8.45pm Parliament: Labour Chief Whip introduces attempt to ban BNP MEPs from House of Commons

5.45pm WATCH: An angry Alex Salmond tells the "British
Brainwashing Corporation" that every poll shows the Scottish people
want to vote on independence

5.15pm WATCH: Cameron says David Wilshire MP was right to step down

Bedford_arms2.45pm Local government: The new Mayor of Bedford is…

2.45pm Melanchthon on CentreRight: Concerning whether the BNP should be able to destigmatise itself

1pm WATCH: Geert Wilders enters Britain after Immigration Tribunal overturns Jacqui Smith's ban

12.45pm Jim McConalogue on CentreRight: President Klaus told ‘too late’ to seek exemption from Treaty

Noon Local Government: Council byelection results

11.45am ToryDiary: Cameron promises a green consumer revolution

ToryDiary: Tories plan big shake up of Whitehall

ClauseIVMoment James Bethell on Platform: Soon to be free of a racist membership policy, Nick Griffin must not have the opportunity to turn the BNP into a popular, nationalist party

Parliament: MPs may soon get the opportunity to question Lord Mandelson and other ministers from the Upper House

Local government: Barnet councillor to keep "piffling allowance" after moving to Australia

WATCH: David Wilshire MP will retire after "arm twisting" by Tory Chief Whip

David Wilshire to resign over expensesTelegraph | Yesterday's Seats and candidates

Bercow and Harman attacked by Daily Mail

HARMAN HARRIET "Speaker Bercow yesterday admitted to 'accidentally overclaiming' almost £1,000 in mortgage costs. Meanwhile, Commons leader Harriet Harman said it was wrong to retrospectively apply the most basic standards of probity to our MPs, by asking them to repay what they stole. With this pair in charge, the expenses clean-up will take for ever." – Daily Mail

"In his first interview since becoming Speaker in June, Mr Bercow urged MPs to accept the verdict of Sir Thomas Legg, the former civil servant auditing their expenses who has demanded that they repay thousands of pounds in allowances. "Denial, delay or delusion is not an option," he said." – Independent

Tories and Labour decline to seize £5m benefits saving despite inflation turning negative

"Treasury estimates suggested pensioners, income tax payers and other benefit recipients would enjoy an unplanned windfall of close to £5bn next April as a result of retail price inflation turning negative for the first time in September." – FT

Lord Turnbull attacks appointment of General Sir Richard Dannatt

"David Cameron was on Thursday accused by a former head of the civil service of making a “major error of judgment” in his “reprehensible” appointment of General Sir Richard Dannatt as a Conservative defence adviser… Giving evidence to the Commons public administration committee, Lord Turnbull warned that bringing Sir Richard into a future Conservative administration would “subvert the chain of command” and “cast a shadow over his successors” running the armed forces." – FT

Will Kirstie Allsopp find a new location as a Tory peer in the House of Lords?Daily Mail

> Yesterday's Seats and candidates: Veracity of "secret" list of twenty future Tory peers questioned

What do Boris Johnson's fare rises say about a Tory government?

Johnson Boris On Tube "The Mayor of London was accused of an “outrageous assault” on commuters yesterday when he imposed fare rises of up to 20 per cent and increased the capital’s congestion charge by 25 per cent." – Times

"Johnson’s insistence on maintaining services shows how difficult Tory ministers will find it in government. Boasting about cuts at party conference is one thing; implementing them is quite another." – Christian Wolmar in The Times

The Tories may talk localism but on public sector pay they are centralisers – Steve Richards in The Independent

"The Lib Dems should admit they can’t win outright and campaign instead for a role in a government of national unity" – David Owen in The Times

Picture 4 Tony McNulty MP is first MP to wear a poppyTelegraph

We need more facts and less emotion about banking bonuses – Allister Heath in City AM

Children should not start formal learning until they are six says new reportBBC

Dutch MP Geert Wilders is due to arrive in the UK later after Jacqui Smith's ban on him is liftedBBC

Carter-Ruck in new move to stop debate in parliamentGuardian

And finally…

David Cameron skips Tatler's lavish party in bid to avoid another 'champagne moment' – Telegraph


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