10.30pm CentreRight: Alex Deane comes to Nadine Dorries' defence

9pm ToryDiary: Are we close to a turning point on expenses-gate?

7.30pm WATCH: Jonathan Djanogly says he 'acted reasonably' in claiming £5,000 for automatic gates at his Huntingdon constituency but is "voluntarily" repaying the money

BreakingNews 4.30pm Seats and candidates: Andrew MacKay to step down

12.15pm ToryDiary: The Telegraph versus Nadine Dorries

Midday updates:

9.30am ToryDiary: Which MPs do you have faith in?

ToryDiary: "Please give examples of things that people are saying to you about the state of politics"

MacKay470 Seats and candidates: Last night's post on Andrew MacKay is updated with a Sky reporter saying that the double claiming Tory MP was "disingenuous" in saying majority of people were supportive of him.

Marcus Wood on Platform: Could the expenses scandal mark the beginning of an entirely new era of democracy?

Local government: Redbridge Council control in the balance and Cllr Cameron Rose on Scots councillors expenses buried deep

Tim Montgomerie on CentreRight: The prescient Mark Field MP

WATCH: Nadine Dorries talks to the BBC about the way expenses-gate is 'torturing' MPs and their families

The Archbishop of Canterbury has warned the "systematic humiliation" of MPs is a threat to Britain's democracyTimes

The pursuit of MPs is becoming a witch-hunt – Independent leader

Tory MPs Anthony Steen and Nadine Dorries rebuked by David Cameron

"The Tory leader issued a final warning to Anthony Steen, the maverick MP who told the BBC this week that criticism of his expenses was motivated by jealousy among the public about his large house. Mr Cameron said: "One more squeak like that and he will have the whip taken away from him so fast his feet won't touch the ground. It was a completely unacceptable interview." Mr Cameron also rebuked Nadine Dorries after she said MPs were victims of a "McCarthy-style witch-hunt". She said there were fears that an MP could commit suicide and that the atmosphere at Westminster was "completely unbearable." Mr Cameron replied: "Of course MPs are concerned, but frankly MPs ought to be concerned about what their constituents think and ought to be worrying about the people who put us where we are." A senior Tory said her remarks were "completely wacky."" – Independent

Article-1186287-050F8E8E000005DC-505_224x255 Lord Tebbit warns that David Cameron must not treat his friends differently (Mail) >>

Latest expense-gate revelations

"A Conservative MP claimed almost £5,000 to have automatic gates installed at his home. Shadow business secretary Jonathan Djanogly said they are security gates and were installed at his Huntingdon constituency home on police advice." – BBC

A comment from Nick Guyatt on ToryDiary: "The Telegraph today went a step too far. I have generally supported their position but their attack on Jonathan Djanogly's £5000 gates was wrong. I was a District Councillor in Huntingdonshire and was very aware of the threats made by animal rights activists to Huntingdon Life Sciences staff, District Council staff and so many others. This was an expense he incurred ONLY because he was the MP for Huntingdon. The editor should apologise."

"Bernard Jenkin, a Conservative MP, has claimed £50,000 on his expenses to rent his sister-in-law’s farmhouse." – Telegraph

"Patrick McLoughlin, the Conservative Chief Whip and MP for West Derbyshire, also faced the wrath of his constituents last night after revelations that he had claimed £3,000 for new windows and £4,000 to replace an old boiler in his constituency home." – Times

"Now is the time to obliterate the professional political class" – Charles Moore in The Telegraph wants politicians who are more independent of taxpayers

BIG BEN & POLICE "Time spent outside politics is important if it is spent in business, unions, voluntary bodies, or academia. The House must have Members who can relate what they are asked to do to their own experience. If more MPs had worked outside politics, alarm bells would have rung over their expenses scheme. Selection committees should look to a candidate's experience." – Lord Young, one of Margaret Thatcher's Cabinet, in The Telegraph

"Like the 18th-century aristocracy, today's strutting political class has used its privileged position at the centre of power to steal from the taxpayer, thus enriching itself at the expense of the rest of us. It has evolved one set of very lax rules for itself and another for the rest of us. It is morally and financially corrupt." – Peter Oborne in the Daily Mail

80% of electors believe non-party candidates should stand against MPs caught behaving "unethically"Independent

Two-thirds of voters want a General Election before ChristmasGuardian

"Ukip and the Greens are the fringe parties making the most capital from the political crisis caused by the expenses revelations, the Guardian ICM poll published today suggests, leaving the BNP in their wake." – Guardian | Last night's ToryDiary

Nigel Farage says UKIP won't stand against Conservatives at next election if Cameron holds referendum on Britain's membership of the EU

FARAGE NIGEL "If David Cameron were to come out and say that he was fighting the next general election on the specific promise that within the first year of government the British people would be given a fair referendum on whether we stay in this political union or revert to a relationship based on trading links, I would have no hesitation at all in saying to Ukip that in that election we should not contest against his party." – Telegraph

Brown faces Cabinet split on future of Hazel Blears as Caroline Flint backs fellow BlairiteTimes

Simon Heffer hopes that expenses-gate could change Britain's attitude to the state

"The scandal has, I hope, been a wake-up call to those who rule us that we have rumbled the fact that so much of our money is squandered, and that debt is being racked up to pay for fripperies and other unnecessary indulgences. The party ought now to be over. This is not just about a few million filched by bent MPs; it is about billions extorted from us and put to no constructive use whatsoever." – Simon Heffer in The Telegraph

Conservative Way Forward wins campaign for Ronald Reagan statue in LondonTimes | Yesterday's Local government

And finally…

"They are the leaflets the British National Party hope will bring them success in the European elections.  They feature a doctor, a trio of builders and an elderly couple, proudly backing Britain and echoing BNP policies. But the pictures have been exposed as a sham.  Far from living up to the BNP slogan of 'British Jobs for British Workers', the 'voters' have been revealed to be Americans and Italians. Naturally they never uttered the words they are supposed to have said. " – Daily Mail | Daniel Finkelstein yesterday


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