8.30pm ToryDiary: Tomorrow's opinion polls are still grim reading for Gordon Brown

7.45pm Martin Parsons on CentreRight: A Conservative approach to sea defence

Picture 26.15pm Seats and Candidates: Sir Michael Lord to step down as MP for Central Suffolk and Ipswich North at the General Election

6pm ToryDiary: Labour politicians in the key election battleground of West Yorkshire add their voices to Saving General Election Night

5.30pm WATCH: Robert Mugabe welcomes an EU delegation to Zimbabwe

5pm Local Government: Four candidates seeking nomination in Monday's Open Primary to be Conservative candidate for Mayor of Bedford

4.15pm ToryDiary update: Chris Grayling is actively looking at abolishing the Independent Safeguards Authority

1.15pm Tim Montgomerie on CentreRight: BNP use Andy McNab and Help for Heroes for propaganda

12.45pm Alex Deane on CentreRight highlights another measure to make life harder for business

12.15pm Daniel Hamilton on CentreRight lifts the lid on the excessive air fares claimed by MEPs

10.30am ToryDiary: Chris Grayling asks whether we want to live in a country where everyone has to be checked before they can do almost anything

ToryDiary: The Telegraph concludes its "Path to Power"
series looking at the Conservatives by interviewing David Cameron and
praising his "strong set of core principles"

Martin Sewell on Platform: Does the Supreme Court represent a Lawyers’ Coup d’Etat?

WandsworthGuide Cllr Edward Lister in Local Government: A must-read blueprint for councils on how Wandsworth delivers taxpayer value for money

Roger Helmer MEP on CentreRight: How come Gordon Brown can apologise for the treatment of a gay man in the 1950s, but yet not for the state of the British economy?

WATCH: How American marked the eighth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks yesterday

GRAYLING CHRIS NW Chris Grayling explains how a Conservative Government would approach scaling back the draconian child protections scheme…

"The government was under increasing pressure last night to reduce the scale of its controversial child-protection register, after the realisation that full implementation of the scheme will force one in four adults to undergo criminal record checks. Widespread public anger over the Vetting and Barring Scheme (VBS), which will eventually hold the details of 11.3 million people, prompted the shadow Home Secretary, Chris Grayling, to say: "This scheme cannot be allowed to go ahead in this way. We would review the whole safeguarding process and scale it back so that common sense applies." – The Independent

Chris Grayling has also written for The Independent on the issue

"Only two sane responses are possible to the Government’s new vetting and
barring scheme for adults who volunteer to come into contact with children.
One is rage, and the other despair… The whole initiative is an ideal candidate for investigation by the RRAC (Risk
and Responsibility Advisory Council), the nanny to nanny the nannies that Mr
Brown set up a couple of years ago to act (it was fatuously claimed) as a
counterweight to the Health and Safety Executive and other horrors of the
meddling State." – Matthew Parris writing in The Times

…but The Sun begs to differ

"There are moans about the Government's anti-paedophile database… But we can't have it both ways. Whenever children are victims of people who should never have been allowed near them, the country demands action. Now we have it… Surely the life of a child is worth a little inconvenience?" – Sun editorial

> Yesterday we published three CentreRight takes on the new vetting procedures from Graeme Archer, Melanchthon and Julia Manning

Ken Clarke pointing Ken Clarke weighs in over the report into the collapse of Rover

"Conservative business spokesman Kenneth Clarke said it was right the report criticised the Phoenix Four, whose behaviour was "disgraceful". But he said ministers had shown bad judgement in siding with the Phoenix deal when there were better alternatives. They had also failed to realise before too late "the project was heading for disaster", he said. Mr Clarke said questions also should be asked about why Rover was offered a £6.5m public loan on 10 April 2005, two days after the firm went into administration and less than four weeks before the 2005 General Election." – BBC

Alan Duncan, his garden, his money and gifts from the Sultan of OmanDaily Mail

Anthony Steen: Being an MP should be a part-time job leaving time for other paid employment

"The pay isn't sufficient on its own to attract the successful people in our society… It's perfectly sufficient provided you can carry on with your outside interests and bring them into the Commons. It will not be a sufficient inducement to attract them and give up their careers… To not get the monkeys, we have got to encourage people in business and people who are successful in their field… My view is it should not be a full-time job. I want to go back to how the Commons used to be." – Retiring Totnes MP Anthony Steen quoted in the South Devon Herald Express

Gordon Brown inches towards television debate with David Cameron

"Gordon Brown tonight inched towards accepting a television debate with David Cameron. In a letter to Sky News, which is campaigning for a debate between the three main party leaders, the prime minister said: "I have always been prepared to debate with people about any important issues we face. Of course there will come a time to focus on the general election and I will consider yours and other proposals at the right time." – The Guardian

SaveElectionNight graphic The Save General Election Night campaign gathers pace in Greater Manchester

"Greater Manchester council chiefs may abandon traditional Thursday night election counts in favour of Friday mornings. Six out of the region's 10 town halls say they may change the time of the count after other authorities in the country said they were considering it… Salford [Labour] councillor John Warmisham, who has held a council seat for 19 years, is backing a cross-party campaign, started on the internet, to save election night. He said: "We're trying to get people involved in the democratic process… Who's going to watch on a Friday morning when they're at work?" – Yesterday's Manchester Evening News

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: Jack Straw is "inherently sympathetic" to Saving General Election Night

> Join the Save General Election Night Facebook Group

Alliance Party star jumps ship to join the Tories in Northern Ireland

"Alliance's rising star Ian Parsley has moved across to the Conservative camp — much to the delight of the David Cameron brigade and the chagrin of his former party leader." – Belfast Telegraph

> Yesterday in Local Government: Ian Parsley joins the Conservatives

Police chiefs reignite row with Tories over who is in control

"Police chiefs will renew hostilities next week with the Conservatives over claims by a senior aide to the London mayor, Boris Johnson, that the party had seized control of Scotland Yard." – The Guardian

Boris Johnson rebuked for interference in police by senior officerDaily Telegraph

Charles Moore Charles Moore: David Cameron is a good enough communicator to know when to shut up

"This week, for instance, Mr Cameron set the tone of financial austerity
which he will impose on all parts of the public sector by applying it first to his own trade. Under the Tories, he promised, there will be fewer MPs, fewer ministers, and on lower salaries. That is act one of a play. The second act, it seems, will be tableaux of rather limited areas of spending where pain can be expected to come. But we shall not be given the full drama." – Charles Moore writing in the Daily Telegraph

Peter Oborne: Cameron will be doomed if he tries to be all things to all men

"This policy of being all things to all men was successful in securing Blair an extraordinary Commons majority of 179 when he swept Labour into power. But this same strategy of wanting to please everybody also explains his failure to achieve real change once in office… Twelve years on, and the brilliant Conservative leader David Cameron finds himself in exactly the same position as Tony Blair did in 1997. He, too, is tantalisingly close to power – and, like Blair, in order to get elected he has made many pledges that he will soon regret."- Peter Oborne writing in the Daily Mail

Polly Toynbee: Tory cuts to the public sector threaten the economic recovery

"With every speech, Osborne and Cameron offer nastier medicine, sharper knives and worse to come: since when was inflicting pain a winning strategy? …Cameron is making irreversible errors in his assault on the public sector." – Polly Toynbee writing in The Guardian


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