2pm ToryDiary: Guido, Tebbit and Hitchens are wrong

1.15pm WATCH: Nick Clegg has become the first party leader to call for the Commons Speaker to resign

BreakingNews Noon ToryDiary: Hague clears way for vote of no confidence in the Speaker

CAMERON POINTINGToryDiary: The five things that David Cameron should do next

Mark Wallace on Local government: The Lessons local councillors must learn from the Westminster expenses scandal

Also on Local government: How should Councils cope with strikes?

Fiona Hodgson on Platform: The international community must not fail Bosnia, and neither should Bosnian leaders be allowed to do so

Seats and candidates: A busy week on the European campaign trail in Wales – although it's hard to escape the issue of MPs' expenses, writes Evan Price

Tories down to 28% in European Elections poll

15283184 "A ComRes poll of European voting intentions for the Sunday Express,
commissioned by Ukip, put the Tories on 28 per cent, Labour on 20 and
the Lib Dems on 14. Ukip were on 15, the Greens on 11 and the BNP on 4
per cent." – Independent on Sunday

Polls that broke last night: Tories 19% ahead in ComRes survey | Tories 22% ahead in BPIX survey but falling in European intentions

Today's expenses-gate revelations

Maclean-David "David Maclean, the former Conservative chief whip who led attempts to shield parliament from freedom of information laws, did not pay capital gains tax on the sale of his £750,000 second home despite spending public money doing it up." – Observer

"Nadine Dorries admitted to The Mail on Sunday that she claims for a second home in her Mid-Bedfordshire constituency, just 100 miles from her main home in the Cotswolds.  In addition, she earns rental income from a separate home in the Cotswolds and a holiday home in South Africa." – Mail on Sunday | Nadine Dorries' blogged response

David Ruffley claimed for a £2,175 46-inch Sony widescreen HD television from Harrods – Telegraph

"The old Tory may be one of the richest MPs in Parliament but he’s only paying back £2,200 of the  £20,000 a year he’s milked to pay for his enormous country pile. His hugely wealthy City wife is also sitting tight on the £5,000 she’s claimed for overnight stays in London even though the couple own THREE properties in London already." – Mirror

The Queen tells Brown of grave concern over MPs' expensesMail on Sunday

Labour faces collapse in donations after expenses-gate

"The Observer has spoken to 10 prominent donors and only one pledged to maintain financial support for the already heavily indebted party. Anthony Bailey, the public relations "fixer" who introduced the £1m donor Mahmoud Khayami and has given more than £72,000 himself, said that he would not be donating to Labour and would not encourage others to do so. "The expenses stories are shameful. Anyone who is thought to have broken the law should be investigated by the police immediately," he said. "I have no intention of giving a single penny to Labour at this time, and I cannot see how I could introduce any of my contacts either."" – Observer

The party leaders are still a long way from appeasing public fury

RAWNSLEY "Andrew MacKay has been removed as a senior adviser to the Tory leader. Elliot Morley and David Chaytor have been deprived of the Labour whip. Shahid Malik has been suspended as a minister. There has been a shame-faced reversal in the flow of traffic to the fees office. Where once MPs jostled to extract taxpayers' money from the Commons cashpoint, now they are queueing to pay it back. I have news for MPs. That is nowhere near enough. The voters' anger will not be so easily assuaged. The prime minister and the Tory leader may be congratulating themselves on how tough they've been, but their response is still far too feeble. The politicians are a long way yet from finding a response which appeases public fury." – Andrew Rawnsley in The Observer

'MPs only do a 36 week year'

"Keep it as it is, at £64,766. For a 36-week year, this is generous. It is also the second highest in Europe, second only to Italy, which is not known for its squeaky-clean politics. Travel should continue to be subsidised, but all first-class travel should be banned on rail and internal flights." – Jane Merrick in the Independent on Sunday

We need MPs who exercise moral judgment rather than hiding behind rules – Iain Martin in The Sunday Telegraph

We need a Commons that scrutinises government legislation – Frank Field MP in The Sunday Times

Michael Gove on why Scotland and Conservatism are back in synch

GoveOnLateReview "Under David Cameron, the Conservative party has changed in a way which brings it more closely into alignment with mainstream Scotland. The Cameron policy instruction to test every idea to see if it helps the poorest first, the Cameron spending decision to protect the NHS at this difficult time, the Cameron campaigning injunction to defend public-service professionals from attacks on their independence, all place modern Conservatism and middle Scotland back in synch. Of course, the Conservatives are still, and always will be, the party most determined to lower taxes and reward enterprise. But the first duty of the moment is to deal with the financial crisis in a way which protects the weakest. This Cameron doctrine – fiscal conservatism with a social conscience – meets the need of this difficult hour." – The Shadow Scools Secretary writing for Scotland on Sunday

attacks Tory Human Rights plan

"Laboiur last night warned that David Cameron's plans to scrap the European Human Rights Act and replace it with a British version could leave Scottish courts in chaos… Labour claimed it would simply mean that, instead of human rights cases being heard in Scotland, they would transfer back to Strasbourg, causing delays and confusion for the public." -  Scotsman

There is nothing British about the BNP

On the day that The Sunday Telegraph warns that the BNP could win seven MEPs, a reminder please to promote the There Is Nothing British About The BNP campaign.


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