9.45pm WATCH:

5.45pm Tim Montgomerie on CentreRight: Labour wants the people of Norwich North to vote for the fox

5.30pm LISTEN: Tim Montgomerie defends Tory policy on international development in an interview for the BBC World Service

5pm Two CentreRight updates:

11.45am Seats and candidates: Nick Bourne gives priority to women and ethnic minority candidates for 2011 elections to Welsh Assembly

CameronOnSky11.30am ToryDiary: Cameron on protesting in Parliament Square,
defence spending, the long summer recess, debates between the party
leaders and Andy Coulson

ToryDiary: Cameron's Government Of All the Talents

Rhys Burriss on Platform: Conservative criminal justice policy should really be heading towards California's enormously successful "three strikes" law

TAXPAYERS ALLIANCE Local government: Mark Wallace of The TaxPayers' Alliance highlights the success of a recent grassroots campaign in Bath

WATCH: Jacqui Smith tells Channel 4 News that ministers need more training for their jobs

LISTEN: Sir Malcolm Rifkind talks to Radio 4 about the dangers of public spats between ministers and military chiefs

Conservatives 17% aheadThe Sunday Times | Yesterday evening's ToryDiary

Edward Macmillan-Scott MEP predicts that the European Conservatives and Reformists Group will split and dissolve 

"In an interview with The Sunday Telegraph, Mr McMillan-Scott defended his actions yesterday and predicted that the new alliance between the Conservatives and the Poles will fall apart. He said he would not be surprised if Mr Kamiński and the Polish Law and Justice Party walked out on the Conservatives, and when did the new grouping would "dissolve"." – The Sunday Telegraph

> Thursday's ToryDiary: Edward McMillan-Scott MEP must be expelled from the Conservative Party

David Cameron will be greeted with "pain, anger and recrimination" – Matthew d'Ancona in The Sunday Telegraph

Tories are too scared of their own shadow – Janet Daley in The Sunday Telegraph

George Osborne backs Mervyn King on banking reforms

OsborneGreenTie"[George Osborne] is expected to back Mervyn King’s view, set out last month, that large and complex banks that combine retail banking with risky investment banking, should either not have their deposits guaranteed by the taxpayer or be discouraged by even larger capital requirements. Osborne will make clear that he believes some banks were allowed to become too big. He will give the Bank the powers to intervene – and, if necessary, break up – banks whose size and structure threatens financial stability." – The Sunday Times

Are the Conservatives aiming for an early exit from Afghanistan? – Gaby Hinsliff in The Observer

 "“When it comes to the numbers and the equipment it is absolutely essential politicians listen to advice from the military. Politicians must not become armchair generals. They must make decisions based on clear military advice.”" – John Hutton interviewed for The Sunday Times

"The European members of Nato cannot reasonably expect the Americans to do all the heavy lifting, especially when you take into account the fact that Europe has more soldiers in uniform than the United States. NATO'S European members now need to consider what more they can commit. For our part, it is clear we need more logistical support to de-risk as much of the troop movements and supply effort as possible." – John Hutton in The Sunday Telegraph

David Cameron writes about his thinking on policies for disabled children in ScotlandScotland on Sunday

Anti-Ashcroft law set to backfire on Labour after three of the party's donors threaten to end their support because of Jack Straw's legal changesObserver

Shareholders rebel against Caledonia investment trust's plan to donate £75,000 to the Tories – Observer

Labour set for bloody nose in Norwich NorthNews of the World

John Rentoul predicts disappointment for Tony Blair in his bid to become EU PresidentIndependent on Sunday

Andrew Rawnsley: Labour might never govern alone again

Rawnsley Andrew "Labour came fifth – yes, fifth! – in south-eastern England in last month's Euro elections. One veteran party strategist recently shared with me his private fear that Labour's share of the vote at the next general election could be as low as 28%. That would be a cataclysmically terrible end to the governing adventure that began with the 1997 landslide. It is not impossible to imagine – in fact, it becomes increasingly easy to envisage – that Labour will lose power at the next election and be very lucky if it ever holds office on its own again." – Andrew Rawnsley in The Observer

Sarah Kennedy 'spoken to' by BBC for praising Enoch Powell during Radio 2 showMail on Sunday


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