – Geoffrey Lean in The Telegraph

Simon Heffer says something nice about the Conservatives… in Kent…

Heffer Talking "Conservative-controlled Kent County Council, probably the most sensible in the country, wants to expand its grammar schools. It has too few places for the demand from bright children, and hundreds each year cannot be accommodated. There is not merely resistance to this from the Government, as is to be expected: I hear that Dave and his chums aren’t wild on the idea either, given the Old Etonian’s objection to people without his father’s money getting a rigorous education on the state. Kent should not just be allowed to expand existing schools – it should have the right to open new ones. If you have a vote in Kent, only exercise it at the next election in favour of candidates who openly support this policy." – Simon Heffer in The Telegraph

> Wednesday's Local government: Kent plans expansion in grammar school provision

The Economist highlights Tory thinking on localism

"For all his English wariness of grand plans and ideologies, David Cameron, the Tory leader, is keen on the centrifugal theme. If there is such a thing as Cameronism, it is giving power away." – The Economist

How the Conservatives rely on Lord Ashcroft – Andy McSmith in The Independent

Affair of Elizabeth Truss exposes Tory tensionsTimes | Guardian

Derek Conway's son says his disgrace was 'small beer' compared with expenses rowDaily Mail

UK Youth Parliament takes over Commons chamber for a day

Political version of Bugsy Malone as UK Youth Parliament takes to green benches of House of Commons – Michael White in The Guardian

BERCOW-JOHN "Speaker Bercow came a frightful cropper. "I am imperfect but I have done my best," he said to a point of order from a Scots boy (who'd been sickened). The room went wild for Bercow with whooping, cheering, and a standing ovation. He was quite overcome. So overcome that he quite lost his head. He was saying one minute that Speakers were above party politics and that they didn't get involved in controversy. The next minute he was calling one of the country's parties a "scourge", and "evil" and "driven by hate" and depending on "ignorance and apathy". What happens if the BNP were to actually get a seat in Westminster?" – Simon Carr in The Independent

> Jonathan Isaby has noted how John Bercow used the Youth Parliament's debates to attack the BNP


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