7pm WATCH: Lord Mandelson claims he said "chumps" not "c**ts" during telephone call with News Intl chief Rebekah Wade

Local Government: The Lesson of Fiona Pilkington's suicide: Don't pass by on the other side by Cllr David Parsons, leader of Leicestershire County Council.

6.45pm THREE VIDEOS: Harriet Harman attacks The SunDavid Cameron praises The Sun… and Eric Pickles previews the Tory conference

6pm ToryDiary: Tory lead down to 7% in YouGov daily survey

5pm Two CentreRight updates:

  • Nadine Dorries: "What kind of government is it that thinks it’s right to provide lessons to 13 year old girls on how to place a condom on a banana and not realise that the subliminal message is 'now go and try that yourself'?"
  • Graeme Archer: "At first I thought it was Twitterish hysteria, when on my commute home yesterday I read that Brown had announced plans to lock up young mothers in hostels. But it's true. He does want to do this. Mothers of legal age but without a male partner will be put into hostels, under the 'care' of social workers."


4.30pm Fifty things about David Cameron's Conservatives: Team Cameron has consistently pursued modernisation on ten fronts

Picture 42

2pm WATCH: Sun readers want a newspaper and not a "Tory fanzine" says Mandelson

1.15pm Tim Montgomerie on CentreRight: Harriet Harman launches heated attack on The Sun for abandoning Labour and plays nasty against George Osborne

1pm International: Czech Republic's Vaclav Klaus is threatened with impeachment if he does not sign Lisbon

11.30am WATCH: Brown tells Sky News that he will certainly lead Labour into next General Election


ToryDiary: The dead parrot Tories are resurrected in The Sun

Alistair Thompson on Platform: Not only is the rise in anti-social behaviour a result of Labour's irresponsible policies, but they have also prevented the police from getting to grips with the problem

Local government:

LISTEN: Radio 4 reports how Labour spin doctors banned photographs of the Prime Minister at the time it became clear that The Sun was about to endorse the Conservatives

The Sun will be backing the Tories at the next election… but not yet in ScotlandBBC

Will The Daily Mail be the next to back the Conservatives?


Its leading article today is very negative about Brown's speech: "Mr Brown's entire political philosophy rests, as it's always done, on redistributing wealth from the middle classes to the poor. This springs from his unshakeable belief that the welfare state, with its bewildering array of benefits and fancy-sounding projects, holds the answer to all Britain's social problems. Meanwhile in the real world, binge-drinking teenagers still get pregnant, the feckless have no incentive to work – and feral youths drive a vulnerable woman to kill herself and her disabled daughter. What use were those state targets and lavishly-funded projects, when all Fiona Pilkington needed was a police force that would answer her pleas for help – and parents in her neighbourhood who would teach their children right from wrong?"

Polly Toynbee's verdict on Brown's speech: "Little was bold or high risk enough to turn the hostile tide"The Guardian

Benedict Brogan in The Telegraph agrees: "His speech had to persuade a demoralised party to stick with him until polling day by giving them something to fight for. This he did, and the betting must now be that he will be allowed to lead his party into the election. But by producing a speech for a party audience, he offered nothing to explain to the voters out there why they should stick with him next time."

"Gordon Brown put tackling antisocial behaviour at the top of his policy agenda as he set out his plan to pacify an angry Middle Britain." – Scotsman

Voters to be given 'right to recall' corrupt MPs by Gordon Brown – Telegraph

"The prospect of supervised homes for teenage mothers was one of the most eye-catching policy announcements Gordon Brown made in his speech, but the absence of any clear detail about how the commitment would be implemented triggered unease from charities who support young parents." – Guardian

Sarah Brown hails 'hero' Gordon at Labour Party conferenceTelegraph

In The Times, Alice Thomson does not approve of Sarah Brown's introduction to her husband: "Why should we vote for her man just because she fell for his brooding stare and floppy locks ten years ago? Does she realise that she has set the cause of women back by years? What’s the point in Harriet Harman introducing equality legislation, when Gordon’s wife is telling the girls to vote for Mr Brown because she still fancies him and he is a gentle soul, not because of his economic policy — figures are far too hard for the weaker sex to grasp."


(1) Brown promises referendum on scrapping first-past-the-post voting if Labour wins electionDaily Mail

(2) Simon Heffer: Only the Liberal Democrats can save Labour


"[Brown's] rhetoric about what he hopes to do for the country masks what he knows is the reality: that within months his best chance of staying in office is an adulterous act with the Lib Dems. Are they prepared to play that game?" – Simon Heffer in The TelegraphLabour HQ gets tough with lazy candidates

"Labour is withholding campaign money from lazy MPs and candidates in marginal seats who are not showing an appetite to fight the election, The Times can reveal. For the first time Labour election officials are demanding that those standing in marginal seats must provide evidence of the scale of their campaign before they are allocated funds for leaflets and mailshots."

Ben Bradshaw: The BBC must change to surviveIndependent

25 years after Brighton bomb, Labour lets unrepentant Martin McGuinness into the Grand HotelDaily Mail

It's not just Labour that is in trouble… the Left is in retreat across Europe

"Across the main capitals of Europe, the traditional parties of the centre-left are in retreat. On Sunday, Germany’s Social Democratic party, the oldest and grandest of them all, went down to its worst postwar defeat at the hands of Angela Merkel’s centre-right Christian Democrats. One day after the SPD scored just 23 per cent in the German poll, the ruling British Labour party saw its opinion poll rating in the UK fall to the same figure – in third place behind the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats. But why should the left be doing so badly at precisely the time when raw and unregulated free-market capitalism has precipitated a global financial crisis? …" – FT

"The ASBO, has all too often been an excuse to delay criminal sanctions, allowing problems to escalate" – Jill Kirby in The Times explains why ASBOs have failed and are a completely inadequate response to the Pilkington tragedy

Scotland's recession sees first increase in thefts for a decadeTelegraph


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