6a00d83451b31c69e2011571c213b9970b-150wi 6pm Lord Bates on CentreRight: "Prime Minister, you are no Sir John Major."

2.45pm WATCH: Alistair Darling discusses banking reform and public spending during a 10-minute interview with Adam Boulton 

10.45am WATCH: Sir John Major warns of the dangers of not correcting the public finances

Picture 1310.15am ToryDiary: Sir John Major raises the prospect of 5p on the basic rate of income tax and VAT at 20%

9.30am Seats and Candidates: The teachers and lecturers in the likely new intake of Conservative MPs


Donata Huggins on Platform: Why we should support parents who lie on school application forms

Mark Wallace in Local Government: "It is unaccountable, out of touch, bureaucratic, costly, hypocritical, navel-gazing and useless even to councillors". It is time to abolish the Local Government Association

Also in Local Government: Death trap tower block "was listed building"

WATCH: John McCain speaks out in favour of those protesting against the election result in Iran

Tories accused of hypocrisy as they seek the gay vote

"A row over homophobia in politics escalated last night as the Conservative leader, David Cameron, was accused of pushing "Victorian values" on to the 21st-century concept of the family. Harriet Harman, Labour's deputy leader, accused the Tories of "hypocritical moralising" for putting forward plans to support traditional family values and make divorce more difficult. A bitter debate about which political party has the right to claim the "pink vote" overshadowed Gay Pride yesterday, when up to a million people marched through the capital." – Independent on Sunday

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: CSJ report to provide "Tory blueprint for the family"

> Friday's ToryDiary: Gay Labour vs Gay Conservatism

LANSLEY ANDREW NW How Andrew Lansley fell victim to Labour "internet trap"

"t had all the hallmarks of a political sting: an attractive young writer with secret links to Labour interviews a Tory frontbencher and produces a ‘scandal’ gleefully fed to the media by ex-Downing Street Press chief Alastair Campbell. But last night the Tories claimed that Shadow Health Secretary Andrew Lansley is the first victim of an internet-based dirty tricks unit, involving the son of former Deputy PM John Prescott, that Labour plans to use in the next Election." – Mail on Sunday

Chris Grayling slams government efforts to counter knife crime

"Police recorded more than 26,000 serious knife attacks in the financial year to March 2009, an increase of six per cent on the previous year's total…. Chris Grayling, the shadow home secretary, called the figures "profoundly worrying". He said: "These figures suggest that the Government's efforts to tackle knife crime just aren't working. There has to be a presumption that anyone caught carrying a knife should expect a custodial sentence. There must be real deterrents to carrying and using knives." – Sunday Telegraph

Picture 11 Andrew Rawnsley considers our guide to "Cameron's West Wing"

"Several things leap out from this deeply researched guide to the inner wiring of the Tory high command. One theme is that formal job titles, experience and being elected matter much less in the Tory hierarchy than proximity to and intimacy with the leader. Mr Cameron has surrounded himself with a cabal whom he has known for decades, having first met them at school, university or as junior desk officers at Conservative party HQ." – Andrew Rawnsley in The Observer

> Last week's ToryDiary: David Cameron's West Wing

Spending on Defence must increase

"Unless ministers have simply decided that more troops will have to die, because it is not worth buying the equipment to keep them alive, the amount devoted to defence – and especially to the purchase of the weapons and vehicles that those serving on the front line need and demand – must not merely be maintained. It must be increased. Anything less would be a criminal failure to honour the responsibility politicians have to the men and women they order into battle." – Sunday Telegraph editorial

Cuts package threatens deep political divisionsObserver

Labour v Conservatives: The truth on spending cutsIndependent on Sunday

> Recent ToryDiary: The next Conservative government must rebuild our armed forces

John Bercow wants MPs to refer to one another by name in the chamber

"The new Commons Speaker, John Bercow, is poised to scrap the age-old practice of addressing MPs by the title “honourable member” in a move that will anger traditionalists. In future, MPs will be referred to by their first name and surname to help to make the sometimes baffling proceedings of parliament more intelligible to the public. The proposal is likely to be resisted by many MPs who believe the tradition of not identifying colleagues by name can prevent political arguments in the chamber from descending into personal abuse." – Sunday Times

FIELD FRANK Tories set to back Frank Field in new 10p tax revolt

"Prime Minister Gordon Brown could face a fresh backbench revolt over his 2007 decision to scrap the 10p bottom rate of income tax. A group of Labour MPs – led by Frank Field and Greg Pope – are threatening to block this year's entire Budget in a vote in the Commons on Tuesday. They say their amendment is also being supported by Tory leader David Cameron and the Liberal Democrats." – BBC

Charities slam Tory voucher plan for developing countriesObserver

Boris fears hedge fund crackdown could hurt City's future

"Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, will this week wade into the debate over regulation of hedge funds amid worries that a crackdown could destroy the City's reputation as a leading financial centre." – Sunday Telegraph

Bitter power struggle between Brown's advisers as Mandelson has Shaun Woodward thrown out of Downing Street meeting

"Peter Mandelson forced Gordon Brown to throw Cabinet Minister Shaun Woodward out of his No10 office in a bitter power struggle in the Prime Minister’s inner circle. The peer reacted furiously when Mr Brown invited him to a meeting about tactics for combating David Cameron. To the astonishment of Mr Brown and Ulster Secretary Mr Woodward, Lord Mandelson refused to take part in the confidential talks until his Cabinet colleague was ejected." – Mail on Sunday

Alan Johnson changed ID card policy "without consulting Downing Street"Sunday Telegraph

Labour MP claimed on expenses for 13 computers in four yearsMail on Sunday


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