10.15pm WATCH: Norman Tebbit calls for Tory voters to withold vote in European Elections

CamAtPresser5pm ToryDiary: Cameron was impressive this afternoon… but he'll need to do more

3.15pm ToryDiary: Live blog of Cameron's press conference on expenses

3pm ToryDiary: Unemployment hits 2.2 million

2pm Parliament: The Speaker's response to the expenses scandal is hopeless

1.30pm Parliament: Andrew Selous: Local housing allowance needs reform

12.45pm Local Government: BNP field over 400 candidates in Council elections.

11.45am ToryDiary: David Cameron should require all questionable MPs to be readopted or deselected

11.15am Tim Montgomerie on CentreRight: How much do you earn? How much do you earn? Labour peer attacks BBC presenter for her tough questioning of MPs

11am WATCH: Pursued by reporters Douglas Hogg explains himself

10.45am Jill Kirby on CentreRight worries about MPs' loss of moral authority to cut public spending

Tebbit29.15am ToryDiary: I fear the party has no option but to suspend the Tory whip from Lord Tebbit, says Jonathan Isaby


Bill Melotti on Platform: We must never reverse Freedom of Information legislation

Local government: Should councillors be representative of modern Britain?

WATCH: The anti-BNP video that was posted yesterday, taken down by YouTube is now back up

Tories down 4% in poll conducted BEFORE Telegraph turned its attention to chandaliers, moats and swimming pools

Populus > Yesterday's evening's ToryDiary on the poll

SNN1209GXA_280_801375a The Sun paints Michael Martin as a greedy pig >>

How shameless top Tories claimed expenses for swimming pools, helipads, chandeliers… and even a moatDaily Mail

"Senior Conservatives have claimed tens of thousands of pounds for work on their country estates – including a £380 bill for horse manure." – Sky News

David Davis, the council estate lad who claimed £5,700 for a portico – Telegraph

David Heathcoat-Amory dumps 550 sacks of manure on taxpayer – Telegraph

Clearing the moat at Douglas Hogg’s manor – Telegraph

Michael Ancram put the cost of having his swimming pool boiler serviced on his taxpayer-funded parliamentary allowances – Telegraph

Stewart Jackson claimed more than £66,000 for his family home including hundreds of pounds on refurbishing his swimming pool – Telegraph

> Yesterday evening's ToryDiary reviewed the latest allegations

Philip Stephens defends MPs…

"The disclosures will undoubtedly reinforce a perception that politicians cannot be trusted. My own experience of following politics has persuaded me otherwise. The majority of MPs are decent men and women who want to change things. Ambitious? Yes. Ruthless? Often. Pompous? More often. But crooks? No." – Philip Stephens in the FT

…Dominic Lawson doesn't

"The most depressing aspect of the corruption of the present generation of politicians is that it is all so mean. A male MP claims cash for his wife's tampons; another seeks reimbursement for a 5p polythene bag; yet another claims for the cost of a Remembrance Day poppy wreath. It is for such piffling amounts that they are prepared to sell their honour." – Dominic Lawson in The Independent

What should be done?

"Selective decapitation would be a better way to dispel public fury than giving in to wrong-headed demands for an immediate general election. Most voters would feel they were being asked to choose between coughing up for Tory tennis court repairs and Labour loo seats, not to mention Lib Dem eyeliner. Only enemies of democracy would enjoy the reaction to that choice. Before the Westminster club faces the public it must instead fix its broken rules – and be willing to blackball some of its members." – Guardian leader

SUN-SAYS "Taxpayers must never again have to pay for tampons, Kit-Kats, porn films, dog food – or any food at all. In return, there could be bigger salaries. But they must be self-financing. Why have 646 MPs when we could do with half?" – The Sun Says

German, Swedish and Czech leaders say walkout from EPP will leave Tories isolatedGuardian

Tories' 'Merlin' campaign software is 'as much use as a cat flap in a submarine'Telegraph

The bargaining will be hard, but circumstances could favour King Abdullah's vision of peace – Sir Malcolm Rifkind in The Times

Private schools are closing or merging at a rate of one a weekTimes


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