10pm David T Breaker on CentreRight I cannot love the NHS

Skypeterspencer6pm Jonathan Isaby on CentreRight: Sky News's Peter Spencer has it right on Daniel Hannan, David Cameron and the NHS

5pm Local Government: A Tory hold, a Green gain from the
Conservatives and two Lib Dem losses to Independents: yesterday's
government by-elections

4pm Seats and Candidates: Selection procedure agreed for candidates in Northern Ireland

3.15pm Tim Montgomerie on CentreRight: As a regulated broadcaster, Adam Boulton has gone too far in his attack on Daniel Hannan

3pm Local Government: Mid Sussex District Council is the latest authority to publish online all spending over £500

2.30pm Ridley Grove on CentreRight: If Timothy Kirkhope thinks Daniel Hannan shouldn't discuss the NHS, does he believe MPs should be forbidden from talking about issues that have been surrendered to Europe?

2.15pm WATCH John Prescott appeals to Americans to ignore Daniel Hannan's "appalling misrepresentation" of the NHS

Daley-Janet-black-backgroun1.15pm Janet Daley on CentreRight hits back at Iain Dale's lament at the lack of female Right-wing pundits: You don't see me on
TV every other day because I refuse to drop everything to discuss
subjects about which I have little knowledge or interest

1pm WATCH: Graham Linehan, the man behind the #welovetheNHS campaign, tells Channel 4 News about his desire to counter the "lies" being told about the NHS in America

12.30pm Melancthon on CentreRight: The principles of the NHS are not followed now and are plain wrong

12.15pm ToryDiary: Tory leadership moves into top gear to reaffirm party's commitment to NHS Updated at 1.30pm with Andrew Lansley's challenge to Labour to match the Conservative health spending commitment

11am LISTEN: Tim Montgomerie tells Radio 4's Today programme that Alan Duncan is in last chance saloon

10.15am Daniel Kawczynksi MP on CentreRight: The Lockerbie bomber should only be released in an exchange with Libya for the suspected killer of PC Yvonne Fletcher

Picture 1 ToryDiary: David Cameron planning "big cuts" in pay for ministers in a Tory Government

Rupert Matthews on Platform: When it comes to the seemingly innocuous matter of recycling, we are now living in a tyrannical state

Local Government:

Tim Montgomerie on CentreRight: Head of Politics within the BBC's Editorial Unit advises less need for labelling the BNP

WATCH: Lord Mandelson "officially" rules out seeking a return to the Commons to become Labour leader


David Cameron outside Stafford Hospital Cameron weighs in to defend the NHS

"David Cameron, the Conservative leader, has joined the campaign to defend the National Health Service, following protests in the United States at Barack Obama's healthcare reform plans. In an email to Conservative Party workers, details which were published on his blog, Mr Cameron said millions of people, including his own family, were grateful for care they had received from the NHS… Mr Cameron's intervention came after he rebnuked Daniel Hannan, the Conservative MEP, for endorsing American criticisms of the NHS. Mr Cameron said Mr Hannan was wrong in his criticism of the NHS. Andrew Lansley, the Conservative shadow health secretary, accused the MEP of presenting a “negative and partial” view of the NHS in his contribution to the US debate about health care." – Daily Telegraph

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Alan Duncan keeps shadow cabinet job but is rebuked by Cameron

"David Cameron faced calls to remove Alan Duncan as Shadow Leader of the Commons yesterday after Mr Duncan had complained that MPs were living on rations. The Conservative leader said that Mr Duncan had made a “bad mistake” after being secretly filmed making the comments, but indicated that he would keep his job — at least for now. MPs on both sides have questioned whether Mr Duncan should retain a position that involves him sitting on the Commons’ Estimates Committee that oversees the pay and conditions of MPs." – The Times

"Mr Cameron's attempt to draw a line under the affair was derailed by Tory grandee Sir Patrick Cormack. He complained that his £64,000 salary was not enough to allow him to make donations to charity… High-profile MP Nadine Dorries made things worse by blaming the media rather than politicians for the expenses scandal. She also claimed she recently assisted at a road accident but was too frightened to admit her identity as an MP, such was the public's anger." – Daily Mail

Alan Duncan is profiled in the Daily Telegraph

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: 65% of Tory members want Alan Duncan to resign

> WATCH David Cameron give his reaction to Alan Duncan's gaffe and subsequent apology

MAIN ANNE MP Anne Main wins fight against deselection

"Anne Main, the Tory MP, has fought off attempts to deselect her
from standing for her St Albans constituency at the General Election in
the row over her expenses… Speaking after the meeting, a smiling Mrs
Main said: "I'm just absolutely delighted to have had the overwhelming
support of the Association meeting tonight and I will continue to work
on behalf of the people of St Albans. I'm truly grateful for all the
messages of support that I've had coming in from people who aren't
Association members but are the voters and representatives of St Albans
so I'm just really delighted." – Daily Telegraph

