9.30pm WATCH: Rory Bremner gives a satirical take on the political events of the summer

7.30pm WATCH: Lord Patten of Barnes reflects on his report into policing in Northern Ireland ten years on 

5.15pm David T Breaker on CentreRIght: The patriotism, symbolism and silliness of Last Night of the Proms

3.15pm Local Government: Should Conservative London Assembly Members criticise Boris in public?

BURT Alistair 2.45pm ToryDiary: Alistair Burt outlines why he thinks Christians should vote Conservative

12.15pm ToryDiary: Eric Pickles says the old antagonisms between Conservatives and the trade unions are long gone Updated at 2pm with Brendan Barber's comments about his meetings with David Cameron

11.30am ToryDiary: The Scottish Conservatives add to calls to Save General Election Night north of the border

10.30am Jim McConalogue on CentreRight: Implications for David Cameron of Ireland’s (second) referendum on Lisbon

HAMMOND-PHILIP-BIG-BENToryDiary: Philip Hammond says that scrapping universal benefits is not on the Conservative agenda – yet

Seats and Candidates: The Sunday Times identifies some of those who answered David Cameron's call for new parliamentary candidates

Mark Field MP on Platform: It is time to recognise the reassertion of Russian power and form a positive relationship – recognising our requirement for Russian energy, trade and co-operation in dealing with terrorism

Brian Jenner on CentreRight: Out with the spin doctors, In with the speechwriters

WATCH: Russian President Medvedev puts restrictions on the sale of beer (but not vodka)

Picture 5 The public backs spending cuts over tax rises…

"Voters are overwhelmingly in favour of cutting public spending rather than tax rises to close the budget black hole, a Sunday Times/YouGov poll finds today. Sixty per cent want to shrink the size of the state to curb the £175 billion deficit amid mounting government disarray over the public finances… Labour, with 27% of the vote, still trails the Conservatives on 41% by 14 points — the same gap as last month. The Liberal Democrats are on 17%." – Sunday Times

Voters have had enough of a bloated state – Sunday Times editorial

…as the Conservatives are winning the battle over public services

"Voters think that if big spending reductions must be made, the Tories are the party most likely to make them by increasing efficiency whilst defending the quality of health and education. The poll, conducted by YouGov for the think tank Policy Exchange, reveals that the Conservatives are the party preferred by a significant margin to deliver quality and value for money… But, crucially for David Cameron, the poll – the most detailed analysis of public attitudes to government spending – also suggests that the Conservatives would be more trusted that Labour to protect the quality of public services if Britain's economic position forced the government to make spending reductions over the next few years." – Sunday Telegraph

> Last night's ToryDiary: Tomorrow's opinion polls are still grim reading for Gordon Brown

Picture 7 Senior Tories to take lessons in budgetary control from Goran Persson

"This week senior Conservatives drawing up the party’s blueprint for cutting the deficit will hold talks with Goran Persson, the former Swedish prime minister, who faced a similar budgetary crisis in his country during the 1990s. Persson, who has been invited to Britain by the Institute for Government think tank, eliminated Sweden’s fiscal black hole by announcing 11% cuts in all departmental budgets. The Conservatives are understood to be interested in the Swedish principle that everyone in the country should “share the pain” of austerity measures." – Sunday Times

Windsor and Maidenhead; Barnet; Essex; The Taxpayers' Alliance; Dan Hannan and Douglas Carswell – where the radical Conservative ideas are being generated

"After years of Labour central diktat, the Tories are making grand claims of devolving power and giving it to local people. Although the ideas have been mooted before, they are suddenly gathering momentum." – Sunday Times

Government U-turn on product placement

"US-style product placement in television programmes is to be permitted in Britain for the first time. The move could lead to celebrity chefs promoting supermarket products in their cooking programmes and soft drinks manufacturers placing their beverages in television talent shows… Ed Vaizey, the Conservative broadcasting spokesman, has said the Tories would lift the ban if elected." – Sunday Telegraph

"Culture Secretary Ben Bradshaw could reveal the change as early as this week in a speech to TV bosses, senior Whitehall sources have told the Sunday Mirror… Previous Culture Secretary Andy Burnham opposed the idea and warned it could “blur the boundaries” between TV and ad breaks." – Sunday Mirror

William Hague: We want to change the public’s view of the war in Afghanistan

"Shadow Foreign Secretary William Hague MP has told the Coventry Telegraph a Conservative government would seek to turn around growing public opposition to the Afghanistan War. Asked about one recent newspaper opinion poll showing the majority of British people now believe it’s not a winnable war, he said the government’s task would be to explain the mission’s importance to tackling global terrorism. He insisted Nato’s goals were still achievable… Mr Hague argued there should be a clear explanation to Parliament every three months of the war objectives and resources available. He said it was a question for Bob Ainsworth why the government had rejected calls from military chiefs for more troops." – Coventry Telegraph

Picture 6 Fraud inquiry launched into Lord Taylor of Warwick's expenses

"Police have begun a fraud inquiry after a Conservative peer received more than £70,000 in expenses by claiming to live in his mother’s home, which had been sold off when she died. The move follows a Sunday Times investigation last month which raised serious questions about the probity of Lord Taylor of Warwick’s expense claims. Taylor, a former barrister, part-time judge and university chancellor, was claiming allowances for peers living outside London when his home has been based in the capital for 18 years. He attempted to claim his main address was in Solihull, West Midlands, between 2001 and 2007 because he was looking after his sick mother. However, she died in 2001 and her house was sold at the time." – Sunday Times

