9.30pm WATCH: White House reporters stand for Obama but stayed seated for Bush

Bnp 8pm ToryDiary: Desperate Labour MP blames Tories for rise of BNP

7.15pm Michael Ancram MP on Platform: Memories of defeating Gordon Brown in 1979

5.15pm Lord Alton on Platform: Margaret Thatcher represented fundamental change – and on some measures I keenly supported her

3.45pm Bernard Jenkin MP on Platform: It was an election night of mixed emotions in the Jenkin household in 1979

BERCOW JOHN 5 2.30pm John Bercow MP on Platform: It was during the 1979 campaign that Margaret Thatcher advised me to join the YCs

2pm WATCH: Harriet Harman denies she has any desire to be Prime Minister

12.45pm Conor Burns on CentreRight on the modesty and authenticity of Margaret Thatcher: "One of the things about Margaret Thatcher is that she did not really care much about the trappings of power… She sought office to make change and she used office to do just that."

Noon: Eric Pickles MP on Platform: The Thatcher Years began for me with feelings of disappointment and regret

10.30am Lord Hurd on Platform: Margaret Thatcher's election was the start of an amazing eleven years

10am Tim Montgomerie on CentreRight: The BBC's coverage of the 1979 General Election

ToryDiary: Is business becoming increasingly sympathetic to Tory opposition to Heathrow expansion?

Maggie at 30 John Whittingdale MP on Platform: Celebrating the immense political achievements of Margaret Thatcher

Local Government: Tory leader of Birmingham City Council expected to face challenge

Star Chamber: The outrageous uses of British taxpayers' money in EU grants

WATCH: Cabinet ministers go on damage limitation exercise over Hazel Blears' perceived attack on Gordon Brown

Picture 14 It was thirty years ago today…

"It is 30 years to the day since she became our first female Prime Minister. And despite her increasingly frailty, Margaret Thatcher was determined to celebrate the occasion this weekend. The 83-year-old Baroness's famously steely gaze was very much in evidence as she attended a dinner in Glasgow to honour her achievements." – Daily Mail

> Last night's ToryDiary post featured photos from the dinner in Glasgow along with extracts from Lord Forsyth's tribute

Boris Johnson salutes "the woman who changed politics forever"

"Margaret Thatcher will always divide the British people, not least since we are ourselves divided. There is a part of us that will always dislike the acquisitive, appetitive instincts she seemed to espouse, and yet we also recognise that they are essential for economic success. More than any leader since Churchill, she said thought-provoking things about the relationship between the state and the individual. Some of them were unpalatable, some of them were exaggerated. But much of what she said was necessary, and it took a woman to say it." – Boris Johnson writing in the Daily Telegraph

Bruce Anderson: Margaret Thatcher's greatness should not be in dispute

"It was a remarkable career. Joan of Arc, Elizabeth I: Margaret Thatcher is in that league. Cometh the hour, cometh the woman. At a moment when many wise men were convinced that Britain was in irreversible decline, she raised her sword aloft and proved them wrong. Now and in the long future, she has earned the eternal gratitude of everyone who loves this country." – Bruce Anderson writing in The Independent

The Times has assessments on Lady Thatcher from senior Tory figures including Lord Lamont and Lord Howe

Lord Saatchi: Lady Thatcher would despise today’s vision

"She would despise the vision that is opening up before us – in which the state controls your mortgage, your bank account and your life insurance; where the state routinely passes your papers from one government department to another, your phone bills to the health department, your hesalth records to Revenue & Customs, your tax records to the benefits department… cities where half the jobs are with the state, and where the state has views on how you fill your rubbish bin." – Lord Saatchi writing in the FT

Daniel Finkelstein: How the Tories have moved on from Thatcher's leadership

"The time frame between the election of Margaret Thatcher as Conservative leader and the present day is now roughly the same as that between her election as Tory leader and the arrival of Winston Churchill as wartime Prime Minister. It is the slow retreat of the Thatcher years into history that make David Cameron and his leadership of the Conservative Party possible." – Daniel Finkelstein writing in The Times

