10.45pm WATCH: Nick Griffin says police need to "get a grip" on anti-BNP mobs

9.45pm Local government: New Tory leadership will phase out Lancashire's Labour-style red rose logo…

6.45pm ToryDiary: It's possible that a more mature debate about spending might emerge after today

2.45pm ToryDiary: The truth about 10% spending cuts

2.30pm Local Government: Boris must break the RMT

2.30pm Greg Hands MP on CentreRight: "Brown's rhetoric has reached new levels of unreality and hypocrisy. He says he wants the Government and the House of Commons to be "more accountable to the people" – only days after appointing 7 members of the House of Lords to the Cabinet."

1pm WATCH: Boris Johnson attacks "irrational" action by Tube unions that has caused chaos for London commuters

12.45pm Dan Hamilton on CentreRight: The Conservatives – and kingmakers – in the European Parliament

12.30pm ToryDiary: Jubilant Brown taunts Cameron to say how many "nurses, teachers, doctors, carers and other public servants" would lose their jobs under the Conservatives

LANSLEY ANDREW NWToryDiary: The Conservatives' incredible NHS policy

Matthew R Palmer on Platform: Conservatives should applaud Sir Alan Sugar's new appointment and be willing to listen to his advice

Local government:


Tories lead attack on Brown's eve-of-defeat attempt to change electoral system

DUNCAN-Alan-on-Newsnight "Shadow Commons Leader Alan Duncan poured scorn on the idea that reforms drawn up by a group of Labour ministers meeting behind closed doors could renew voters' faith in democracy." – Daily Mail

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: Conservatives rubbish rumoured Labour plans to change the voting system

George Osborne warns bankers against excessive bonuses and voters against risky Labour

"Mr Osborne used a speech to the Association of British Insurers to send what one aide called a “shot across the bows” of the banks. He argued that all UK banks should avoid paying big bonuses, even if they did not have partial state ownership, in recognition of the taxpayer’s role in bailing out the sector. “Some banks are now making big profits again from higher margins, underpinned by taxpayer guarantees. It would be a huge mistake if they pay out huge bonuses this year end on the back of these government-supported profits,” he said. “The banks should be using their profits to rebuild their balance sheets, not to hand out huge bonuses while the rest of the economy picks up the pieces for the follies of finance.”" – FT

"The Shadow Chancellor said: 'Labour's leadership crisis is bad for the country and bad for the economy. 'It's not just Gordon Brown's job that is at stake in this Labour civil war, but the jobs of thousands of British people.' Mr Osborne added that the effect on the pound of Labour's internecine fighting had proved that the Conservatives were the 'safe' choice at the next general election." – Daily Mail

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: George Osborne sets out his vision of an economy built on savings and investment

Greg Hands MP attacks ex-Labour ministers for cashing in on connections

HANDS GREG "The Conservative party has attacked the “revolving door” that enables former ministers from Westminster to take on lucrative private-sector careers linked to their old departments. “It’s not right that former government ministers are cashing in on their positions so soon after leaving office,” Greg Hands, shadow Treasury minister, told the Financial Times last night."

Recruitment specialists warn that soon-to-be-ex-Labour MPs face bleak future – FT

Andrew Lansley affirms that Conservatives will maintain health spending as NHS Confederation warns of £15bn budget shortfalls

"Shadow Health Secretary Andrew Lansley said: "We are committed to real terms increases in spending on the NHS because as our population ages demand will increase. But if we are going to improve the quality of healthcare in this country we will need to make substantial improvements using current resources. The idea of getting more for less must apply in the NHS just as in any other public service." – Quoted by the BBC

David Cameron must not rest on his laurels if he really wants power – Simon Heffer in The Telegraph

Sir Nicholas Winterton urges scrapping of Commons modernisation committee

Labour support for John Bercow makes it increasingly likely that he'll be the next SpeakerDaily Mail

> John Bercow sets out his 3,000 word manifesto for a '21st century Speakership'

Former Labour minister Parmjit Dhanda is to make a surprise bid to become the next Commons Speaker – Telegraph

Life inside the Downing Street bunker

George Bridges remembers the last months of John Major and compares them to today – Telegraph

Launch a new housebuilding programme, Ditch Royal Mail privatisation, Abolish waiting times for NHS patients, Cut prisoner numbers, Break up the banks…

Guardian writers suggest policies for 'the Brown relaunch'.

Kevin Maguire recommends Class War to defeat Brown…

"Labour needs to focus laser-like on Maggie Cameron, exposing the Tory leader as Thatcher in an expensive suit. A Cameron who worked as a junior assistant would have sat comfortably in the Rusty Lady’s Government. The rich boy’s instincts are to serve the few not the many, a stockbroker’s son whose priority is to abolish tax on shares and virtually abolish inheritance tax. He’d bring back hunting and the poor would be as Tally Ho’ed! as much as the fox." – Kevin Maguire in The Mirror

…and Nick Clegg's Times attack on David Cameron isn't so different

CleggInStudio "We cannot allow David Cameron to turn the clock back. He may talk a good talk, but the effects of a Conservative government are now becoming clear: they say that they want fairness, but advocate tax cuts for millionaires; they say that they want to protect the environment, but seek out allies in Europe who are climate-change deniers; they say that they want clean politics, but block any change to party funding." – Nick Clegg in The Times

Shahid Malik is back as minister but ethics report into his conduct has not been published

"Gordon Brown was accused of a cover-up last night after he refused to publish a report on whether Shahid Malik breached the ministerial code of conduct over the rent he paid on his constituency home." – Daily Mail | Express

The Sun attacks London's striking Tube workers

"Thousands of young fans have had their dreams of watching an England goalfest tonight derailed by union bully boys. The RMT's cynically-timed Tube strike will stop families from around the country reaching Wembley to see their heroes (hopefully) humble Andorra in a World Cup qualifier." – The Sun

Pressure mounts on Sir Alan Sugar to drop The ApprenticeTelegraph


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