6.45pm ToryDiary: On internal debate

Swine-flu-treatmen_1395505c3pm ToryDiary: Stephen O'Brien reveals huge regional variation in number of antiviral collection points

2.15pm LISTEN: Keith Simpson MP and Labour's Denis Macshane discuss Tory foreign policy

1.30pm CentreRight: Greg Hands MP notes that Hansard from 1950 onwards is now online and Alex Deane has another look at the issue of supermarkets and plastic carrier bags

12.30pm ToryDiary: Conservatives 15% ahead at start of summer recess

11.30am Alistair Burt MP on CentreRight: Why come to Rwanda and teach soccer?

10am CentreRight: Ridley Grove wonders if 'Santa Klaus' could save Britain from Lisbon and Alex Deane on the race drama damaging Obama.


Theresa May MP on Platform: Norwich North proves that people don't listen to parties they consider to be nasty, and reward those who remain positive and honest

Picture 2 Local government: Livingstone's pernicious "equality" agenda is still in place at City Hall

Seats and candidates: Diary of a PPC: Hornsey and Wood Green's Richard Merrin begins working with Haringey's first Conservative councillor for seven years

WATCH: Sarah Palin formally steps down as Alaska's Governor

Richer voters face triple whammy from Conservatives

"With total public borrowing set to reach £1 trillion, the Tories would cut tax credits for households earning more than £50,000 and bring in road tolls on newly-built roads, he said. Scrapping the 50p tax rate for high earners, proposed by Labour, would not be a priority, and it would be several years before the party could consider cutting inheritance tax, Cameron said." – City AM

No Tory tax cuts until 2015 – The Sun

Getting clarity from Cameron is like "pulling teeth" – Lord Salisbury talking to Ben Brogan in The Daily Telegraph

David Davis attacks Tory suggestion that Google could handle NHS patients' data

 "Google is the last company I would trust with data belonging to me. In the words of human rights watchdog Privacy International, Google has “a history of ignoring privacy concerns. Every corporate announcement has some new practice involving surveillance”. It gave Google the lowest possible assessment rating: “hostile to privacy”. It was the only company of the 20 assessed to get this rating." – David Davis in The Times

Picture 3> David Davis appears to be flexing his muscles again: Yesterday he questioned Tory policy on the NHS and international development.  A month ago he attacked David Cameron on grammar schools.  Previously he questioned the policy to upgrade Trident.

Cameron and Osborne to merge Downing Street offices

"The Conservative leader and Shadow Chancellor are expected to operate from adjoining offices in No 10 and No 11 Downing Street and both would work closely with a Cabinet Secretary with enhanced powers, The Times has learnt. Closer relations with the Treasury and Downing Street would be encouraged in an attempt to avoid the damaging stand-off that occurred between Gordon Brown and Tony Blair during Labour’s first two terms." – Times

Institute of Government says Number 10, the Treasury and the Cabinet Office need stronger powers over Whitehall – FT

> ConservativeHome broke this story at the end of last month.

How the Tories fell in love with Holby City WomanDaily Mail | Yesterday's ToryDiary

Picture 1 Channel 4 chooses stand up comic to play David Cameron and his Bullingdon Club daysIndependent

> Last week's ToryDiary: Channel 4 plans autumn docu-drama on David Cameron's Bullingdon Club days

Conservative MEPs' Polish leader defends himself against renewed attacks

"Michal Kaminski, the Polish leader of the Conservatives' new bloc in the European Parliament, has insisted he is a "lifetime" friend of the Jewish community after he was accused of trying to block an apology for a wartime massacre." – Telegraph

Like the Pharaohs, we’re getting buried by our own possessions – Boris Johnson in The Daily Telegraph

If I were a sitting MP, I'd be scared – Michael Brown in The Independent argues that anti-incumbency sentiment is still strong

David Cameron chooses to holiday in France and Greece

"Cameron told his shadow team to take a break and recharge their batteries, ready for the election fray. After his trip to Brittany – the French equivalent of Cornwall where the Camerons went last year – he and his family will return to their constituency home in Witney Oxfordshire. But he plans a second foreign break, this time to Greece, at the end of August." – Guardian

Alistair Darling "extremely concerned" that banks may be charging firms too much for loansBBC

MPs call for radical overhaul of rail franchisesGuardian


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