8pm ToryDiary: Tories 17% ahead… `and 14% ahead

6.45pm ToryDiary: Reasons why the next parliamentary Conservative Party won't be subservient

3pm On CentreRight:

  • Dr Crippen: "Twelve years of appalling New Labour mismanagement of UK health care will count for nothing if Peter Mandelson can persuade the “man in the street” that the NHS will not be “safe” in the hands of an incoming Conservative government."
  • Alex Deane: Obama attacked by American College of Surgeons


Rosindell Andrew Rosindell MP on Platform: Why Conservatives believe in animal welfare, not animal rights

Local government: Continuing his series on localism, Lord Hanningfield calls for more power to promote youth involvement in volunteering

WATCH: Channel 4 News report reviews the transatlantic NHS row

The NHS row

"The Conservative leader was yesterday forced to slap down leading Tory MEP Daniel Hannan after he criticised the NHS on American TV. It was then revealed that Mr Cameron's Shadow Cabinet heavyweights George Osborne, William Hague, Liam Fox, Chris Grayling and Michael Gove are on the board of Atlantic Bridge. The board promotes the special relationship between America and the UK – but it also includes three US politicians who have launched savage attacks on Britain's health service, even branding it "dangerous"." – The Sun

Health Secretary Andy Burnham has accused Dan Hannan of being "unpatriotic" – BBC

"David Cameron faced fresh political embarrassment last night as a second Conservative MEP came forward to attack the NHS… Roger Helmer told the BBC: "Now we all love the NHS, but I think we all know in our hearts that it is no longer the envy of the world. If the Americans came to me and said, 'Would you recommend us taking up a system just like the British NHS?', I think I would have to say 'No'."" – Independent

John Redwood attacks Labour's thuggish and dishonest style of debate

RedwoodQuote John Redwood on "a very bad week for British democracy"

The Times looks to internal Tory tensions to come

"Mr Cameron may yet encounter a sea of troubles. His party will not
like the tax rises that may be inevitable. It will be wary of any
regulation in pursuit of tougher climate change targets. A combination
of more money for poorer pupils, more payments by patients in the
health service and lifting the cap on university tuition fees might
land unpleasant bills on the middle class.  Mr Cameron might find that
progressive politics comes at a political cost." – Times leader

Express and Telegraph criticise Cameron for not axeing Alan Duncan

DUNCAN ALAN NEW "David Cameron's decision to rebuke but not to sack Alan Duncan for complaining about the lot of MPs is still being questioned by many papers.  The Daily Express calls it "the first serious error" the Conservative leader has made in two years.  The Daily Telegraph describes the decision as a missed opportunity." – BBC

> Tim Montgomerie on Radio 4 says Alan Duncan is in last chance saloon

Cameron may cut ministers' pay by 25% and axe 30 ministerial posts

"David Cameron is planning to cut 30 ministerial jobs and slash Cabinet salaries by a quarter under a Tory government. Ministers could be paid £20,000 less than now because Mr Cameron wants to show that the Tories are willing to share the pain of future spending cuts." – Daily Mail

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: David Cameron planning "big cuts" in pay for ministers in a Tory Government

Mandelson renews his attack on George Osborne

"They want to call themselves progressive, or at least George Osborne does. Labour should take this as a compliment. It is because our progressive values are shared around the country that the Tories want to label themselves in the same way. No other reason." – More in The Times

Is David Cameron surrounding himself with clones?

CAMERON-with-women-cllrs "I am all in favour of a clear-out, but this new intake show all the signs of being even less controversial, even less interesting… Most worryingly, David Cameron (who once proclaimed himself the 'heir to Blair') seems, like Blair, comfortable only in the presence of such clones.  Of course, no political party can exist without a certain amount of discipline, but the Commons could benefit from an injection of some of those intellectually creative and outspoken people who are so evident in society at large.  Without a new generation of such individual talent, we will be left with a brain-dead Parliament that has lost the respect of the public." John Kampfner in the Daily Mail

Michael Crick attacks 'youth obsessed' BBC for 'utter contempt' of older viewersDaily Mail

Tony's 'cavorting' on a yacht with a personal butler to rub in his suncreamDaily Mail

And finally… Tory bashing is back in fashion on the Edinburgh fringe

"Alternative comedy’s oldest routine is making a comeback: after 12 years when comics more or less ignored the Conservative Party, Tory-bashing is creeping back into fashion. A handful of shows at the Edinburgh Fringe are taking aim at Her Majesty’s Opposition, a foretaste of what is certain to become a barrage of jokes at their expense if they win the next election, and reviving memories of shows such as Spitting Image and The New Statesman, which poked fun at the last Tory government." – Times


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