10.45pm ToryDiary: Conservatives advance in all parts of UK… except Scotland

8pm Tim Montgomerie on CentreRight: Telegraph profited by at least £300,000 from expenses-gate

5.30pm WATCH: George Bush Senior celebrates 85th birthday with a 100mph sky jump

PicklesMap12.15pm WATCH: In his latest War Room videocast Eric Pickles reviews last week's electoral successes and previews the Norwich North by-election

10am Parliament: The BBC is using licence fee money to broadcast "smut" says Christopher Chope

ToryDiary: John Major and Douglas Hurd recommend radical changes to compensate for declining quality of MPs

Radomir Tylecote on Platform: Greening the Blue – Why the Tories should drive forward environmental economic policy


Matthew Parris: Time to make the case for smaller government

PARRIS MATTHEW "As the Labour Party implodes, Conservatives should start getting back on to the front foot on the role of the State. It may not only be a matter of “admitting” that governments will “have to” cut spending to reduce debt. It may be time, not just to defend the economic necessity of cheaper government in straitened times, but to assert the moral superiority of smaller government at all times." – Matthew Parris in The Times

Cameron has been slow to recognise economic realities

"As recently as five months ago, the Tory leader was still talking of "sharing the proceeds of growth", apparently oblivious to the fact that Britain was entering recession. Even in April, he was planning "growth in public spending", as if still scared stiff that voters would reject the Conservatives if they didn't parrot the Labour maxim that public spending was a worthy objective in itself. And now, when the Party has finally got round to realising that deep cuts in spending are not only desirable but inevitable, thanks to Gordon Brown's calamitous mishandling of the economy, Cameron has at last picked up the axe but plans to wield it in a very strange manner." – Richard Hopwood in the Yorkshire Post

"There are epic sums of money wasted in the NHS, such as £20 billion on a failed computer system. It needs not more money, but better value to be obtained for what is now spent. Similarly, schools need rigorous teaching rather than money being thrown at them. But the real stinker is overseas aid. The Tories claim to believe in it because it makes them look non-nasty. What it usually consists of, though, is huge amounts of taxpayers’ money being given to corrupt Third World despots to buy fleets of Mercedes cars for their chums and send their wives shopping to Paris. There’s a spending cut if ever I saw one." – Simon Heffer in The Telegraph

Margaret Thatcher is under observation in hospital after breaking her armBBC

Euro Britain should join the Euro, says Mandy, as he praises 'great success' of single currency Daily Mail

"It is typical of Lord Mandelson – who rode the Brussels gravy train as trade commissioner for four years – to see Britain's future as being ever-more tightly bound to the unaccountable EU. But the reality is that the Union is an increasingly injurious influence. In the past week alone, rulings originating in Europe have paved the way for 20 dangerous terror suspects under control orders to go free, and placed a crippling burden on businesses to award holiday pay to staff on long-term sick leave." – Mail leader | The Sun Says

Brown will face another attempt to unseat him this autumn by a group of
Labour MPs who will never be reconciled to his leadership, Lord
Mandelson has said."

David Miliband admits that he considered following James Purnell's resignation lead

MILIBAND DAVID "Speaking to the Guardian at the end of 10 extraordinary days, the foreign secretary says the party's high command was given an "electric shock" by the disastrous European election results, and he urges fellow ministers to get out and prepare for "the fight of our life". But Miliband also concedes that he considered following his close friend and ally James Purnell, who resigned from the government last week and called for the prime minister to stand down."

Gordon Brown's Cabinet is now too big for the Downing Street Cabinet roomTelegraph

Labour backbencher Greg Pope has announced he will step down at the next general electionTelegraph

Mail claims of a Guardian plot against Gordon Brown are hypocritical nonsense – Polly Toynbee in The Guardian

Labour's motivation for thinking about PR

"There is another reason Mr Brown should grasp the nettle. The Liberal Democrats won't admit it either, but there are some private nods and winks about what might happen in a hung parliament. If Labour has fought the election on a manifesto including voting and Lords reform, it would be harder for Nick Clegg to put down the phone when the Labour leader called. Of course, it would also be hard to prop up a government perceived to have lost an election." – Andrew Grice in The Independent

Carol Ann Duffy leaps into expenses row with first official poem as laureate Guardian

Alan Sugar may take 'The Apprentice' to ITV to stay in Government Times

A poll of business leaders rejects Alan Sugar's role – Independent

Royal British Legion tell Nick Griffin to stop wearing poppy badge Guardian

The BNP rise is not about jobs or housing but about identity – Michael Collins in The Times

"When Nick Griffin was pelted with eggs outside Parliament this week, the protest divided public opinion over whether it was a legitimate expression of anger or a foolhardy stunt that handed unwarranted publicity to the British National Party. It has also widened a rift in the anti-fascist movement over how to combat the rise of the far-right party." – Times


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