OsborneLeftCanvas6pm ToryDiary: Tory members agree Osborne should be Shadow Chancellor OR General Election Co-ordinator

2.30pm Tim Montgomerie on CentreRight: Labour makes it costlier and costlier for low income couples to live together

1.45pm Parliament: Every MP costs £247,000… 60% of 2005's Tory
MPs were privately educated… Acts passed in 2006 are six times longer
than in the 1950s…

12.45pm Jill Kirby on CentreRight is confused by Grant Shapps' campaign against the postcode lottery in IVF provision

11am LISTEN: Grant Shapps MP reveals wide variation in provision of IVF treatments across NHS Primary Care Trusts

9.45am ToryDiary: Will the next Tory leader be chosen by an open primary election? (And if they are what is the point of being a Tory member?)

ToryDiary: Rolling blog on the Conservative Party's biggest summer media hits

Tim Montgomerie on CentreRight: Alan Sugar is a prat. He's a dipstick. He's a wally. (As well as not having an enormous intellect).

Bus-pass-for-web Local government: Is it time to scrap free bus passes for pensioners?

Cllr Michael Freer on Local government: Big efficiency savings planned in Barnet

Tony Lodge on Platform: Telecare can help save our health and social care system


Grant Shapps: 'Postcode lottery' remains for couples seeking help on IVF

SHAPPS GRANT-1 "Couples seeking to start a family using IVF treatment still face a postcode lottery in obtaining help on the NHS, new figures reveal today… Grant Shapps, the Tory MP who carried out the research and whose three children were born following IVF treatment, said it was clear that a postcode lottery remained in place. "Budgets are tight and the NHS must set its priorities, but it is wrong to raise expectations in couples who are desperate to start a family only for them to find out later that they won't get the real help they expected," he said. "Going through IVF is mentally and physically exhausting enough without these additional pressures." – Independent

Liam Fox blasts Gordon Brown for suppressing report on defence procurement blunders

"The report by Bernard Gray, a former adviser to the Ministry of Defence, was due to be published last month but was delayed after ministers announced that work would begin on a strategic defence review… Liam Fox, shadow defence secretary, said: “We have a catalogue of bureaucracy, incompetence and timewasting. Gordon Brown, as chancellor, was never willing to fund Tony Blair’s wars; now that he is prime minister, he is trying to cover up his mistakes.” Mr Fox called for the report to be published as soon as possible. “We also need as full a disclosure of MoD finances as possible, as the next government is already facing a massive shortfall. Labour must not be allowed to operate a scorched earth policy on defence.” – FT | Guardian

HENDRY CHARLES Charles Hendry attacks Labour's method for doubling nuclear power industryFT

Chris Patten and Tony Blair emerge as rivals for EU foreign minister roleFT

Fraser Nelson on how the Conservatives should "escape" their NHS spending commitment

"[Cameron] has not yet said how long health spending will be protected for. He should make it a year (if that) and then begin the cuts. Better still, he can say he intends to protect ‘frontline’ health services and get to work rolling back the vast bureaucratic apparatus. He can justify this by citing the finest of Keynesian principles: when the facts change, it is excusable to change one’s mind." – Fraser Nelson in The Spectator

> ConHome has already recommended the exact same change in the Tory policy

Tories need Osborne to concentrate on doing one job – ConHome's Tim Montgomerie in the Yorkshire Post

HOWARD PORTRAIT Michael Howard's acceptance of another company directorship suggests he may not be joining Cameron's CabinetFT

Lessons from Totnes

"The victory of Dr Wollaston, despite the news headlines, was not a victory for anti-politicians or anti-politics. Rather, it was a victory for a different style of politics. Voters clearly want their MPs to be much less partisan, much more open-minded and pragmatic in the way they deal with issues. Certainly, the yah-boo politics that flourishes in the chamber of the Commons and many council chambers across the country is unappealing and won’t work for any aspiring MP in a primary system." – Nick Bye, one of the defeated primary candidates, writing in The Times

Nick Clegg announces his election campaigning teamBBC

"Time for a break from quantitative easing" – Allister Heath in City AM

Signs point to Britain being on the cusp of economic fightback – The Times

The Institute for Public Policy Research calls for incentives for highly skilled immigrantsBBC

'One million immigrants to leave Britain because of economy' – Telegraph

The rumours of Britain's death have been greatly exaggerated – Gerald Warner in The Telegraph


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