7.45pm ToryDiary: If you want proof that Labour's coup plotters couldn't organise a p*ss up in a brewery…

6.15pm Dan Lewis on CentreRight: "The UK Government's £350bn property portfolio – don't sell it without considering the security implications first."


4.45pm WATCH: Lord Falconer joins 'Brown must go' chorus

LEA RUTH4.30pm CentreRight: Ruth Lea remembers the time Gordon Brown blew his non-existent fuse with her: "I have never encountered anything like it in my life and hope I never will again. The man was out of control."

1.45pm ToryDiary: David Cameron will inherit an increasingly Eurosceptic nation and party

1.15pm WATCH: Alan Sugar reveals he doesn't understand what it means to take Labour whip in interview with Adam Boulton

Sugar-Alan11.45am ToryDiary: The BBC must fire Sir Alan Sugar from The Apprentice, say Tories

10.00am Local Government: UKIP have seven county councillors

9.45am MUST WATCH: CrownBlogSpot has made a mock video of The Appretice's Alan Sugar judging Gordon Brown's performance


6a00d83451b31c69e2011570ca80b4970b Jean Geran on Platform: An open letter of thanks to the British military

Mark Wallace on Local government uncovers More councils taking exception to scrutiny from the TaxPayers' Alliance

WATCH: Barack Obama reflects on the improbability of D-Day during yesterday's Anniversary Commemorations

Mandelson email savages Gordon Brown as angry, insecure… and unable to win the next election

"Peter Mandelson's claim that Gordon Brown is doing a great job is in tatters after it was revealed that he called the Prime Minister 'insecure, self-conscious physically and emotionally, uncomfortable in his skin and angry' in a leaked email." – Mail on Sunday | Guido Fawkes

The Tories must beware the rise of Lord Mandelson – Janet Daley in The Sunday Telegraph

Blair: The darkness in Gordon's heart will bring him down

BLAIR TONY serious "Tony Blair believes Gordon Brown's political future is doomed because of 'the darkness in his heart' and his 'lies' – and feels Mr Brown has no one to blame but himself… In a damning verdict on Mr Brown's character, Mr Blair said of the Prime Minister recently: 'The darkness in his heart and the lies will be his downfall.' Friends of Mr Blair say he has been 'saddened' by Mr Brown's performance and believes that he has failed to show the necessary leadership or policies. 'Gordon's performance has confirmed Tony's reservations about his suitability to be PM,' said one source." – Mail on Sunday

Balls "went nuclear" when Brown wavered over making him Chancellor

"A Downing Street insider claims that Ed Balls “went nuclear” as the prime minister wavered over whether to make him chancellor – and threatened to stop cooperating with Lord Mandelson. The schools secretary, whose hopes of being moved into No 11 were torpedoed when James Purnell, the work and pensions secretary, resigned, is said to suspect the business secretary of deliberately undermining his chances of getting the job." – The Sunday Times

Jon Cruddas MP: To simply chuck Gordon overboard would be madness Sunday Mirror

Flint repeats attacks on 'anti-women' Brown

"Flint claimed that women in Brown's government were used as "a smokescreen, a way of making it look like you've got a lot of women around the table" without letting them influence anything. She added: "I feel like they used me when it was convenient – they put me on the GMTV sofa or on Newsnight – but then judged me not on my work, but on who my friends are." – Observer

"Sir Alan Sugar's appointment last week in the Government's chaotic reshuffle has raised eyebrows among female ministers because of the tycoon's comments on women in the workplace." – Independent on Sunday

George Osborne predicted that James Purnell would walk

OSBORNE GEORGE BLUE "It was George Osborne who got the scoop. On Thursday, he told the 10am strategy meeting of the Tory high command that James Purnell was set to resign: his colleagues were sceptical. Twelve hours later, the prophecy came spectacularly true, as Mr Purnell marched out of Cabinet, urging Gordon Brown to step aside for the good of the Labour Party." – Matthew d'Ancona in The Sunday Telegraph.  D'Ancona then continues (our emphasis):

"Far from following his lead, and marching into the political space created, David Miliband and Alan Johnson did precisely nothing. Mr Johnson, after posturing for weeks as the Pearly Dauphin, accepted the job of Home Secretary like an obedient employee of the month at the local postal depot. Mr Miliband, fond of calling for a "new phase", decided to stick with the old phase and stay as Foreign Secretary. What a pair of girly men, hiding timorously from the call of duty and of history. This was "behind-the-sofa" government."

John Rentoul: The coup has only just begun

"The coup is not over; it has only just begun. This is how we get rid of sitting prime ministers in this country: a series of blows, each more lethal than the last. Margaret Thatcher had Nigel Lawson's resignation a year before she fell, Sir Anthony Meyer's stalking-horse run, Geoffrey Howe's resignation and speech, and finally Michael Heseltine's challenge." – John Rentoul in The Independent on Sunday

"A co-ordinated plot by Cabinet ministers was behind the resignations last week that came close to forcing Gordon Brown to step down, it can be disclosed." – The Sunday Telegraph

'Shaun Woodward avoided capital gains tax'

"Shaun Woodward, the richest member of the cabinet, avoided a capital gains tax bill of up to £1.5m on one of his London homes, which he sold to Sting, the singer." – The Sunday Times

Rallings and Thrasher analysis of the local election results

"In an exclusive analysis for The Sunday Times, we have examined the votes cast by more than 4.5m voters in more than 1,200 local divisions and wards contested by at least the three major parties in order to calculate how they would have fared if these elections had taken place in every part of the country.  This analysis has the Tories on a national equivalent vote of 35% (a four-point increase since the local elections in 2005). This is below the symbolic 40% mark, but still with a comfortable lead over Labour who are at a historic low of 22% (down 12 points). The Lib Dems scored 25%, down two points from 2005."

Condom credit cards for 12 year-old boys

"BOYS as young as 12 are to be issued with condom “credit cards” allowing them to pick up free contraception at football grounds, barber’s shops and scout huts." – The Sunday Times

Patrick Mercer has recreated the life of Crimean War officer Tony Morgan in his novel To Do And DieMail on Sunday


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