9.45pm CentreRight: Max Wind-Cowie and Jonty Olliff-Cooper call for a SureStart 'parent premium'

8.45pm CLASSIC VIDEO: George H W Bush's 'Read My Lips, No New Taxes' promise

7.30pm WATCH: Iain Duncan Smith explains why his welfare reform proposals will save the state money

7pm Jim McConalogue on CentreRight: The European Federal Superstate – how much more will its Irish province agree to?

4.30pm Local Government: Parvez Akhtar selected by an Open Caucus to be Conservative candidate for Mayor of Bedford

Picture 83.30pm Jonathan Isaby on CentreRight: Who's more credible – Gordon Brown or the former Iraqi Information Minister?

2.45pm ToryDiary: The media has a responsibility to properly interrogate people who accuse others of racism and anti-Semitism

1pm WATCH: David Cameron attacks the Government for trying to cover up spending cuts

David Cameron press conf Sept 200912.45pm ToryDiary: David Cameron covers welfare reform, public spending, the Lisbon Treaty and candidate selection at his monthly press conference

Noon: Seats and Candidates update: Statement on Wycombe Conservative Association website on selection process suspension attacks Eric Pickles and CCHQ

10am Alex Deane on CentreRight: Monitoring the monitors of the Surveillance State

9.45am ToryDiary: Leaked Treasury papers show Brown-Darling were planning cuts all along Updated at 11.45am with David Cameron's reaction at his press conference

Iain Duncan Smith proposes overhaul of the benefits system to get 600,000 people into wor

ELEVENSTEPPLAN ToryDiary: Dominic Grieve unveils how a Conservative Government would reversing the rise of the "Surveillance State"

Richard Balfe on Platform: We must give trade unions a chance to be part of the solution rather than typecast them as part of the problem

Heather White in Seats and Candidates presents A Party Conference survival guide – How to make the most of the week in Manchester as a netowrking opportunity

Local Government:

Star Chamber: Abolish SureStart

Tim Montgomerie on CentreRight: Am I a racist because I don't support Barack Obama?

Louise Bagshawe on CentreRight: Jeremy Hunt MP was misrepresented on copyright theft

WATCH: Gordon Brown claims that the Conservatives would put the economic recovery at risk

OSBORNE GEORGE NW George Osborne plans urgent "cuts" Budget

"George Osborne said on Tuesday he would introduce a “cuts” Budget within weeks of a Conservative general election victory, rejecting Gordon Brown’s claim that such a move would “derail the recovery”. The shadow chancellor said Britain was an open economy that could easily withstand fiscal tightening next year and that he would waste no time in tackling the projected £175bn deficit. “We would need to take early and big decisions for dealing with the deficit,” he told a Spectator debate on the economy. Supply-side reforms in education and transport infrastructure would also be priorities." – FT

"For the Tories it was a significant victory yesterday to witness Gordon Brown finally admitting to what any sane person had concluded was necessary not just a year ago but at least two years ago as we entered this crisis. Cuts in public spending to stem the new crisis of public debt." – Damian Reece in the Daily Telegraph

"The Mail warmly welcomes the Prime Minister back to planet Earth. After months of pretending that only the heartless Tories would cut public spending, he's finally brought himself to admit the obvious: no matter which party wins the next election, state sector budgets will have to be slashed." – Daily Mail editorial

Irwin Stelzer: David Cameron's Tories must come clean over their intentions – Daily Telegraph

> Yesterday's ToryDiary post: George Osborne claims victory as Brown prepares to utter the "cuts" word

> WATCH: Gordon Brown has let the cut out of the bag

> Yesterday on CentreRight:

Breaking News: George Osborne claims leaked documents show Government planning 10% cut in department budgetsBBC

Defence budget faces being slashed by Labour AND Tories after next general election

"The Trident nuclear deterrent and other big defence projects face sweeping cuts whoever wins the next election. Both Labour and the Tories are considering downgrading the submarine-based system that has been the ultimate guarantor of British security for three decades… Shadow Chancellor George Osborne revealed that a Tory government would consider slashing spending on two new aircraft carriers for the Royal Navy, the Eurofighter project and the A400M transport aircraft. Party officials said that a future Tory government might also consider downgrading the Trident programme by cutting the number of submarines." – Daily Mail

"Mr Osborne’s intervention appeared to surprise senior colleagues, including Liam Fox, the Shadow Defence Secretary. The Conservatives have said in the past that such decisions should be taken as part of a strategic defence review. A Tory frontbencher said that Mr Osborne had been “amateurish” to raise question marks over projects without making clear the context in which final decisions would be taken." – The Times

Edward McMIllan-Scott Conservative MEP Edward McMillan-Scott expelled from the party

