Midnight Matt Sinclair on CentreRight: £6m Govt ad campaign aims to scare children about climate change

10.45pm WATCH: Labour video claims NHS, end of apartheid and forgiveness of third world debt as party achievements

Picture 25pm ToryDiary: Tory lead up to 17% in first post-Manchester poll

4.15pm Jonathan Isaby on CentreRight: Calling all election anoraks – be watching BBC Parliament at 7pm tonight

4pm ToryDiary: The party conference

3.30pm Seats and Candidates: Six names in the frame for Penrith and the Border

2.30pm Ben Rogers on Platform: Ten ideas for a Conservative policy on human rights

1.30pm Local Government: An eclectic set of by-election results from yesterday

11.15am Ben Rogers is speechless at Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize – describing it as Obamamania gone mad. AmericaInTheWorld records Sky News' verdict: He got it for NOT being George W Bush.

10.45am Alex Deane on CentreRight welcomes Tory plans to name and shame prolific criminals

10.45am LISTEN: Britain faces a "horror show" over energy supplies, warns Greg Clark MP

CameronInvadesLabourSpace ToryDiary: A defining moment in the history of the modern, compassionate Conservative Party

Also on ToryDiary: Guardian warns that Cameron's "war on the state" could "unseal the deal"

Andrea Leadsom on Platform: We must focus on encouraging NEETs into self-employment

Local government: Race to be Mayor of Bedford reaches final lap and Devon saves money by switching out the lights

Tim Montgomerie on CentreRight: ConservativeHome's Manchester United event

Hope on Lisbon as President Klaus requests footnote be added to Treaty before he adds his signature

"The Czech President placed a new obstacle in the path of the Lisbon Treaty yesterday raising hopes Britain could yet be given a referendum. Eurosceptic President Vaclav Klaus has threatened not to sign the document unless a two-sentence footnote is added." – Daily Mail

> WATCH: William Hague tells Tory Conference why Lisbon is undemocratic

Bono sings the praises of Tories on foreign aidIrish Times

Channel 4's word cloud for Cameron's big speech

08_cameron_cloud_540 From Channel 4.

Liam Fox appears certain to be Cameron's Defence Secretary if Tories win

Picture 85 Tim Montgomerie's Tweet of yesterday >>

"Liam Fox was confirmed as the Defence Secretary in a future Conservative
government yesterday as David Cameron started naming those who would serve
in his first Cabinet. The Tory leader’s strong backing for Dr Fox came as a surprise to many of his
colleagues who have long speculated that he might be replaced after an
election victory. Mr Cameron praised the man who stood against him in the
2005 leadership election as a “politician of the front rank”." – Times

> WATCH: Liam Fox discusses Tory plans to cut 25% of the MoD bureaucracy

Tory frontbenchers and senior military chiefs said to be unhappy at Dannatt's Tory appointment

"The Tory leadership has received complaints from some of the party's senior frontbenchers about Cameron's decision to elevate Dannatt to the Lords, putting him on course to become a minister. Gerald Howarth, the shadow defence minister, was said to be angry after he learned about the appointment from a journalist. Lord Strathclyde, the Tory leader in the upper house, told Lord Astor of Hever, a former Guards officer and Tory defence spokesman in the Lords, that his position was safe "as far as I know". Liam Fox, the shadow defence secretary, who was consulted about the move, has private misgivings." – Guardian

Richard-dannatt_603325a Army chiefs turn guns on "political" Dannatt – Independent

"His acceptance of a role under Mr Cameron, so soon after shedding
uniform, directly identifies him with the Government's enemies, under a
party banner. As a result, his actions have thoroughly alarmed many senior
officers, serving and retired. They are in no doubt that the government
has handled the armed forces deplorably. But they shake their heads at the spectacle of a general, however distinguished, charging into the political arena." – Max Hastings in the Daily Mail

General Sir Richard Dannatt vowed last night not to give
David Cameron an "easy time" if he becomes Prime Minister – The Sun

Cameron hints at end of Quantitative Easing

"[Cameron's] plan to tackle the “debt crisis” – including his call for an early end to quantitative easing – caused some unease, with Alistair Darling, chancellor, claiming: “If we stopped supporting the economy now, it would crash.” David Blanchflower, who left the Bank of England’s monetary policy committee in May, said Mr Cameron’s speech on Thursday was “bizarre” and if put into practice could tip the UK into a “depression.” Shamik Dhar, a former Bank of England economist, said “at best this is wrong and at worst downright dangerous.”" – FT

Jeff Randall, in The Telegraph, backs Cameron on QE: "Unprecedented budgetary stimuli and quantitative easing may have
operated as a life-support machine, but the underlying cause of the
patient's sickness will remain until our behaviour changes. Pennies
from heaven are an illusion. We cannot print our way to prosperity,
only ruin."

Allister Heath reviews the Conservative Party's tax-raising optionsCity AM

The Conservatives may have found a way of enabling new schools to be run by profit-making private firmsGuardian

Jewish leaders ask Tories to prove they vetted new European alliesGuardian

"Poland's Kaminski is not an antisemite: he's a friend to Jews" – Stephen Pollard in The Guardian

Boris Johnson approves new skyscraper for London

3864704514_c8961d1bde_m "Mr Johnson repeatedly attacked previous mayor Ken Livingstone’s support for tall towers during his election campaign. But he overruled Tower Hamlets Council, claiming the application for the 63-storey Columbus Tower on the Isle of Dogs near Canary Wharf was of strategic importance to the whole of the capital." – FT

Boris angry at Ben Bradshaw's veto of his recommendation of ex-Evening Standard Editor to London arts post Telegraph

Samantha Cameron wears £65 M&S dressDaily Mail

And finally… No jokes in Cameron's speech

"It also deserves a place in the Guinness Book of Records. Although
there was scorn, effectively deployed, there was not a single joke: a
rare, if not unique, event in a leader's party conference text. Most
leaders feel the need for a bit of knock-about at their opponents'
expense, to give the troops a good laugh. In Manchester, there were no
laughs. Mr Cameron's primary focus was the country, not his party. He
sensed a serious, indeed sombre, national mood." – Bruce Anderson in The Independent


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