8.45pm Tim Montgomerie on CentreRight: It's 1996 all over again at the Labour Party Conference

7.15pm ToryDiary: Tories 14% ahead in ICM poll


6.15pm Seats and candidates: Julian Smith adopted as Tory candidate for Skipton & Ripon

4.45pm WATCH: Cameron urges Brown to get "off the fence" over election debates

4.30pm Seats and candidates:


1.45pm International: Chameleon Merkel needs Guido's backbone

11.15am MUST WATCH: 'Robotic' Obama's amazingly constant smile


Andrew Mitchell MP on Platform: The tectonic plates of Zimbabwe are shifting

John Moss on Local government: How to redevelop estates


Tim Montgomerie on CentreRight: My first Labour Party Conference

WATCH: Time for a "line in the sand" on Iran, says Brown

William Hague: There will be no new policy on Lisbon at the Party Conference, however Ireland votes


"Ireland votes next Friday, days before the Tory conference opens in Manchester. Mr Hague has a message for any colleagues planning trouble. "It is important to be clear. As we can only have one policy at a time, there will be no new announcement, no departure from that in Manchester, whatever the result of the Irish referendum." – William Hague within an interview for Benedict Brogan in The Telegraph

Nigel Farage MEP: No one under the age of 52 has been able to vote on the great issue of EU membership

"If we don't have one now, while Lisbon remains under discussion, we
never will be asked such a question. David Cameron's attitude is
terribly confusing: if everyone else signs up then he'll do some
things, though he knows not what they'll be. Why doesn't he just halt
the whole process in its tracks? Say that whatever happens elsewhere,
the British people will be given a referendum? Or would he really
prefer to run that county council than be prime minister of a free,
independent country?" – Nigel Farage in The Telegraph

Tory candidates have had more than 100 invitations to events at Party Conference from lobbyistsTimes 

A leading article in The Times says Tory candidates lack clear guidance from the party leadership on lobbying: "In the absence of proper guidance from the centre, candidates are making up their own rules about what is appropriate. Some are willing to introduce clients to Tory frontbenchers, others are not; some provide advice on the party’s direction, others do not; some press their client’s case with party contacts, other do not; some bank the money, others do not."

Shouldn’t the Tories make more of the uncertainty which now confronts our world, and of the need to arm ourselves against it? – Writing in The Telegraph, Charles Moore calls for a stronger position from the Conservatives on Trident

Zac Goldsmith's 'Constant Economy' book gets a bad review in The Times – Danny Fortson in The Times

Brown accuses Tories of being isolated in world on fiscal stimulusGuardian

Stop going on about women's rights, Prescott tells Harman


"He accused Ms Harman, his successor as deputy Labour leader, of spending too much time championing equalities issues. "I think the deputy leadership role is for going out and campaigning," he said. "I suppose, if I was being honest about it, I think too much of the emphasis has been on female rights, which I have supported all my life, and we're not getting other messages across. Most of it is about the equality issue. It is very important, but it is not our biggest campaigning issue, whatever they say about it."" – Independent

Harriet Harman is interviewed in The Times and her message won't impress Mr Prescott: ‘We need more women in boardrooms – men have been a disaster’

Prescott accuses Labour leadership of “lacking” ideas to beat the Conservatives – Herald | Sky

Ed Balls and Danny Alexander back Brown in advance of Labour conferenceBBC

A resignation speech for Gordon Brown – Polly Toynbee has drafted one in The Guardian

'I'm not willing to rule myself out…' – Alan Johnson is interviewed in The Guardian

Gordon Brown to promise to reduce cancer waits to seven daysTelegraph

And finally…

"The Conservative conference in Manchester next month is dropping its opening religious observance of one warbled hymn and a soapy prayer. Instead there is going to be a belter of a church service in the 500-seater town hall, complete with 5,000-pipe organ, grooved-up folk music and a massed gospel choir." – Quentin Letts in the Daily Mail


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