6.45pm Tim Montgomerie on CentreRight: An honest BNP leaflet

6.30pm AmericaInTheWorld: President Obama has called North Korea's nuclear testing today a 'reckless action'

BreakingNews 3.50pm Seats and candidates: MPs Nicholas and Ann Winteron to stand down at next election

1.30pm Parliament: League tables published for openness of Britain's MEPs

12.45pm WATCH: Alistair Darling and other Cabinet ministers use allowances to compile tax returns

11.15am Graeme Archer on CentreRight: "Nothing else is of importance – nothing else, literally, can be
of importance – until this malfunctioning House is shut down and
rebooted. Candidate re-selection followed by General Election: now,

Picture 39.45am Seats and candidates: Video from inside special meeting reveals that Andrew MacKay was monstered by constituents that he claimed were in his favour

ToryDiary: Boris Johnson v Alan Johnson on proportional representation

Keith Marsden on Platform: Gordon Brown has not learnt from his past economic mistakes

Seats and candidates: More Tory candidates declare their attitude to expenses… 'I won't even claim for a packet of HobNobs'

Spelman470 Local government:

Peter Whittle on CentreRight pays tribute to Britain's Got Talent:

this time of political and economic crisis, this show is the most
effective booster of national morale we have. The clue is in the title:
Britain. The set is unashamed in its use of the Union flag. The prize
for the winning act is the chance to sing in front of the Queen. It has
the feel of an old-fashioned variety show, and generates a warm kind of

WATCH: Nick Clegg defends his party's decision to keep a £2.4m donation from a man who was later convicted for fraud

David Cameron announces search for more Tory candidates

"Why I want to open up Tory candidate selection" – David Cameron in The Telegraph

Cameron has put out a call to absolute political beginners to apply to
become Conservative MPs. He wants outsiders like Joanna Lumley to be
added to his party's list of candidates, in a drive to restore
confidence in Parliament." – Independent

new “independent” Tory candidates will not be exempt from the party
whip if they are elected, Mr Cameron admitted. “Politics is a team
game. We’ve still got to play as a team [and] you have got to sign up
to the package,” he stated. But he promised that a Conservative
government would allow more free votes – where MPs are not expected to
vote along party lines – on non-manifesto issues." – FT

the Tory side, suspicion is growing that David Cameron is taking
advantage of the ever more ludicrous claims for moats, swimming pools
and duck-houses to get rid of the old guard and replace them with
modernisers in the Notting Hillbilly mould.  His invitation yesterday
to people with no background in Tory politics to stand as Conservative
parliamentary candidates re-enforces that impression." – Melanie
Phillips in the Daily Mail

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: Cameron re-opens candidates list to fill vacant seats

Tory says he will accept £10,000 hike in MEPs' pay

Stevenson Struan
"Tory MEP Struan Stevenson said the Conservatives would be sticking to
the approved new deal: "When we signed up to the new pay deal we were
in effect taking a pay cut because the pound was so strong. However as
a result of Gordon Brown's disastrous handling of the economy the pound
has weakened and we are going to get a pay rise."" – The Herald

The "big" BBC has a growing number of critics within the media sector

media people of every hue one increasingly hears the complaint that the
BBC is “too big”. Whereas, in the past, one expected to read diatribes
against the BBC in the Daily Mail (occasionally written by me) or the
Daily Telegraph, one now comes across quite critical pieces in The
Guardian or The Economist. Liberal-minded broadcasters who work in the
commercial sector are also increasingly unsympathetic." – Stephen
Glover in the Independent

What do Conservatives want to do with the BBC? – The Guardian

Gaining votes in Lancashire will be key challenge for David CameronTimes

The Chancellor was among nine members of the Cabinet who used publicly
funded expenses to pay for an accountant to complete their personal tax

and- wife Cabinet members Ed Balls and Yvette Cooper claimed £30,000
for car and train journeys, including £4,100 for their four young
children." – Daily Mail

Ed Miliband sets out constitutional change ideas

  • "More power for parliamentary select committees to scrutinise legislation.
  • More power to be devolved to local government.
  • The language of the chamber – such as calling MPs "my right honourable friend".
  • The ceremonial garb of Commons officials.
  • The amount of time the Commons sits during the year. Miliband said he would be open to the idea of September sittings.
  • The format of PMQs."

Quoted in The Guardian

Suspected benefits cheats are keeping £150million a year of taxpayers’ cash because the Government fails to fight their appealsDaily Express

Funding formula for Scotland 'lacks any basis in equity or logic', say MPsTelegraph

BNP rejects church boycott callBBC

Stop talking up the comical BNP – Telegraph leader

streets of Luton descended into violence yesterday as hundreds of
anti-Islamist protesters clashed with police.  The crowds in the town
centre hid their faces behind balaclavas, brandished England flags and
chanted at officers." – Daily Mail | Video of protest


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