Will Brown quit or be forced out? The debate continues…

"The question of whether Gordon Brown can survive until April, when he is expected to see the Queen to ask for the dissolution, is not going to go away. And it is becoming increasingly clear that the answer depends on two people: his Chancellor and his Foreign Secretary." – John Rentoul in the Independent on Sunday

"Rebel MPs determined to unseat Gordon Brown next month have urged Home Secretary Alan Johnson to stop dithering over his leadership ambitions. A party ‘cell’, led by former Cabinet Minister Charles Clarke, says Labour has ‘one last chance’ to remove the Prime Minister before the General Election." – Mail on Sunday

"I suspect that, deep down, Gordo knows the damage that he’s done. He knows his party will be slaughtered at the election. He knows he carries more blame than anyone. For the recession. For the banking collapse. For Labour’s unpopularity. So I’d say there is a one in five chance that he will quit. His resignation would deal a massive blow to the Tories, who are relying on his unpopularity to take them to power." – Fraser Nelson in the News of the World

Daniel Kawczynski Foreign Office did secret deal with Libya over Yvonne Fletcher killer

"The Libyan killer of a British policewoman will never be brought to justice in Britain after a secret deal approved by Jack Straw. The Foreign Office bowed to Libyan pressure and agreed that Britain would abandon any attempt to try the murderer of WPC Yvonne Fletcher, shot outside the Libyan embassy in London 25 years ago… Daniel Kawczynski, a Tory MP who met David Miliband, the foreign secretary, last week with a member of the Fletcher family to discuss the police investigation into the murder, said Miliband had told them nothing about the deal. Kawczynski, MP for Shrewsbury, said: “None of this was mentioned. I think they deliberately misled us. I find it extraordinary that the Foreign Office have tried to mislead myself and the Fletcher family.” – Sunday Times

Labour ministers at risk in Scottish seats

"Chancellor Alistair Darling and Scottish Secretary Jim Murphy are set to lose their seats according to a new poll that gives the SNP its highest rating in Holyrood and Westminster. Former Defence Secretary Des Browne would also be a likely high-profile casualty based on the Ipsos-MORI figures which predict the Nationalists are on course to win 25 seats in next year’s General Election." – Sunday Express

The Archbishop of York cites Centre for Social Justice report promoting marriage 

"The State must support marriage because in creation, it is given as the ‘foundation of family life’. A recent report by The Centre For Social Justice, entitled Every Family Matters,  called upon Parliament and parties across the political spectrum to recognise that healthy marriages build healthy families, and healthy families build a healthy society. The report highlighted that while approximately half of all cohabiting couples with children will split by the time the child is five, the equivalent figure for married couples is one in 12. As a society, we have allowed marriage to become devalued and apart from the financial cost of family breakdown, the impact upon young people is incalculable." – John Sentamu writing in the Mail on Sunday

FIELD FRANK MP Frank Field MP: Bribing voters with their own money is no longer an option

"When asked by the Telegraph this week how he would like a Tory government to be remembered, David Cameron's answer was clear: "We sorted out the deficit." History will indeed judge the next government by whether it walks the walk on public expenditure and provides a titanic dose of sanity to the public accounts. However, an election will have to be won first." – Frank Field MP writing on the Sunday Telegraph

Unite boss Derek Simpson describes Miliband and Mandelson as "a bit thick" and David Cameron as "more appealing than Gordon"

"He claims this middle ground is not occupied by leading Blairites David Miliband, James Purnell or Peter Mandelson. Using very uncomradely language, the union chief describes these three and other "right-wingers" in the Labour Party as "thick" and "Tories" who would lead Labour to defeat. "Some of them are a bit thick, but are not that thick that they are going to take the leadership of the party to a massacre"… Simpson refuses to talk to Richard Balfe, David Cameron's envoy to the TUC and a member of Unite. He believes Cameron is a "dupe" for the same old Tories, and that after the election the "claws will come out". But he admits that the Tory leader is "more appealing than Gordon". – Derek Simpson interviewed in the Independent on Sunday

SaveElectionNight graphic DJ Taylor backs the campaign to Save General Election Night

"It isn't often that one finds oneself agreeing with Eric Pickles, the Conservative Party's ebullient and straight-talking chairman, but in the matter of parliamentary election counts he is bang on… As a concerned voter and amateur psephologist, for whom election night provides a feast of entertainment unmatched by any sporting event, I can't be the only person to feel that this is the worst idea that local government and its cheese-paring minions have dreamed up in a very long time. Practically all the excitement and public interest that was once associated with politics is gone… And now comes a scheme that, once enacted, would rob the political process of its last shred of drama. Half the fascination of the average election count comes from its taking place at 3am amid a kind of battlefield full of false hopes and misinformation." – DJ Taylor in the Independent on Sunday

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: Labour politicians across West Yorkshire add their voices to Saving General Election Night | Yesterday Jonathan Isaby wrote about the campaign's first week for LabourList

> Join the Save General Election Night Facebook Group

Gordon Brown will attempt to silence his union critics at the TUC on TuesdaySunday Telegraph

Tory MP denies that Australia trip is a "junket"Mail on Sunday

Baroness Warsi has remarriedMail on Sunday

Scottish Tories threaten to vote down SNP Budget over Independence consultationSunday Times

NSPCC joins chorus attacking draconian "paedophile checks"Sunday Telegraph

Lockerbie bomber's health deterioratingBBC


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