> Last night in Seats and Candidates: Anne Main survives deselection attempt

Business is bombarding Tory frontbenchers with freebies

"Tories are being wooed with record numbers of freebies by companies seeking to gain influence with them. Members of the shadow Cabinet have accepted 35 ‘jollies’ to tennis, rugby, racing, balls and the opera from businesses since spring last year. Four senior Conservatives were entertained at Wimbledon, two went to rugby internationals at Twickenham and two to the Brit Awards, the Commons Register of Members’ Interests reveals. The extent of the wining and dining will raise questions about the proximity of some senior Tories to corporate lobbyists." – Daily Mail

Tebbit: Cameron may push traditional Tories to UKIP

"Lord Tebbit has warned David Cameron he risks pushing traditional Tory voters towards UKIP if he keeps trying to woo disenchanted Labour and Lib Dem supporters. The ex-Cabinet minister, 78, said yesterday the Tories may alienate core voters by trying to appeal to Brits who had backed Centre Left parties." – The Sun

> LISTEN Norman Tebbit says Cameron does not talk to him and he can't forgive Geoffrey Howe for his ousting of Margaret Thatcher

Lansley: Government must reconsider swine flu strategy in schools

"More than 13 million Britons will be offered the first doses of a vaccine against swine flu this autumn, in a dramatic move which the government says will save lives… Shadow health secretary Andrew Lansley said he accepted the government's recommendations on priority access to the vaccine. However, he added: "It was unhelpful of the government to have suggested that the vaccine would be ready by the end of this month. It will now not be available in time to stop the virus spreading when schools return in the autumn so the government will need to reconsider its strategy in relation to schools." – The Guardian

Picture 3 Ruth Davidson to contest Glasgow North East by-election for the Conservatives

"The Conservatives have turned to a first-time contender who has been a party member for less than a year as a fresh voice candidate in Glasgow North East. The adoption of Ruth Davidson means that electors are being given a choice between two former BBC journalists as both she and SNP opponent David Kerr come from that background, while Labour candidate Willie Bain comes from a legal background." – The Herald

> Yesterday in Seats and Candidates: Scottish Tories choose ex-Sunday school teacher to fight clean and honest campaign in Glasgow North East

Sinn Fein fears Tory U-turn on justice cash

"It would be a “major act of criminality” if a future Tory Government reneged on a cash plan underpinning the transfer of police and justice powers to Stormont, Martin McGuinness has said. With David Cameron likely to lead the next British Government, the Deputy First Minister revealed he has discussed the issue with Shadow Secretary of State Owen Paterson, and voiced his concerns over the UUP — the Tories’ partner party — strategy on policing." – Belfast Telegraph

Simon Jenkins and Tony Travers: How David Cameron should devolve power to local councils

"He [David Cameron] should guarantee a minimum of public welfare out of central state coffers, whether for such nationalised services as health, transport or social benefits, or for such local ones as schools, police, social services and culture… But the Tories should leave local democracy free, as it is across most of Europe and North America, to decide how far such welfare should be topped up locally – and free to tax itself accordingly. It should be free to rebuild one more local school or hospital, free to recruit extra police, free to expand a playground, museum or park. He should end the central capping of local council taxes and business rates and the huge bureaucracy that goes with it." – Simon Jenkins and Tony Travers writing in The Guardian

FT: The ideas-free hole in UK politics

"George Osborne’s attempt to rebrand the Conservatives as the “progressive” party in British politics was always going to whip up gales of scorn from his former dinner companion Peter Mandelson, who accused the Tories of “cross-dressing”. New Labour would know something about that. What this summer spat identifies is not just a seasonal hole in the news agenda but the hole at the ideas-free heart of British politics." – FT editorial

Picture 2 Angela Merkel and Vera Lengsfeld get Jan Moir's vote

"A poster campaign featuring the generous cleavages of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her fellow Christian Democratic Union MP Vera Lengsfeld has been titillating all Berlin this week… Well, Frau Vera, you would certainly get my vote. Just for being witty, amusing and celebratory about being female in a way that is now unthinkable in this country of ours. Can you imagine a female politician even attempting anything similar here? One: they wouldn't have the gumption. Two: they wouldn't have the sense of humour. And three: they would be clapped in non-gender specific irons and banged up in prison on sex discrimination charges before the glue on the posters had dried." – Jan Moir in the Daily Mail

> Wednesday in International: CDU poster features busty Angela Merkel

Transatlantic split at prospect of Lockerbie bomber releaseThe Times

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: Scottish Conservatives insist that Libyan bomber should be at "death's door" before release

Labour minister and wife walk out of segregated Muslim weddingDaily Telegraph

Former defence chief attacks Bob Ainsworth's lack of leadershipDaily Mail

Mandelson: Tories are 'frightened' I'll come back as an MPDaily Telegraph

Gordon Brown finally ditches his suit for holiday boat tripDaily Mail


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