11pm ToryDiary: Con 41%, Lab 27%, LibDem 18%

11pm Mark Wallace on CentreRight: Give us some meat, Mr Osborne

3pm Media:

2.30pm Alex Deane on CentreRight objects to 'timetables for defeat' in Afghanistan

12.30pm AmericaInTheWorld:

11.30am Local Government: Adam Smith Institute backs replacing Council Tax with Sales Tax

OnStrike ToryDiary: A four point plan for defeating the resurgent public sector union movement

6a00d83451b31c69e20120a569ca36970b Ryan Streeter on Platform: "It is time for the nation’s leadership to send a strong signal that the UK is friendly to, and cares about, the enterprising class once again."

International: No clear winner in German election debate as Merkel faces Left-wing fire for her positions on Afghanistan and nuclear power

Mike Schofield on Local government: The TRUE cost of council employees (once pension costs have been calculated)

Ian James Parsley on Local government: Why I am the latest councillor in Northern Ireland to join David Cameron's Conservatives

Seats and candidates: A typically relentless week of campaigning in Swindon North for Justin Tomlinson is punctuated by a trip to see England play at Wembley

LISTEN: Neil O'Brien and Jill Kirby discuss Tory strategy on the size of the state

WATCH: Tony McNulty MP discusses violence outside a Harrow mosque after protests by 'anti-Islamification of Europe' group

David Cameron is winning the battle for female hearts and mindsThe Independent

Peter Mandelson will accuse David Cameron of planning "deep, savage, indiscriminate across-the-board spending cuts"

"Lord Mandelson will say that Labour cannot allow itself to be painted as oblivious to economic conditions. Claiming that New Labour had been "wise spenders, not big spenders" for the sake of it, he will say: "We do not believe that we should try to solve problems simply by throwing money at them. We need to be: 'effective state' social democrats, not 'big state' social democrats."" – The Independent

Polls show Conservatives winning argument over public service cuts – Telegraph

Spending cuts will provoke a double quick, double dip recessions warns TUC leader – Guardian

The Tories must make clear their target is not front-line services nor their employees – Bruce Anderson in The Independent

"Labour has in the past been almost exclusively concerned about how much money is going into a service. The new politics will focus exclusively on outputs." – Frank Field MP in The Telegraph

Picture 3 Matthew Elliott of The TaxPayers' Alliance has written a new book, 'Fleeced', which calculates that Gordon Brown has cost the taxpayer £3 trillionThe Sun

Amazon: "Who are the guilty, the politicians, bureaucrats and bankers who have brought this country to its knees? Over the past decade some £3 trillion equivalent to £50,000 for every person in Britain has been taken from us by the ruling elites. Half was wasted in a splurge of poorly-managed public spending in the boom , while the other half evaporated in the bust siphoned off by city bonuses, vaporised by a collapse in pension savings and extorted to bail out the banking sector. In their explosive new book, David Craig and Matthew Elliott trace where the money has gone and who has become richer as a result."

Conservatives consider selling slabs of shares in nationalised banks to ordinary investorsFT

Zac Goldsmith: I joined the Conservative Party because it wasn't green enough, and I wanted to change that

""I haven't signed up to the Conservative party because I agree with everything it stands for. When I signed up, it was with Michael Howard in 2005. I didn't sign up with Michael because I thought it was the best green party; on the contrary, I thought it was hopeless on these issues, and I said so at the time. I wanted to weave a green thread through the Conservative party, that's my job, and I signed up imagining that I would be in a very small minority within my party, possibly even on my own, battling away on these issues. What then happened was David Cameron became leader, he put these issues to the top of the agenda, and my job became a hell of a lot easier."" – The Tory candidate for Richmond Park quoted in The Guardian

Sayeeda Warsi under fire for her personal life – Melanie McDonagh in The Telegraph

NORRIS-Steve Steve Norris criticises Tory housing policyFT

Cameron must cull the big-spenders that control Britain's quangoes – William Rees-Mogg in The Times

Julian Glover analyses the ways in which the parties micro-target votersThe Guardian

Declan Ganley – co-ordinator of Ireland's first 'no' campaign – returns to campaign in second Lisbon referendum

"He will start fundraising today and hopes to generate between €50,000 (£44,000) and €200,000 for billboards, posters and newspaper advertising" – Times

> Jim McConalogue on CentreRight yesterday: Implications for David Cameron of Ireland’s (second) referendum on Lisbon

Norway's self-styled Margaret Thatcher hopes for victory today in knife-edge electionFT


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