8.45pm Jonathan Isaby on CentreRight: Michal Kamiński has arrived in Manchester

Picture 58pm WATCH: George Osborne announces the tax break for new businesses

5.15pm Seats and Candidates: Nick Holder selected for Newcastle Central

4.45pm WATCH: David Cameron opens Tory Conference with claim to have launched "biggest" and "boldest" jobs programme in Britain's history

4.15pm ToryDiary: James Forsyth is the new Political Editor of The Spectator

3.45pm Jonathan Isaby on CentreRIght: The Tories get one over on the press (on the football pitch)

2.30pm ToryDiary: Before David Cameron only one in five voters deserting Labour switched to the Conservatives – it's now nearly all of them

Picture 29 2.30pm WATCH: William Hague ridicules Lord Mandelson in his first of his addresses to the Conservative conference

1pm Parliament: Conservatives propose giving more power to Parliament over its business and establishing public consultation on legislation

12.30pm ToryDiary: Boris tells George Osborne: If I can find savings in London, you can find savings in Whitehall

Noon Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman on Platform: Time to grasp the opportunity in Iraqi Kurdistan

10.15am LISTEN: Michael Rock and Emma Carr of Conservative Future discuss how the organisation's membership is growing on the Today programme


Lord Forsyth of Drumlean on Platform: How Gordon Brown turned a global financial crisis into a British financial catastrophe – and what we must do to get the economy growing again

Jeremy Middleton on Platform: Jeremy Middleton reports back on a "united and determined" National Conservative Convention meeting in Manchester

Memories of conferences past on Platform: Don Porter recalls how he kept the conference show on the road in 2003

Seats and Candidates Diary of a PPC: In the week that the Labour Party converged on Brighton for its conference, Simon Kirby and his team deliver 32,000 surveys across Brighton Kemptown (whilst Gordon Brown fails to make any impact whatsoever)

Local Government: Should Manchester have a directly-elected mayor?

International: Vaclav Klaus may not save Britain from Lisbon after all


WATCH: The Conservatives would fund their plan to get Britain working by getting more people off incapacity benefit

Tories propose tough medical tests for 2.6million benefit claimants

"Hundreds of thousands of people on incapacity benefit will have their payments cut by almost a third if they fail tough medical tests, under proposals to be announced by the Conservatives. Within three years of David Cameron being elected, every person on incapacity benefit will be tested to see if they can return to work." – Daily Telegraph

"David Cameron will honour his vow to make jobs No 1 priority if he becomes PM by slashing the number of people "on the sick", he said last night. A staggering 3,000 assessments EVERY DAY will be performed over three years to root out the shirkers. And Mr Cameron will plough the money this claws back into finding work for the unemployed." – The Sun

> Rolling record of Tory policy announcements at the Manchester Conservative Party Conference

Boris Johnson to announce transport savings and freeze of council tax precept

Boris Johnson smiling "Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, will today announce £2.6bn of extra savings on public transport in the capital to as part of an attempt to underline the Conservatives' commitment to bringing down spending. Speaking at the Tory party conference in Manchester, he is also expected to announce a freeze on city hall's share of the council tax." – The Guardian

'Dithering' Cameron urged to speak out on Europe

"David Cameron's bid to depict his party as a united government-in-waiting has been  threatened by a new row over Europe. The Tory leader was accused of 'dithering' after he rejected repeated calls for a commitment to a referendum on the European constitution – even if the Lisbon Treaty creating it is ratified before he wins power. The row, prompted by Ireland's Yes vote on the EU treaty on Saturday, dogged Mr Cameron and his team as they planned a charm offensive at their final conference before next year's general election." – Daily Mail

"David Cameron has pledged to renegotiate Britain's relationship with the European Union. Mr Cameron will try to make a deal on elements of the Lisbon Treaty even though it is almost inevitable that he will not be able to have a full referendum on the treaty if comes to power next spring. The Conservative leader said he would not take no for an answer and would negotiate with the same vigour as Margaret Thatcher when she demanded Britain's money back 25 years ago." – Daily Telegraph

