8pm Melanchthon on CentreRight: The Doctrine of Things Indifferent

5.00pm Local Government: Brian Coleman says: Fire Brigade worked magnificently over Southwark blaze.

3.30pm Seats and candidates: Birmingham Conservatives allocate six candidates to their hardest-to-win seats

Picture 133pm Seats and candidates: A video appeal from Eric Pickles for the Norwich North campaign

11.15am ToryDiary: CCHQ downgrades oak tree logo

10am WATCH: Jon Cruddas MP explains why he no longer supports First-past-the-post

ToryDiary: You can't win a war on a peacetime budget

Aaron Hugh Ellis on Platform: The Conservative Party has no policy for Afghanistan. It has no foreign policy.

Local government:

AManifesto Donata Huggins on CentreRight: Which figures in British history do you think every patriot should know about?

WATCH Boris Johnson wish the best of luck to England's cricketers as the Ashes gets underway: Cricketers, not politicians, are the masters of spin and I'd rather be out for a duck than for a duck house

Today's top story: More British soldiers have died in Afghanistan than in Iraq

"The latest eight British losses mean that the total death toll in Afghanistan is now 184, a figure that has surpassed the 179 killed in the Iraq campaign." – FT

'Tories may sacrifice Africa to fund climate change fight'

"A draft Tory policy statement, leaked to The Independent, reveals that a Tory Government would give the Department for International Development (DFID) a bigger role in helping developing countries meet the cost of combating climate change. But aid groups fear this would be a cover for cutting funds to Africa."

> Iain Murray on CentreRight argues that aid should promote a wealthier Africa, not a greener Africa

Jack Straw to ban Lord Ashcroft from donating to Conservative Party

ASHCROFT Michael "Lord Ashcroft, the business tycoon who has given millions to the Conservative Party, is to be banned by law from giving any more unless he pays tax as a UK resident… Jack Straw, the Secretary of State for Justice, has bowed to the wishes of rebel Labour MPs and peers who have been pushing for a change in the law to ban political donations from tax exiles." – The Independent | Guardian

David Cameron: There is no GB in Gordon Brown

"Gordon Brown was accused of phoney patriotism yesterday in an astonishing attack by David Cameron. The Tory leader claimed the PM’s public displays of Britishness were forced rather than heartfelt. And he scoffed at Mr Brown’s attempts to appeal to national pride." – The Sun

> The Sun is quoting from David Cameron's 'Proud to be British' article that was published here yesterday.

Amoral spiv or true traditional Tory? Will the REAL Cameron please stand up?

In The Daily Mail Peter Oborne says there is a Cameron Mark I who has a social conscience and is a true patriot and a Cameron Mark II who associates with an unattractive media world, including Andy Coulson.

"Murdoch has shaped our foreign policy by using his press and his political power to inflame Europhobia… All Tory and Labour leaders canoodle with the Murdoch apparat with a social desperation that demeans them and their office. This political corruption is rather more alarming than duck islands." – Polly Toynbee in The Guardian

Coulson Andy PC1 Cameron's loyalty to embattled George Osborne and Andy Coulson does him no credit – Tom Richmond in the Yorkshire Post

"Dave supports his mate Mr Coulson loudly and publicly. In the same way, he supports shadow ministers and mates like George Osborne, Francis Maude, Michael Gove and Jonathan Djangoly: all of whom, in the eyes of some of their colleagues, have questions still to answer about their attitude to the use of public money. To many increasingly bitter Tory MPs, ethical behaviour, or even the public perception of it, is not the test the leader has applied in making judgments of whom to back and whom to drop: it is whether the person under scrutiny has the mark of the leader's favour, or is useful." – Simon Heffer in The Telegraph

David Cameron makes third visit to Norwich North by-electionEastern Daily Press

> If you want to make your first visit to this crucial by-election please sign up for the ConservativeHome coach trip

Six Conservative Party members are ready to challenge embattled Spelthorne MP David WilshireStaines News

> Recently on Seats and candidates: Group of Tory voters in Spelthorne seeking to oust David Wilshire

David Cameron will allow a fresh attempt to cut the 24-week abortion limit if he becomes Prime MinisterMirror

The huge social costs of Labour's low carbon strategy

"Household energy bills will rise by more than £200 a year under the Government’s low-carbon strategy being announced next week. Meeting Britain’s targets for cutting emissions could push another 1.7 million households into fuel poverty, meaning that seven million homes would be spending more than 10 per cent of their income on fuel." – Times

Married Labour MPs Ann and Alan Keen have won a court hearing to take their "main" home back from squatters BBC

Family breakdown IS behind broken Britain – John Ware in The Daily Mail

And finally…

David Cameron is a big fan of BBCtv's 'Mock The Week' – The Sun


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