6.45pm Tim Montgomerie on CentreRight: No mention of God during Salisbury Cathedral tour

11.45am WATCH: Cameron tells Andrew Marr that ministers and politicians must personally share the pain of cutting the size of government

11.30am CentreRight updates:

10.45am LISTEN: Peter Hitchens receives rapturous applause for defending grammar schools on Radio 4's Any Questions?

Picture 1 ToryDiary:

Seats and candidates: Tory women are less interested in dirty tricks and backstabbing but "dull men" are preferred by party leaders

Rupert Matthews on Platform: Where is the RAF going?

Local government:

State schools could be run by private companies for a profit under plans being considered by the ConservativesThe Sunday Times

> Yesterday evening's ToryDiary: Tories' schools revolution depends upon the involvement of profit-making businesses

Tories and Labour consider tuition fees of £7,000 for top universitiesThe Sunday Times

Owners of homes in quiet roads and those with a patio will pay more under Labour's new council tax plan – Mail on Sunday

David Davis says NHS and international development budgets should not be exempt from 'eye-watering' review of public spending – David Davis MP in The Sunday Times

Janet Daley makes the case for more open-ness from the Tory leader

Daley-Janet-black-backgroun "Margaret Thatcher, it is often said, did not outline her policies in any detail before her great victory in 1979, even though the economy was imploding and the country forced to a standstill by industrial disruption. Instead, she relied on inspirational speeches and the power of her palpable conviction. This is true only up to a point; but even to the extent that it is historically accurate, I have doubts about its applicability in the present circumstances. The election of 1979 was not held at a time of unprecedented cynicism about all politicians." – Janet Daley in The Sunday Telegraph

News of the World spotlights the earnings of junior Tory frontbenchers

ToryRichList In an article full of words like "raking it in" and "trousering", the News of the World lists the shadow ministers outside the shadow cabinet and their estimated worth.

Tories are working with finance leaders to create new lending institutions for small and start-up businessesIndependent

Jenny Davey and Iain Dey write a long piece on the Tory relationship with business – The Sunday Times

Sir James Sassoon: Why I told the Tories to scrap the FSAThe Sunday Telegraph

John Rentoul on the significance of The Sun's forthcoming endorsement of the ConservativesIndependent on Sunday

What's Cameron doing with Europe's lunatic fringe? – Nick Cohen in The Observer

Michael Gove is the latest victim of swine fluThe Sunday Telegraph

Michael Portillo: We need more troops and equipment in Afghanistan

"Brown (and, to be fair, Blair too) has tried to fight the Taliban with too few troops and on too little money. The government hoped that a small commitment would mean a small death toll, whereas the opposite is true. The paradoxical outcome is that there will now need to be a substantial surge in the British presence in Helmand and the cost will escalate sharply. The only doubt left is whether those decisions will be made by this prime minister or by his successor." – Michael Portillo in The Sunday Times

Profile of Andrew Roberts, historian, adviser to Tory big beasts and party-goerObserver

MPs on Foreign Affairs Committee advocate talks with HamasBBC

Part of backlash facing Trevor Phillips is due to his opposition to multiculturalism

"To be fair to Mr Phillips, he is resented because he has taken a stand against some of the more extreme demands for group privilege. His criticism of multiculturalism aroused deep animosity, and in January he was attacked when he said that the police were no longer institutionally racist. He wants the commission to reduce its focus on preferential treatment for identity groups and to lend its support to anyone who is "not flourishing", including white working-class boys. This focus on objective hardship is disliked by those who highlight built-in group characteristics, for example by presenting all white people as oppressors, despite the fact that many members of ethnic minorities are richer than the poorest whites." – David Green in The Sunday Telegraph

Lord Mandelson continues to enjoy lavish hospitality Independent on Sunday

Quote of the day

BrownQuotes "Labour strategists plan to keep [Gordon Brown] away from the cameras in August in the hope that absence will improve his ratings." – Martin Ivens in The Sunday Times


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