8.15pm ToryDiary: The cut is out of the bag

Edward McMillan-Scott MEP has replied in the comments thread to his expulsion.

5.15pm WATCH: Brown admits that spending cuts lie ahead

5pm ToryDiary: Edward McMillan-Scott has been expelled from the Conservative Party

4.45pm ToryDiary: Nigel Lawson backs strong regulation for 'vanilla' high street banks and lighter regulation for the rest of the financial sector

4pm On CentreRight, Lucy Parsons of Reform urges George Osborne to emulate Vince Cable's "substantial and detailed plan for cutting public spending"

IMG_0436 3.30pm On CentreRight:

2.30pm StarChamber: Vince Cable would save £14bn with measures including public sector pay freeze

12.45pm Alex Deane on CentreRight: Obama is "failing miserably"

12.30pm Seats and Candidates: The selection for a new candidate in Wycombe has been suspended

11.15am ToryDiary: George Osborne claims victory as Brown prepares to utter the "cuts" word


600M ConservativeHome restarts the StarChamber page today with a look at reports that there should be a delay to restoring the pension-earnings link and also an overview of the scale and cost of Britain's budget deficit.

Madsen Pirie on Platform sets out his manifesto for Britain; it includes taking the lowest out of the tax system, an English Parliament and legalisation of recreational drugs

Local government:

Matthew Elliott on CentreRight introduces readers to his new book, 'Fleeced': "It is the very first book to bring together the total cost of government spending, the bailouts, the banking crisis and Westminster expenses scandal in one comprehensive text and lays bare the terrible truth about Gordon Brown’s criminal miscalculations since he assumed control of the UK economy in 1997."

Timothy Barnes on CentreRight thinks the economic worst may be yet to come: "Labour is wrong to be putting off the cuts that are needed as Lord Mandelson suggested, yesterday morning. The wider public knows that cuts are needed now to stave off the worst effects of the debt mountain." 

George Osborne will accuse Brown of putting trade union demands ahead of the country's needs

OSBORNE GEORGE PORTRAIT "The shadow chancellor will seek to portray the Prime Minister as ''weak and desperate'' in refusing to spell out the economic reality at Tuesday's TUC conference in Liverpool. And he will suggest that Labour policy is dictated by the party's dependence on trade union cash." – Telegraph

"Prime Minister Gordon Brown is to admit for the first time that spending cuts will be needed, the BBC understands. BBC political editor Nick Robinson said Mr Brown would make his most explicit comments yet on spending choices in a speech to union leaders on Tuesday." – BBC

"Gordon Brown has vowed to launch an autumn fightback against the Conservatives, warning David Cameron's party not to "wreck the economic recovery" by pulling the plug on the government's fiscal stimulus." – Scotsman

84% of voters believe that there will be “significant cuts in public spending after the next election” – Peter Riddell in The Times

Voters don't want Brown but can't agree on Labour replacement for him – Times

> Yesterday evening's ToryDiary: Conservative 41%, Labour 27%

Tebbit2 Lord Tebbit calls on David Cameron yesterday to hold a referendum on the new EU reform treaty even if it has already been introducedTimes

"Lord Tebbit has warned David Cameron that he must hold a referendum on the European constitution or risk losing voters to the UK Independence Party. The former Conservative cabinet minister said the leader must toughen his stance on the issue or face dissent from euro-sceptics at next month's party conference in Manchester." – Daily Mail

Lord Pearson of Rannoch, a leading peer who left the Conservative party over Europe, is to stand for the leadership of UKIPTelegraph

'Whitehall mandarins insulated from failure'

BACON-RICHARD "A  report from the Commons public accounts committee (PAC) said failing senior civil servants seemed insulated against losing their jobs, compared with their town hall counterparts. The MPs called for a "much stronger culture" of managing individual performance against delivery, and also said success should be better rewarded… Tory committee member Richard Bacon said: "Senior civil servants often seem able to get away with mistakes that would cost most people their jobs." – Scotsman

The government has saved £7m in the last year by making its departments greenerBBC

Ed Balls paved the way for climbdown on child protection registerDaily Mail

Harriet Harman accused of preparing leadership bidDaily Mail

"Harperson represents everything that modern Britain resents about the meddling nanny state. If she ever takes the helm, she could steer Labour straight on to the rocks of perpetual Opposition." – The Sun Says


The ConservativeHome-led but cross-party campaign is covered this morning in the Lancashire Telegraph and Shields Gazette.

Picture 9 Click here to read a PDF of Jonathan Isaby's op-ed in yesterday's Western Morning News about the campaign.

"Tens of thousands of council and housing association homes are being occupied by people with no entitlement to them."FT

A profound ignorance of our national past is the shameful legacy of so-called progressive educationalists – Dominic Sandbrook in The Telegraph

And finally… Mark Oaten MP on his fall from grace

"I think there is something about the political world that almost draws politicians into relationship problems." – Mark Oaten previewibng his book 'Screwed Up' in The Independent


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