7.30pm ToryDiary: Tory lead steady at 12% in ComRes/ Independent on Sunday poll

7.15pm Seats and candidates: Philip Lee adopted for Bracknell to succeed disgraced Andrew Mackay

7pm: Seats and candidates: David Rutley has been adopted for Macclesfield

6pm International: Is Klaus about to surrender?

1pm WATCH: David Miliband explains why he is appealing against High Court decision to publish details of alleged torture of Binyam Mohamed

ToryDiary: A ban on MPs employing family members will produce new wave of retirements

Sajid Javid on Platform: We must slash corporate tax rates and burn regulations to improve conditions for small and medium sized businesses

Seats and candidates: Three three plum seats choose their candidate this weekend


Lord Hanningfield on the Local government blog outlines his plan to save £300m; "The largest savings target in local government history."

WATCH: The Queen opens Britain's new Supreme Court

Expenses, expenses, expenses

The tax affairs of 27 MPs are being investigated by HM Revenue and Customs – BBC

David Wilshire complains he is paid "close to the minimum wage" – Express | The Sun

"Former Labour minister Elliot Morley, who claimed £16,000 interest
payments for a 'phantom' mortgage, is seen as the most likely
politician to be charged." – Daily Mail

Andrew Grice reviews Gordon Brown's mishandling of the whole expenses saga – Independent

Sir Robert Atkins MEP under fire AGAIN for his expenses – Telegraph

Charles Moore discusses Douglas Carswell's idea to have MPs 'sacked' mid-term

Carswell Douglas Central Lobby "The Carswell solution is not to submit MPs to ever greater tortures at the hands of unelected people like Sir Thomas Legg, but to send them back to face the electors. He wants candidates to be chosen by open primaries of all constituents, rather than by party caucuses. MPs found guilty of serious wrongdoing would be subject to "recall" (in effect, a by-election) by their constituents if a decent percentage of them petitioned for it. Under our current system, Mr Carswell points out, roughly 70 per cent of seats are safe for the party holding them, so the Member, once elected, can relax. Under the Carswell rules, there will be no such a thing as a safe seat." – Charles Moore in The Telegraph

> Tuesday's Parliament blog: Douglas Carswell MP proposes the end of 'the safe seat'

Peter Oborne: Peter Mandelson, Ken Clarke and other other "Euro zealots" were wrong about ditching the pound

Euro "The economic statistics reveal the stark truth. Since 2001, the
British economy – even taking into account the past 12 months of
financial crisis – has grown much faster than the eurozone countries
and remained comparatively more stable than most. These facts firmly
disprove Mandelson's mendacious warning of the catastrophic
consequences if Britain did not adopt the euro. 'The price,' he said,
'we would pay in lost investment and trade and jobs in Britain would be
incalculable.' He also warned: 'As long as we are outside the euro,
there is little we can do to protect industry against destabilising
swings in the value of sterling.' Ken Clarke spoke in a similar
misguided vein, claiming: 'Britain's economy will be damaged if we stay
out too long.'" – Daily Mail

Profile of Czech President Vaclav Klaus – The Times

Cameron repeats pledge that higher green taxes will be offset by cuts in other taxes

"In a later question-and-answer session, Mr Cameron said people “shouldn’t assume” a Conservative government would increase green taxes for companies only. But he stressed that any increase in environmental taxes would be offset by a reduction in other taxation." – FT

"Households which recycle their rubbish will qualify for up to £15 a month in shopping vouchers under Tory plans to cut waste." – Daily Mail

"TV standby buttons will be phased out under a new Conservative government, David Cameron said yesterday. The plan is to save electricity used if sets are not completely switched off but left idle." – The Sun

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: Cameron promises a green consumer revolution

Senior US officials believed to have raised issue of Conservative party's relationships with rightwing European partiesGuardian

SALMOND ALEX Alex Salmond will tell SNP Conference that his top aim is to get more money for Scotland in event of hung parliamentBBC

I’m stronger than Scargill, says postal union leader Billy HayesTimes

Polly Toynbee wants tougher action against the banks before the Tories get in

"If Labour has been pusillanimous about banks and bonuses, just wait for the new Tory MPs arriving soon. A survey by the Almanac of British Politics finds that a bare Conservative majority will bring in 140 Tory MPs from business, 50 from the City. The greater the Conservative majority, the more City financiers will come in. It's doubtful they really think we are all in this together. How odd that these will be the beneficiaries of public outrage at bankers' greed, the debts they caused and the plight we are in." – Polly Toynbee in The Guardian

Africa's most feared rebel army arrives in Darfur, threatening to reignite the conflictIndependent


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