11pm ToryDiary: "It's ridiculous to pretend there won't be cuts" says George Osborne

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8pm ToryDiary: Put the General Election countdown clock on your blog

RonaldoBoro27.15pm Tim Montgomerie on CentreRight:

3.30pm: WATCH: Ken Clarke tells Sky News that 'I joined the frontbench because the Conservative Party is not as Eurosceptic as it was.'

12.30pm ToryDiary: Clarke admits that Tories won't re-open Lisbon if it is ratified by the Irish

10.15am WATCH: Iain Dale interviews 'Margaret Thatcher' about saying no, Gordon Brown's smile and David Cameron's casual manner

ToryDiary: Dishonest Brown plans to paint David Cameron as 'Mr 10% Cuts'

Melanchthon on Platform: The worst thing about the BNP, at the moment, is how many true things we let them say

Picture 2 Seats and candidates: Tories begin Norwich North campaign with attempt to kill off third parties

Mark Wallace on Local government: The Local Government
Association's efforts to keep council allowances secret show that some
have learnt nothing from Michael Martin's demise

Matt Sinclair on CentreRight takes issue with Radomir Tylecote on climate change

51% agree that “Gordon Brown’s continued presence as prime minister is damaging the country”The Sunday Times

> Yesterday's ToryDiary noted the headline finding of the poll; a 16% Tory lead

Conservatives will scrap all Sats taken by 11-year-olds in England at the end of their primary schooling

"Instead, pupils would sit national tests in the first year of secondary school, which would be marked by their teachers and not external examiners. The proposals will be outlined later by Shadow Schools Secretary Michael Gove. Teaching unions, who are planning to boycott next year's Sats, have welcomed the Conservatives' plans." – BBC

The Independent on Sunday returns to speculation that Andy Coulson will leave his CCHQ communications post after election

"Mr Coulson's contract expires at the next election. It is understood he will leave at or shortly after polling day under a mutual arrangement. The move will leave the Tory leader searching for a similarly tough Alastair Campbell figure if, as expected, the Conservatives win power." – Independent on Sunday

Lansley warned that his job is on the line

Cameron&Lansley "Ignore official denials that David Cameron threatened to fire foot-in- mouth Shadow Health Secretary Andrew Lansley for saying the Tories would slash public spending by ten per cent.  Lansley was reduced to a jibbering lump when Dave went ballistic and told him: ‘One more stupid mistake like that and you’re toast.’" – Mail on Sunday's Black Dog column

We'd all prefer spending cuts to tax rises – Janet Daley in The Sunday Telegraph

A former Scottish Finance Minister has warned that Scotland's public services face "Armageddon" unless billions of pounds of savings are made ahead of massive spending cuts over the coming decade – Scotland on Sunday

Boris claims RMT strike was poorly supported

"“There is no doubt it was the least successful Tube strike in the history of the RMT,” he says forcefully from the depths of his magisterial office at City Hall, “and the least supported by RMT members. People did a fantastic job of getting to work.”" – The Mayor of London within a wide-ranging interview for The Sunday Times

 Michael Fabricant under fire for plugging Waitrose Sunday Mirror

OSBORNE GEORGE BLUELibDems want George Osborne to pay back £55,000 in Capital Gains Tax from 'flipping' propertyThe Sunday Telegraph

Will Hutton says George Osborne has the best policies for discouraging financial sector short-termismObserver

Gordon Brown is being abandoned by the multi-millionaire businessmen who
bankrolled Labour’s last election campaign
Sunday Times

Brown forms inner Cabinet

"The ‘Magnificent Seven’ Ministers in Mr Brown’s new Cabinet ‘A-team’ are Lord Mandelson, Harriet Harman, Jack Straw, Ed Balls, David Miliband, Alan Johnson and Alistair Darling." – Mail on Sunday

Brown announces Iraq war inquiry – but it will be behind closed doorsIndependent on Sunday

Glenys and Neil Kinnock have six state pensionsSunday Times

How the Kinnocks have enjoyed an astonishing £10m ride on the EU gravy train – Mail on Sunday

The BBC will be told this week that more than £100m of its funding should be "top-sliced" to pay for independent broadcastersIndependent on Sunday

Whittingdale-John "John Whittingdale, the Conservative MP and chairman of the Commons culture, media and sport committee, said some licence fee money should go outside the BBC. "The idea that you just go on pouring all the money into the BBC is increasingly difficult to argue," he said. Mr Whittingdale criticised the salaries that the corporation was paying its main stars as "fanciful amounts" and "way above the market-rate". "The BBC has been spending a lot of money where savings could have been made," he said." – Observer

"My lost appendix and what it taught me about the NHS" – Vince Cable writing in the Mail on Sunday

BNP's Andrew Brons MEP drew up some of the National Front's inflammatory policiesObserver


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