"A leading Conservative, Edward McMillan-Scott, has been thrown out of the party by William Hague after defying orders relating to David Cameron’s new grouping of Brussels MEPs. Under Mr Cameron, Tory MEPs have left the centre-right EPP group to work instead with the new European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) group. Mr McMillan-Scott, a Conservative MEP, angered the party leadership in July when he stood for one of the European Parliament’s vice president posts. It had been agreed that Michal Kaminski, a Polish MEP from the new grouping, would be the official ECR candidate. Mr McMillan-Scott, a veteran MEP, won… His defiance led to the Tory whip being withdrawn. He has refused to back down and Mr Hague, the shadow foreign secretary, expelled him from the party." – Daily Telegraph

Mr McMillan-Scott was interviewed on the Today Programme this morning – click here to listen

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: Edward McMillan-Scott has been expelled from the Conservative Party

Perhaps Cameron could be addressing the unions next year?

"As Gordon Brown addressed the TUC yesterday, one whispered question going around the Liverpool conference centre was: "Who will be up there this time next year?" Union bosses have enjoyed 12 years of access to the heart of government… But, by next summer, all that could be over, and the union bosses could be operating in a colder political climate." – The Independent

The Mike and Boris Show: Mayors  Bloomberg and Johnson in New York

"The contrast in styles between the two men was evident from the off. Johnson spoke at twice the volume of his sparring partner, a ruse to disguise the fact that he enjoys half Bloomberg's mayoral powers. Mike was demur and respectful, his grey hair neatly shorn; he sat impassive through even Boris's most wince-inducing comments. Boris was bouncy and exuberant; while Bloomberg spoke he scratched his chin and his scalp, and stared up at the domed ceiling." – The Guardian

Welsh flag The Conservatives are set to become the dominant party in Wales

"You have to go back nearly a century, to the days of David Lloyd George, to find a time when Labour was not the dominant political party in Wales… But it is all change now. The new projection shows the Tories making huge electoral inroads in Cardiff, Newport and the Vale of Glamorgan and consolidating their grip in the north. Bridgend and Gower would fall too. Labour would be driven back into the valleys, plus Wrexham… Welsh politics are changing fast." – Martin Kettle writing in The Guardian

Poll: Mandelson is least trusted politician

"Lord Mandelson may have become the favourite of the London media and political classes, but he remains a bogeyman for the public as a whole. A new Populus poll for The Times shows that the Business Secretary is the least trusted of 12 leading politicians. By contrast Vince Cable, the Liberal Democrats’ Treasury spokesman, is the most trusted, especially by Conservative voters who have more faith in him than they have in George Osborne, their own Shadow Chancellor." – Peter Riddell in The Times 

Tories claim public cash is funding unions

"Labour was criticised yesterday for handing millions of pounds of public money to trade unions. Regional Development Agencies, or RDAs, have given some £7million of state funding to trade unions since 2003, ministers admitted." – Daily Express

> Yesterday in Local Government: Union officials funded in Town Halls and Whitehall

Wycombe MP hunt suspended

"The selection of Wycombe’s next Conservative Parliamentary candidate has been suspended as the “correct procedures weren’t followed”. The bid to find a successor for Paul Goodman MP, who will not fight the seat at the next general election, will re-start next month." – Bucks Free Press

> Yesterday in Seats and Candidates: The selection for a new candidate in Wycombe has been suspended

DORRIES-Nadine Nadine Dorries rubbishes union talk of high heel risks

"The appeal of stilettos appears to be lost on delegates at the Trades Union Congress, who demanded yesterday that employers take a stand against the risks of wearing high heels in the workplace… Nadine Dorries, the Conservative MP for for Mid-Bedfordshire, said the unions were discussing trivial matters. "I'm 5ft 3in and need every inch of my Louboutin heels to look my male colleagues in the eye," she added. "If high heels were banned in Westminster, no one would be able to find me." – The Independent

Conservative Medical Society demands overhaul of GP contract to address shortage of GP partnerships

"The society said that the contract should be ‘rebalanced’ by setting aside a portion of core income to create a ‘partnership incentive figure’. Incentives could be closely tied to the key Tory policy of handing much greater commissioning responsibility to GPs, which would require a flourishing independent-contractor model, Dr Paul Charlson, chair of the society, said." – Pulse

Nigel Evans calls on the Government to do more to protect UK manufacturingYorkshire Post

Straw or Denham likely to face Griffin on Question Time The Independent

Unemployment set to nudge 2.5 millionPress Association

Picture 3 And finally… Has Gordon Brown stopped biting his nails?

"You might think there is a lot for Gordon Brown to be anxious about at the moment. An ongoing recession is crippling the country, he's miles behind in the polls and there's the ongoing suspicion of a Labour plot to replace him as leader. But as he took to the stand today at the TUC conference in Liverpool, the chronic nail-biter of the past appears to have put an end to the ghastly habit." – Daily Mail


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