10.30pm ToryDiary: Tories at 38% in new YouGov survey

9.30pm Ruth Lea on CentreRight: The next Conservative government should consider calling in the IMF to help Britain recover from Brown's debt disaster

6pm Thomas Cawston on CentreRight: Our welfare state is universal, unfair and unaffordable

Picture 34.15pm WATCH: David Cameron explains why Tory MPs are paying back a further £125,000 they claimed in expenses

3.45pm Jonathan Isaby on CentreRight: Today you can stop working for the state and start working for yourself…

2.30pm ToryDiary update: List published of 41 more Conservative MPs repaying expenses

2.15pm ToryDiary update: David Cameron details how a Conservative Government will rebalance power of the individual over the state Updated with key proposals announced by David Cameron

11.45am ToryDiary: Full list of expenses repayments by Conservative MPs to be published today

11.15am Seats and Candidates: Group of Tory voters in Spelthorne seeking to oust David Wilshire


Mark Field MP Platform: How US-China relations could fatally wound the globalisation project

Local Government

Sally McNamara on CentreRight: The EU is already trying to progress from Superstate to Superpower – and must be stopped

WATCH: Labour responds to yesterday's Conservative attack ad with its own video on "Tory cuts"

CAMERON LOOKING UP Cameron attacks Brown's public spending "lies"…

"David Cameron and Gordon Brown clashed repeatedly during Prime Minister's Question Time as the Conservative leader attacked the Prime Minister for claiming that government capital spending would rise every year between now and the Olympics. Mr Cameron said Mr Brown should apologise and read out Budget statistics projecting expenditure of £44bn this year, followed by £36bn next year, £29bn in 2011 and £26bn in 2012."You have been caught absolutely red-handed," Mr Cameron told the Prime Minister. "You made a statement to the House about capital expenditure growing every year and the fact is it is being cut." – Independent

…and even the Guardian condemns Brown's line of attack on "Tory cuts"

"A Labour government would have to make cuts too to bring the deficit under control, as Alistair Darling says must happen. Mervyn King hammered home the point at Commons committee yesterday. Until Mr Brown confesses that this is true, his attacks on the opposition will always be undermined by the facts." – Guardian editorial

> Yesterday's ToryDiary posts on PMQs and the party's new attack ad on Labour spending plans

Osborne: Yesterday was demolition day for Brown's reputation on the economy

"Bank of England Governor Mervyn King yesterday blasted Gordon Brown and Alistair ­Darling for their handling of the public finances. His surprising attack came as an international watchdog warned that Britain was on course to sink further into debt than any other major country… Shadow Chancellor George Osborne said yesterday proved to be a demolition day for the Prime Minister’s reputation. He said: “In the morning new figures showed Britain facing the biggest deficit in the world and in the afternoon the Governor of the Bank of England delivered the coup de grace by demolishing for good any claim that this discredited Government ever had to a credible plan for the recovery." – Daily Express

Conservatives to bolster Bank of England's power

"The Conservatives plan to overhaul the tripartite system, giving the Bank of England overarching responsibility for the regulation of the UK's largest financial institutions and unwinding one of Gordon Brown's biggest reforms as Chancellor… A spokesman for George Osborne, the shadow chancellor, said on Wednesday night that the Tories would soon publish plans to reform the system of City regulation. "What is clear is that the current system has failed and needs changing," the spokesman said." – Daily Telegraph

Letwin&WaterPoll Oliver Letwin reveals the extent of his outside work

"Oliver Letwin, the Conservatives’ policy chief, is paid an annual salary of £60,000 by an investment bank for working eight hours a week, The Times has learnt. N M Rothschild Corporate Finance Ltd disclosed his £145-an-hour earnings before a change to parliamentary rules which require MPs to detail the time they spend on outside jobs. Mr Letwin, who is writing the party’s manifesto, approved the release of the information in a sign of growing Tory defiance over the issue of MPs’ outside employment."  – The Times

David Cameron reiterates promise to put Conservative MPs from Northern Ireland in government

"Voters in Northern Ireland can have a say in forming the next Government — and show support for change at Westminster, Conservative leader David Cameron argues today… The Tory chief said Northern Ireland MPs have little or no say on issues including taxes, pensions and welfare, as well as social and foreign policy… “I do not want to be Prime Minister of just England, but of the whole United Kingdom. It follows that the government I lead should seek to draw on the talents of people from all parts of the United Kingdom, including Northern Ireland.” – Belfast Telegraph

David Cameorn's article in full – Belfast Telegraph

Hague condemns "monumental mess" of Brown’s Iraq War probe

"An opportunity to drain the poisonous legacy of the Iraq war from British politics has been lost by the government's handling of the inquiry into the conflict, Gordon Brown was told last night. Opening an opposition debate on the Chilcot inquiry, Shadow Foreign Secretary William Hague said the government had made a "monumental mess" of the process of consulting other parties in setting up the inquiry. The original proposal for private hearings, the restricted membership and the timing – the inquiry is due to report back after the next election – was "utterly cynical and politically motivated" said Mr Hague." – The Herald

> WATCH: William Hague challenges David Miliband over the scope and remit of the Iraq War Inquiry

Grayling: UN report underlines government failure to tackle drugs problem

"Britain has the highest number of dangerous drug abusers in Europe, a United Nations report says. It claimed this country has more than 400,000 'problem drug users' who are permanently intoxicated or regularly bingeing on illegal substances… Shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling said the report 'underlines just how ineffective the Government's strategy on dealing with the drug problem has been'." – Daily Mail

Edward McMIllan-Scott Tory MEP voices "real concern" over new group in Brussels

"A senior Tory MEP has become the first to break ranks and voice "real concern" over the inclusion of "extreme Right-wingers" in the new anti-federalist group in the European Parliament. Edward McMillan-Scott said he was unhappy with many of the candidates who would be sitting with the Conservatives in the 55-strong group… "Despite what David Cameron has said there are already indications that some of the members have links with extremist groups and I feel very, very uncomfortable with that," he said." – Daily Telegraph

Michael White: Leaving the EPP could backfire for the ConservativesGuardian

Benedict Brogan: The "Great Purge" has started in the Conservative Party

"The Conservative Party you see at Westminster will not be with us for much longer. Bewildered and angry, the Tory backbenches find themselves caught up in a slow-motion purge. David Cameron contemplates the prospect that more than half his MPs will be replaced at the general election. So many will go, in fact, that the high command suspects he will have to appoint ministers from among those who are not yet in the House: come the election he may not have enough experienced MPs left to fill the payroll." – Benedict Brogan writing in the Daily Telegraph

Ministers must prioritise Parliament, not the media, says SpeakerGuardian

> Yesterday in Parliament: Speaker Bercow intends to clamp down on ministers making announcements to the media

Boris's taxi bill more than double what he first claimedBBC

Ex-Boris deputy referred to police over expenses "discrepancies"Guardian

Labour MPs "Mr and Mrs Expenses" face house repossessionIndependent

Government climbdown over increase in MPs' pensionsIndependent


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