FOX LIAM NEW Conservatives vow to replace Trident nuclear deterrent

"The replacement of the Trident nuclear deterrent would take place under a Tory government but the submarine fleet could be cut from four to three, Shadow Defence Secretary Liam Fox said yesterday. Dr Fox said all major defence projects needed to be reviewed to ensure value for money for the taxpayer. But he said it was "prudent and sensible" to give Britain the "guarantee against nuclear blackmail". – The Herald

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: Fox appears to say that Trident will be safe under a Conservative government

Ken Clarke: David Cameron is "less eurosceptic" than previous Tory leaders

"Ken Clarke risked undermining the central plank of David Cameron's European election campaign yesterday. The pro-EU Tory business spokesman declared that Mr Cameron and his senior colleagues 'are much more moderate eurosceptics' than previous generations of senior Conservatives." – Daily Mail

James Brokenshire calls for crackdown on those selling knives to children

"Only one shopkeeper has been jailed for selling knives to youngsters in the last 12 years, according to figures obtained by the Conservatives… Shadow crime reduction minister James Brokenshire called for tougher penalties for shops that break the law. "Shopkeepers who are caught selling knives under-age should expect to receive a more significant punishment. It's all very well Jacqui Smith talking about tough laws on knife sales, but laws are only as good as the enforcement that underpins them." – Daily Telegraph

Gordon Brown Gordon Brown's leadership called into question again

"Harriet Harman, Labour's deputy leader, would block the coronation of a unity candidate and fight for the leadership of the party should backbenchers attempt to force Gordon Brown from office before the next General Election, The Daily Telegraph has learnt." – Daily Telegraph

Listen to Harriet Harman interviewed on this morning's Today Programme

"The former leader of the Labour party Neil Kinnock has warned Labour MPs that further undermining of Gordon Brown's leadership would boost the British National party in the European elections." – The Guardian

"Both the Health Secretary, Alan Johnson, and Jack Straw, the Justice Secretary, said that Mr Brown was the right man to be leading the party and that they did not want the top job. Their endorsements came after the first tensions from within the Cabinet emerged over Mr Brown's leadership." – The Independent

Alan Johnson profile – The Guardian

"Gordon Brown has turned to Lord Mandelson and Ed Balls, his oldest and closest political allies, to beef up his internal support operation after three weeks of Labour turmoil. The Times has learnt that the Prime Minister asked the two men jointly last week to head a weekly strategy meeting in No 10 to plan the Government’s response to future events and act as an early warning system for him." – The Times

Oborne: Brown's enemies are circling for the kill

"It is now clear that the YouTube appearance marked the tipping point. Before, many Labour politicians certainly had their reservations about Brown and some considered him an utterly disastrous leader. But they kept their private thoughts bottled up because they did not want to undermine a Labour government. Now, though, the Labour Party appears to have come to a collective decision. It has resolved that Brown's premiership is doomed anyway, so that it's better to let the blood-letting start now." – Peter Oborne writing in the Daily Mail

Picture 15 Trevor Kavanagh: There is no way back for Labour from this living death

"We're fed up with Gordon Brown. All of us. It’s not just Hazel Blears, Charles Clarke and my fellow Sun columnist David Blunkett. It’s the Cabinet. The Labour Party. The whole country is sick to death of him… There is no way back from this living death. Yet we are stuck with Mr Brown and his government for another year of bickering, dithering and dissent. New Labour, Old Labour, it makes no difference. They’re both out for the count." – Trevor Kavanagh writing in The Sun

William Rees-Mogg: Labour's only chance is to replace Gordon BrownThe Times

Questions over Labour peer's £100,000 expenses for "empty" homeThe Independent

Grant Shapps condemns £28,000 government bill for media trainingDaily Telegraph

Joanna Lumley to give evidence on the Gurkhas to the Home affairs select committeeThe Sun


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