5.45pm WATCH: William Hague challenges David Miliband over the scope and remit of the Iraq War Inquiry

5pm Latest on CentreRight

3.30pm ToryDiary: CCHQ produces new attack ad taking up David Cameron's theme from PMQs on Labour spending lies

3.15pm WATCH: Sky News's Joey Jones reviews the highlights of today's Prime Minister's Questions

Picture 51.15pm Parliament: Speaker Bercow intends to clamp down on ministers making announcements to the media

12.30pm ToryDiary: David Cameron and Gordon Brown exchange accusation and counter-accusation on spending at an unedifying PMQs

12.15pm Local Government:

10am Charlie Elphicke on CentreRight doesn't much care about Speaker Bercow's choice of clothing… He wants real Commons reform


Picture-9 Timothy Kirkhope MEP on Platform: The allegation that the new European Conservatives and Reformists group will be marginalised in Brussels is nonsense

Parliament: Gordon Brown's standards quango will end parliamentary sovereignty

Local government:

WATCH: Alan Duncan concedes that John Bercow is a "complex character" but describes talk of ousting him as "churlish"

MPs who break expenses rules will face police investigation, says BrownGuardian

"MPs who fiddle their expenses in future could face 12 months in jail or an unlimited fine under a crackdown announced last night. A Bill will be rushed through Parliament by next month with all-party support in an attempt to restore public confidence in MPs after it was shattered by the revelations about the allowances system." – Independent

Cameron to press for fully open Iraq Inquiry

"David Cameron says he will push Gordon Brown for a "proper U-turn" on the Iraq inquiry in a debate [today]. The Conservative leader told the BBC Mr Brown and his predecessor as PM, Tony Blair, must give evidence in public." – BBC

Simon Heffer: Conservatives should oust Speaker Bercow

HefferSimon "I have no idea whether, as alleged yesterday, only three Tory MPs voted for Mr Bercow in a secret ballot. I would not be surprised. When the time comes – as it will after a general election, when all Speakers have to be re-elected if proposing to continue in the chair – the Tories (should they have a majority) should not hesitate to bring this offensive stunt to an end, and unelect Mr Bercow in favour of Sir George, or someone similarly serious." – Simon Heffer in The Telegraph

John Bercow will stop claiming for second home – Telegraph

"Tory anger over new Commons Speaker John Bercow deepened last night as he admitted plotting for years to get the job. Senior MPs privately suspect Conservative MP Mr Bercow, once a hardline Right-winger, began his extraordinary move across the political spectrum after realising he would only get the job with Labour support." – Daily Mail

"Sir Peter Tapsell leant back from the shoulders to regard a vile new microbe. David Davis wore an expression of incredulous intensity. James Gray next to him was generating an emotion as yet unknown to either medical science or the judicial system. What a blow it has been. John Bercow, the new Speaker. What a big fat blowfly he is in their jar of Neutrogena." – Simon Carr in The Independent

"A middleman who helped pass on details of MPs' expenses to the Daily Telegraph has said it was done for the public good and not to make money." – BBC

Boris Johnson aide could face police investigation over credit card claims – Telegraph

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: Learning lessons from the three resignations from Team Boris

Nick Clegg believes Liberal Democrats can become Britain's second party after next election

Clegg Nick On Sky "Nick Clegg, leader of the Liberal Democrats, believes his party can overtake Labour at the next election, as “big things can happen” when a government is defeated in the battle of ideas and loses touch with the public." – FT

Daniel Finkelstein: Labour is stuck in 1992

"The central ideas that make up Gordon Brown's policy, political strategy and day-to-day tactics were all developed between 1992 and 1994. He hasn't had an important idea since. Nor has he discarded an important idea since then, remaining doggedly faithful to every last one. And these notions, the bedrock of everything he does, were developed as a response to the two big political events of 1992 – the victory of Bill Clinton and, more centrally, the defeat of Neil Kinnock by John Major. There you have it – my 1992 theory." – Daniel Finkelstein in The Times

Simon Jenkins: Labour's intellectual decline

"Today the interesting debates are within Conservatism, between the "Red Tories" and the neo-Thatcherites running riot through health and education policy. Labour's theoreticians are still twitching under the effects of Blair's anaesthetic, muttering about triangulation and the third way. The chief sign of life, outside such London coteries as Compass and Progress, has come from the old left, gloating over the supposed "demise of capitalism". Who could have predicted that the most coveted conference speaker in 2009 would be Eric Hobsbawm?" – Simon Jenkins in The Guardian

We must abolish Labour's 50p tax band – Jill Kirby in the Yorkshire Post

Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi has insisted he has never paid for sex after he was engulfed in a prostitute scandal The Sun


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