6pm WATCH: Queen addresses Scottish Parliament on its tenth anniversary

2pm ToryDiary: Gay campaigners can be proud of their achievements says Cameron

1.30pm WATCH: Gordon Brown promises an Orwellian "zero % increase" in public spending!

1pm ToryDiary: Balls and Mandelson launch co-ordinated attempt to blunt Tory leadership's attacks on Gordon Brown's dishonesty

12.30pm ToryDiary: Brown makes "zero % rise" gaffe at PMQs

ToryDiary: David Cameron's 'West Wing'

Logo2 Shane Frith on Platform: Why you should support the campaign to amend the smoking ban

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Chris Grayling attacks Labour's retreat on ID cards

Grayling-Red-Tie "They have spent millions on the scheme so far – the Home Secretary thinks it has been a waste and wants to scrap it, but the Prime Minister won't let him. So we end up with an absurd fudge instead. This is no way to run the country." – The Shadow Home Secretary quoted by Sky News

"Has Alan Johnson scrapped the ID scheme or not? The answer is no, though the claims made on its behalf are being significantly downgraded." – Philip Johnston in The Telegraph

Daily Mail reviews Tory economic policy and gives it a thumbs up

"Shadow Chancellor George Osborne's blueprint to rescue the economy under a Tory government includes the transformation of the tax system, a new public-spending regulator and the demolition of much of Gordon Brown's financial regulation regime." – Daily Mail

"A decent start" – The Daily Mail's verdict on George Osborne's economic policy

Labour ministers doubt the Prime Minister's line of attack on Tory 'cuts' as critics say party must accept big spending days are over – Independent

"Data over the summer will continue to confirm that the global recession is abating and in some cases ending – but investors should not count on anything other than a very weak recovery." – Allister Heath in City AM

Simon Heffer: Cameron is uninterested in ideas

"When I ask those close to Mr Cameron about who advises him on economic policy from outside, I draw a blank. When I ask what think tank proposals excite him, the response is similar. Mr Cameron very much likes things that are suggested to him by the focus groups with which he remains obsessed. He is less taken with proposals from think tanks… It has been said that Mr Cameron has hardly anyone around him who is older than he is because he feels insecure with them. Some have hinted that despite his first-class degree and his veneer of almost arrogant self-assurance, he is unwilling to open his mind to others on the Right who might harbour a different point of view from his own on policy, because he fears being drawn into a debate." – Simon Heffer in The Telegraph

Max Hastings: Neither party is thinking seriously about defence

"This week’s report on Britain’s security from the Institute for Public Policy Research deserves to land with the impact of a bomb among the decision-makers of both major political parties. Neither party currently offers a credible vision for the nation’s defences, or acknowledges the brutality of the economic choices. " – Max Hastings in the FT

"The German Constitutional Court has suspended ratification of the Lisbon Treaty, in what Mark Francois has described as a “warning shot” to Gordon Brown."

'The shad-dough cabinet'

The Sun has a slideshow of shadow cabinet ministers and their outside earnings

SNP's Alex Salmond more popular in Scotland than either Gordon Brown or David CameronBBC

Michael Martin became peer yesterday but Lords Appointment Commission warned against itGuardian | Times

Homecoming British soldiers abused again by anti-war protestorsDaily Express


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