10.15pm Seats and Candidates: Esher and Walton Conservatives set date for Open Caucus

8pm WATCH: ToryBear's video message to Baroness Scotland – Just go

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7pm Seats and Candidates: Woking Conservatives announce four finalists to contest Open Caucus on September 30th

5.15pm WATCH: Baroness Scotland refuses to resign over "technical breach" of the law

5pm ToryDiary: David Cameron pledges to honour the restoration of the link between pensions and earnings

4pm Daniel Hamilton on CentreRight: Baroness Scotland and Loloahi Tapui are victims as well as villains

3pm Charles Tannock MEP on CentreRight: Debating the EU in the Tory party

1.30pm Nigel Evans MP on CentreRight: The Lib Dems’ answer to any question is to tax it

12.30pm ToryDiary update: Chris Huhne to remove passage from speech describing William Hague as "a skinhead"

11.30am WATCH: Jeremy Paxman probes Vince Cable on his tax proposals

GRAYLING serious

10.30am ToryDiary: Chris Grayling says Baroness Scotland has to resign

10.15am ToryDiary: David Cameron signals strong opposition to assisted dying, stating that its consequences would be "dangerous for society"


Margot James on Platform: How to deliver more for less in health and social care

Local Government: Wolverhampton plans £7.6 million savings

Star Chamber: Halt further orders and upgrades for the Eurofighter

Matthew Sinclair on CentreRight: Environmentalists have a democracy problem

WATCH – Two clips from Lib Dem conference yesterday:


David Cameron: Assisted dying is a danger to our society

"David Cameron has condemned the decriminalisation of assisted suicide and warned that helping the terminally ill to die is 'dangerous for society'. The Tory leader's powerful views were revealed yesterday as the Director of Public Prosecutions prepared to open the way for families to help sick relatives end their lives. In a letter, Mr Cameron said that assisted dying would mean 'terminally ill people may feel pressurised into ending their lives if they feel they have become a burden on loved ones'." – Daily Mail

Nick Gibb: Charitable status rules for independent schools are too bureaucratic

"Rules forcing private schools to open up to pupils from poor backgrounds are “too bureaucratic”, according to the Conservatives. The Tories said guidance governing charitable status could be reviewed if the party wins the next General Election to make sure schools are not unduly punished. They would also make it easier for the fee-paying sector to sponsor and run state schools, it was disclosed… Nick Gibb, the shadow schools minister, said: “It is right that independent schools, who enjoy charitable status, should meet a public benefit test and there are a number of ways in which they can do so… but we must make sure the public benefit test does not become too bureaucratic.” – Daily Telegraph

Voters don't believe Labour is telling the truth about public finances

"An overwhelming majority of voters think Labour is failing to tell the truth about the state of the public finances, according to a new Guardian/ICM poll. The result suggests the government has come off worst from a week of squabbling between the parties over the deficit, and Gordon Brown's admission that spending cuts will be needed… The result comes as the Conservatives extend their lead over Labour to 17 points – the second highest ever in the Guardian/ICM series, which began in 1984. Conservative support is up two points to 43%, while Labour's has risen one to 26%. The Liberal Democrats, who arrived for their annual conference as polling took place, are unchanged on 19%." – The Guardian

> Last night's ToryDiary: Tories 17% ahead in ICM poll

Lord Mandelson

Mandelson exposes confidential memo on attacking the Tories

"Lord Mandelson was accused of “obsessing” about the Conservatives rather than doing his job yesterday, after he became the latest senior figure to expose confidential papers in Downing Street… Among the documents spotted by the long lenses as the minister came out of No 10 was one from a strategy adviser on ideas for attacking the Conservatives. Greg Hands, the Shadow Treasury Minister said: “You would think that the man responsible for business and enterprise would have better things to do in the middle of a recession than obsess about attacking Conservatives.” – The Times

Osborne attacked on two fronts

"George Osborne came under fire from both Labour and the Liberal
Democrats last night as senior MPs stepped up their personal attacks on
his youth and inexperience. Business Secretary Lord Mandelson issued a patronising
put-down to the Shadow Chancellor, describing him as a 'boy in a man's
job'… LibDem Treasury spokesman Vince Cable joined the attack on the
Shadow Chancellor by accusing him of inventing conspiracy theories
about the public finances." – Daily Mail

James Kirkup: Why David Cameron is keeping quiet about Europe

"Assuming the Irish vote Yes, Mr Cameron will reach for one last figleaf to conceal the absence of a clear plan on the treaty. His last hope lies in Prague, where Vaclav Klaus, the Czech president, is dragging his feet over ratifying the treaty. The Czech constitutional court is currently considering one appeal relating to the Treaty, and Mr Klaus says he won’t sign it while the court is deliberating. A court appeal will soon be launched by Czech senators from the ODS party, part of the same European Parliament bloc as the Conservatives." – James Kirkup in the Daily Telegraph

Vince Cable claims a Conservative Government would tear apart the UK

"The Liberal Democrats warned last night that Britain
would face a “major constitutional crisis” under an incoming
Conservative government that could lead to the break-up of the UK. The party’s Treasury spokesman, Vince Cable, predicted
the SNP administration at Holyrood would find itself on a “collision
course” with a Westminster government led by David Cameron that had no
mandate north of the border." – The Press and Journal

Boris joins Kevin Spacey in calling for investment to pull arts through the recession

"London mayor Boris Johnson and Old Vic artistic director Kevin Spacey have called on corporate and public investors to continue supporting the arts through the recession, warning that cultural institutions will “struggle to survive” the global economic downturn without them… Johnson said that financial services companies should be encouraged and ‘honoured’ for investing in the arts, and not be made to feel that such investments are “ostentatious”. He commented: “At a time of recession it is more important than ever to invest in the arts. We need to support new talent and those creative individuals whose innovation will ensure London remains dynamic and successful.” – The Stage

Steve Richards

Steve Richards on the mixed messages coming from the Lib Dems

"Over recent days the message has not been clear.
Clegg began the week by pledging "savage" cuts. In doing so he risked
legitimising the Tories' position even though Clegg and Cable regard
David Cameron's view that public spending should be cut during the
recession as crazy. By yesterday, Clegg's message had moved on to one
about a new tax on homes worth a million pounds. Spending cuts and
taxes on the wealthy are not necessarily contradictory and are, in some
ways, complementary. Any party that wins the next election will have to
cut some spending and put up taxes. But tonally the message was blurred." – Steve Richards in The Independent

Rachel Sylvester: The Lib Dems need to talk about coalitions

"If the Lib Dems could turn the election into a poll about what they
would bring to a coalition, they would maximise their support because a
vote for them would no longer be seen as a wasted vote. Paradoxically,
they may do best by admitting their limits." – Rachel Sylvester in The Times

Obama snubs Brown over al-Megrahi releaseThe Sun

Baroness Scotland facing fine of up to £10,000 for employing illegal immigrant Daily Mail

French police begin clearing immigrant "Jungle"Sky News

Bloody Sunday Inquiry report expected in December  – Daily Telegraph

And finally… more than a third of people have not heard of Nick Clegg

"More than one third of British people have not heard of the Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg, a poll conducted for BBC Newsnight suggests. The 1,056 UK adults canvassed were asked for their opinion of him. Thirty six percent had a favourable view of Mr Clegg, but an equal number said they had never heard of him." – BBC


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