10.30pm Martin Parsons on CentreRight: The reason Islamists could infiltrate British security services

8.30pm ToryDiary: Conservatives 24% ahead in thirty top target seats

DUNCAN SMITH DP4.30pm ToryDiary: Rehabilitation is key to the drugs challenge says IDS

4.30pm WATCH: Patrick Mercer calls for investigation into al-Qaeda's efforts to infiltrate MI5

1pm Graeme Archer on CentreRight: Roy Hattersley, The Satanic Verses and banning books

12.30pm ToryDiary: Samuel Coates joins CCHQ's new media team

ToryDiary: Twenty more suggestions for The Shoestring manifesto

Rob Wilson MP on Platform: Open primaries increase popular participation in politics

Local government: Should councillor blogs be regulated?

Chris Kelly on CentreRight: Reflections on Srebrenica

Tim Montgomerie on CentreRight: Graeme Archer has passed his Parliamentary Assessment Board

WATCH: Channel 4 News reviews the race storm that has recently engulfed Barack Obama and confused America

Patrick Mercer asks if al-Qaeda sympathisers had infiltrated MI5

Mercer Patrick "A senior Tory MP has asked the home secretary whether al-Qaeda sympathisers were mistakenly recruited by MI5." – BBC

George Osborne blasts Labour's debt record after IMF warning

"'The IMF today says Britain's budget deficit next year will be bigger
than anyone else's, and that our national debt has grown
proportionately faster than anyone.  We now face a 100 per cent
national debt and the humiliation of the first-ever downgrade in
Britain's credit rating, with all the higher debt costs that entails.
Gordon Brown's denial of the truth about the debt crisis and the need
to cut spending whoever wins the election is doing serious economic
damage to Britain's recovery." – George Osborne quoted in The Daily Mail

Dominic Grieve vows to scrap Labour's early release of prisonersThe Sun

David Cameron has the most to lose from a televised debate – Simon Heffer in The Telegraph

Anne Main faces deselection threat

"Anne Main faces a vote of no confidence at a meeting of party members
in her constituency of St Albans, Herts, following The Daily
Telegraph's disclosure that she allowed her daughter to live rent-free
in her taxpayer-funded second home. Now it has emerged that members of
the local party executive have been warned that funding provided by a
nearby constituency association, Beaconsfield, Bucks, could be
withdrawn as a result." – Telegraph

Welsh Tories will benefit from having more diverse candidates – Angela Burns AM in the Western Mail

> Nick Bourne recently announced plans to give women and ethnic minority priority in candidate selections for the 2011 elections to the Cardiff Assembly

Labour targets white working class communities in bid to stem rise of BNP

"White, working-class estates are to be targeted by a government
campaign to head off the threat from far-right extremism.  A list of
"hot spots" considered susceptible to the far-right's messages is being
drawn up by officials in the Department for Communities and Local
Government. About 100 council wards will be identified by using crime,
unemployment, and income data, supplemented by "soft intelligence" from
local sources." – Independent

Taxpayers are to fund gap years for graduates to keep them off the dole queueThe Times

Polly Toynbee calls on Labour to enact a Right to Die before the Tories win powerThe Guardian

PARRIS MATTHEW GREEN I will take my death into my own hands. The State has no business
giving me the authority to die – or the authority to live – Matthew
Parris in The Times

MPs on Home Affairs Committee give new points-based immigration system a "cautious welcome"BBC

Lord Myners was banking regulation review to be much tougherBBC

Are trade unions back in fashion?

The Guardian reports some increase in union membership during these recessionary times – Guardian


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