ConservativeHome is launching its own political party.

Picture 7 Every Monday evening, 6pm until 8pm, from 7th September you* are invited to the offices we share with PoliticsHome (5, The Sanctuary (next to Westminster Abbey)) for Shiraz and Sancerre.

100 people – Tory politicians, bloggers, think tank heads, journalists (of all persuasions and none) and campaigners – are being invited to this weekly Salon.  There’ll be no lobbyists, no donors, no business people.

If someone interesting is passing through London we might ask them to speak to the Salon for no more than five minutes but most of all it’s just a chance to talk, talk, talk.

Chatham House rules will always apply.

Membership of this political party is absolutely free as long as you answer three or four questions most Fridays in a new ConservativeHome confidential survey (there’ll always be freedom to skip some questions and some weeks).

The survey will be completely anonymous and noone (including the survey manager) will be able to identify who has said what.

If you’d like to join please email Tim Montgomerie with a ‘yes’.

* ‘You’ means only those who have been invited by Tim Montgomerie via email.  I’m sorry if you’ve found this hyperlink via some other way.