Boris denies split on Europe referendumThe Times

"The Cameroons are Eurosceptics. David Cameron himself is wholly free from the taint of federasty. But the Tory leadership would much prefer not to have a punch-up with the EU. They do not wish to condemn their party to yet another of the rows that were so destructive in the Nineties, especially when they have so many other priorities and such a demanding agenda. Yet there may be no choice, for politicians are not always allowed to set their own agenda."- Bruce Anderson in The Independent

Patients to be able to pick surgeon from league table, under Tory plans

LANSLEY ANDREW NW Patients will be allowed to decide which doctor or surgeon treats them in hospital after consulting "performance" tables, under plans to be announced by the shadow Health Secretary… The proposals will be outlined today by Andrew Lansley, the Shadow Health Secretary, in a speech which will confirm that the Conservatives will continue to increase NHS spending while other public services face cutbacks." – Daily Telegraph

Tory plans to reform parliament would give voters chance to alter bills

"Voters will be given the power to rewrite laws under Tory plans to transform the way parliament works by importing a popular scheme championed by Barack Obama in last year's US election. William Hague will tomorrow announce that the Conservatives will introduce a new stage for parliamentary bills, known as the public reading stage, that will allow voters to reject and rewrite clauses. The scheme will be based on the US mixedink website, used by Obama last year" – The Guardian

Grayling plans to bring prison population to 100,000

"Tory plans to bring the prison population to a historic high of 100,000 and fund 5,000 new prison places by selling off Victorian jails was criticised as "bogus" by ministers yesterday. The plans, announced by the shadow home secretary Chris Grayling, would see new laws created for those who attack policemen and harsher punishments for antisocial behaviour – with the 5,000 new prison places created to accommodate new inmates." – The Guardian

Cameron reaches out to Northern Ireland Assembly

"Conservative leader David Cameron has said he wants to establish better relations with the Stormont executive, should his party win the next election. As delegates gathered for their annual conference in Manchester, he said he intended to be "a prime minister for the entire United Kingdom". – BBC

Cameron and Osborne regret Bullingdon Club membership

Cameron and Osborne "David Cameron and George Osborne yesterday separately expressed their deep embarrassment at membership of the blue-blooded, hard-drinking Bullingdon Club at Oxford University. Shown a now suppressed club photo on BBC1's Andrew Marr Show, Cameron said he was "desperately embarrassed". He admitted "we do things when we're young that we deeply regret". The picture shows him alongside other members of the notorious dining club, including Boris Johnson, in bow ties and £1,200 club tailcoat." – The Guardian

Daniel Hannan: the Tory Eurosceptic MEP whom Labour loves to hate

"He wears red, spotty braces, carries a Union Jack diary and sent his children to a nursery school called Little England. Daniel Hannan is the Tory Eurosceptic MEP who Labour loves to hate. When he declared on American TV over the summer that the NHS was a “60-year mistake”, ministers rushed out to condemn him as unpatriotic. When his attack on Gordon Brown in the European Parliament as the “devalued Prime Minister of a devalued Government” became a YouTube phenomenon, Labour claimed that he revealed the Tories’ “swivel-eyed instincts." – Daniel Hanna profiled in The Times

Jackie Ashley: Could Cameron be the last ever UK Prime Minister?

"The nightmare for Cameron is that, once George Osborne has revealed details of the cuts imposed by Tory Westminster on Scottish budgets, the SNP start to gain momentum for their proposed independence referendum. Alex Salmond, Scotland's first minister and nobody's fool, has been watching the Conservative agendas on cuts and on Europe with fascination." – Jackie Ashley in The Guardian

Conservatives charge Sir James Dyson with making UK a leader in exporting hi-tech productsDaily Telegraph

Peter Oborne: The Tories should embrace the Human Rights ActThe Guardian


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