8pm ToryDiary: "We are here to celebrate a famous victory and to pay tribute to a great Lady who not only saved Britain but together with Ronald Reagan, ended the cold war, tore down the iron curtain, and enabled millions to escape the tyranny of communism."

4.30pm AmericaInTheWorld: 'The Great Recession' has not altered America's scepticism about big government

4pm AmericaInTheWorld: US Republicans release video attacking Obama's first 100 days of foreign policy

FoxLiamOnPoliticsShow12.45pm ToryDiary: Fox appears to say that Trident will be safe under a Conservative government

ToryDiary: 'UKIP have completely wasted their big opportunity'

Mark Wallace on Local government: David Cameron will force Town Hall Fat Cats to declare their pay

Star Chamber: "You can cut public spending if you really want to" says Boris

Michael Brown on Platform: How I was launched into Parliament thirty years ago today

WATCH: Hazel Blears appears to mock Gordon Brown's YouTube video within attack on Labour's recent performance

After voting for Boris, Tracey Emin set to vote for David Cameron
+ Scottish rugby star pledges £100,000 to Tories

TheComingTories "Tracey Emin, the enfant terrible of the Britart movement and long-term Labour voter, is poised to switch to the Conservatives at the next general election… Although she did not vote at the 2005 general election, Emin had previously always backed Labour. This weekend she attacked Gordon Brown’s government for not showing enough “pride” in the arts and revealed how she dipped her toe in true-blue waters when she voted for Boris Johnson, the Tory candidate for London mayor, last year." – The Sunday Times

And there's more celebrity support for the Conservatives in Scotland: "The businessman who captained the Scottish rugby team to the 1984 Grand Slam has donated £100,000 to the Scottish Conservatives." – Scotland on Sunday

Nadine Dorries is sceptical that Westminster can be made family-friendly

“I don’t see how the hours can ever be made family-friendly. We live in a 24/7 media world where you are expected to react instantly to events, wherever you are. Westminster is only part of what you do. Your constituents expect you to put in the hours, as does your local party. I have 77,000 constituents. I can get 100 e-mails a day, some followed by a nasty message an hour later complaining I haven’t replied. I sent out 9,000 letters last year. When my daughters telephone me, I sometimes have no more than seconds to talk to them. Any woman who comes here should be prepared.” – Nadine Dorries MP, quoted in The Sunday Times

Cameron has failed to practise what he preaches on female representation – Catherine Bennett in The Observer

Peter Hitchen on Margaret Thatcher's failings

HITCHENS-PETER-white-shirt "What about the unions? Didn’t she defeat them? Well, sort of. But who needs stroppy shop stewards now that we are chained up by the intrusive labour laws of the European Union, so that every employer, large or small, lives in constant fear of a ruinous employment tribunal claim? The European Union is at least as much of a threat to jobs and profits as the Transport and General Workers’ Union ever was. I would say it is worse. Above all, she failed to fight the cultural revolutionaries who wanted to undermine marriage, dissolve the family, sexualise children and use State schools as an egalitarian sausage machine, turning out brainwashed Leftists by the million. It was all these unbeaten forces – the supporters of the EU, the quangocrats, the anti-education lobby, the sex maniacs, the local government mafia – who combined to destroy her in December 1990." – Peter Hitchens in the Mail on Sunday

Francis Maude has earned more than £100,000 as a director of a company that has profited from sub-prime mortgagesObserver

UK diplomats concerned that a Tory Britain could be isolated in EuropeIndependent on Sunday

Former Blair adviser says Britain should copy Canada and trim public spending by 20%The Sunday Times

What next for Labour?

Charles Clarke calls for Ed Balls to be sacked in clear out of Brown's 'poisonous' inner circle – Mail on Sunday

Lance Price: Brown should install David Blunkett as his Downing Street Chief of Staff – Mail on Sunday

Hazel Blears savages Gordon Brown over 'lamentable' failures – The Observer

Kate Hoey: Zimbabwe is the ONE THING Brown has got right – Interviewed in The Sunday Telegraph

Picture 3 The Independent on Sunday identifies eight young men who could be future Labour leaders

On Europe and equality the LibDems and Labour are natural allies – John Rentoul in the Independent on Sunday

Westminster has created a perfect environment for the BNP

"Imagine an experiment to create fertile conditions for a far-right political party to thrive. You might start with an exhausted government. You would hang a pall of petty corruption over it – some systematic expenses fiddling, perhaps. Then you would throw in an economic crisis, high levels of immigration and a surge in unemployment. You would incubate the mix in a culture of contempt for mainstream politics. No wonder Labour is worried about a s
urge in support for the British National party in local and European elections next month. As the Observer reports today, the ultra-nationalists look within reach of European parliamentary seats for the first time." – The Observer

Labour ponders pro-BBC tax on Google

"The Government plans to hit internet firms like Google and Facebook with a new online advertising tax to give more cash to the bloated BBC." – News of the World

Countryside Alliance seeks tax breaks for landowners and reduced VAT for repairs to disused housesThe Sunday Telegraph


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