9.30pm Local government: Philip Davies MP's father, Peter, wins Doncaster for the English Democrats on a promise to cut tax and his own salary

9.15pm WATCH: Gordon Brown gets boo-ed at D-Day anniversary event

Picture 64 9pm: Have folk seen the Brownfall LiveDraw on The Guardian's website?  Who needs enemies when Brown has friends like The Guardian!

6.30pm Graeme Archer on CentreRight: "It 's a government of the political undead. No matter how much you fail, no matter how unpopular you are, no matter how often you are caught in suspicious mortgage activities, Lord Mandelson, there's a place for you in Gordon Brown's government. No matter how many electoral stakes are plunged through its heart, the government lumbers on, like a zombie in a latenight 50s horror flick…."

4.30pm WATCH: Deluded Neil Kinnock says that Brown shouldn't step down until after he has won two General Elections!

JenkinBernardSide 2.45pm Bernard Jenkin MP on CentreRight: Britain must not become another European passenger on the great US aircraft carrier

1.30pm WATCH: Iain Dale and Michael White clash over Caroline Flint's "hissy fit"

12.45pm John Glen on CentreRight: "Hard work and a passion to capture the public's imagination for a radical agenda for reform will be what enables us not just to win but to win well."

Noon Seats and candidates: Calling all Parliamentary Candidates… Please send us your biographical details!

WhereDid Noon Dan Hamilton on CentreRight: The Labour Party has simply ceased to be competitive in vast swathes of the country

11.30am ToryDiary: The decline of the Liberal Democrats

ToryDiary: Tories will be content that an even more damaged Brown limps on

GreenhalghStephen Local government:

WATCH: I've seen more orderly riots, says Cameron about Brown's black Friday reshuffle

Tim Montgomerie on CentreRight: Labour's contempt for the defence of Britain

Jack Perschke on Platform: Fixed term Parliaments, compulsory voting, an elected Lords and more powers for councillors – a recipe for constitutional reform

BBC and Sky summaries of results

Picture 51 More at the BBC.

Or the Sky version:

Picture 53Assessing the Conservative performance

"The Tories were delighted by their strong performance in Labour strongholds and by seeing off the Liberal Democrats in the South West. By gaining Somerset and Devon from them, the Conservatives made big advances in areas where the Lib Dems have many of their Westminster seats. Later in the day they even pushed Cornwall, another Lib Dem stronghold, into no overall control." – Times

"In many respects the Conservatives appear to have plenty of reason to be cheerful in the wake of Thursday's results. The party captured most of the councils that had been in its sights. But that reflected Labour's weakness more than it did the strength of the Conservative advance. True, at 38 per cent, the party's projected national share of the vote was as much as seven points above the equivalent figure for 2005, the year when nearly all the seats being contested last Thursday were previously fought over. But that represented a six-point drop on its performance in last year's local elections." – John Curtice in The Independent

Assessing the Labour performance

Polly Toynbee says it all in The Guardian: "As the party surveys a near Labourless landscape, MPs must ask themselves if anything could be worse than this."

Assessing the Liberal Democrat performance

"Yes, the Lib Dems lost councils and councillors, especially in the South-west, in the face of a Tory attack, and a little bit of flanking action from the Greens – but this was no rout. What's more, there is evidence of an encouraging historic trend: the Lib Dems' long march out of the Celtic fringes to become a truly national party. The Lib Dems have been capable of taking Labour urban strongholds for years: Newcastle, Sheffield, Liverpool, Hull and Cardiff, now Bristol. They held their own in Essex, Leicestershire and Surrey, all a long way from Cornwall or Skye. And they have proved that local strength can be converted into Westminster seats." – Independent

> Harry Phibbs: "The Lib Dems are increasingly becoming a municipal irrelevance."

Is David Cameron worth £30m? – The Daily Mail investigates.

Tory frontbenchers told they can't campaign for Speaker candidates

This will mean Julian Lewis MP, a shadow defence minister, will have to cease supporting John Bercow publicly – Daily Mail

Robert Shrimsley: "Moderate" David Cameron has rescued Conservatism from Thatcherism

CAMERON-blue-background "It is probably true that the Thatcherites penetrated deeper into the Conservative party than the Blairites ever managed with Labour. It is nearly 20 years since Mrs Thatcher’s fall and it has taken almost that long for the Tories to play out their internecine conflict. But David Cameron has finally restored the party to something close to its roots. With his attachment to environmentalism, even at the expense of business concerns; with his avowed support for public services; with his departure from some of the harsher social policies of recent years; Mr Cameron has returned the Tories whence they came. Some – especially those watching from the European mainland – might argue that his euroscepticism is still highly ideological. But even this is tempered compared with his predecessors and, in any case, remains hugely popular within Britain. Many complain that he lacks policies. This is wrong. What he lacks is ideological dogma. He still inclines towards the free market; he still veers towards nationalism. The old Etonian, Mr Cameron believes in things; but he believes in them in moderation. This puts him back in line with Conservative tradition." – Robert Shrimsley in the FT

Gordon Brown billed taxpayer for two second homesTelegraph

Full interactive guide to the Cabinet changesGuardian

One fifth of Cabinet attendees now drawn from LordsTelegraph

The pound slides as political turmoil continues Times

Prescott blames Harman for Labour campaign

""The people responsible for this non-campaign – and make no mistake there was no campaign – were Harriet Harman, Caroline Flint, Douglas Alexander and, yes, our former communities secretary Hazel Blears," Prescott wrote." – Guardian

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